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Former Detroit teachers union official faces federal indictment for bank fraud


DETROIT – A former business manager for the Detroit Federation of Teachers was charged Wednesday with bank fraud in a federal indictment, reports the Detroit News.

fraudAccording to documents filed with the Eastern District of the U.S. District Court, Sherri Patrick, who was in charge of bookkeeping for the DFT, used her position to illegally write checks totaling thousands of dollars to herself and others from DFT’s bank accounts.

Over a four year period beginning in April 2005, Patrick wrote 90 checks payable to herself or third parties, reports the news site.

Court documents state Patrick signed the checks and forged the signature of the DFT president.

The Detroit News reports “Patrick allegedly wrote a check to herself from the DFT’s Comerica Bank account for $2,336.06 and then concealed in the records that she was the payee.”

Such corruption appears to be widespread in teachers union circles.

Two Florida teachers union officials were arrested last week for allegedly embezzling nearly $50,000 of union funds. Police say Roshonda Herring and Sheryl Daniels illegally wrote 109 checks between January 2008 and May 2013. Both women are awaiting trial.

Earlier this month, New Jersey’s Washington Township Education Association was being investigated for possible financial malpractice after several union members raised questions about how WTEA leaders handle their dues contributions.

Last month in Lakeside, Montana, former teachers union treasurer Sandy Hawkes was charged with embezzling as much as $10,000 from her union’s checking account.

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