First Lady’s healthy lunches ‘taste like vomit’

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HARLAN COUNTY, Ky. – You know you’ve got an uprising on your hands when even the adults are complaining about the school’s new healthy lunches promoted by First Lady Michelle Obama.

healthy lunchParents at last week’s Harlan County school board meeting voiced their dissatisfaction with the new federal school lunch overhaul, complaining about the amount and quality of the new foods being offered.

“They say it tastes like vomit,” board member Myra Mosley said at the meeting, according to the Harlan Daily Enterprise. She was obviously referring to feedback that parents are getting from students who actually eat the food.

School board members “directed their frustrations” at administrators. Director of School and Community Nutrition Jack Miniard pointed to the feds, saying new USDA regulations govern food choices and portion sizes.

“While fruits and vegetables are offered freely and students can take their fill of those, meats and carbohydrates will continue to be served in limited portions only, so students complain of not getting enough food. Parents shouted to the board, ‘Kids can’t learn when they’re hungry!’” the newspaper reported.

Miniard said he would conduct a “taste test” of the food and report back to the school board.

Based on reports from parents, perhaps he should bring a bucket with him.

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