Fifth-grade teacher pleads ‘not guilty’ to charges of molesting 10-year-old student


OTHELLO, Wash. – A former Washington State teacher of the month recently pleaded not guilty to charges of molesting a 10-year-old male student.

Lisa-DavisProsecutors have charged Lisa Davis, 48, a former fifth grade teacher at Scootney Springs Elementary School in Othello, Washington, with one count of first degree child molestation, according to KREM-TV.

The alleged victim was reportedly a student in Davis’ reading class. District leaders reported that Davis resigned immediately after allegations were made in the spring, according to the television station.

School administrators quickly informed police when they learned of the allegations.

Investigators learned that Davis and the boy spent a significant amount of time together outside of the classroom and talked frequently on the phone, according to the news report.

Davis allegedly gave several gifts to the student and his family and took him to a number of movies in different towns.

The student was interviewed by authorities and reportedly revealed some frightening information. He acknowledged that Davis kissed him and touched his genitals. Documents also state that the child touched Davis’ breasts on multiple occasions.

These events reportedly occurred in Davis’ classroom and at one of her friend’s house who was out of town at the time.

The relationship is alleged to have occurred in 2012 and continued until 2013. It ended when Davis’ husband called the boy’s father and requested that he stop calling his wife, according to the news report.

Despite her “not guilty” plea, Davis allegedly admitted to the inappropriate relationship on May 30,according to court documents. She also allegedly confessed to her family and husband that she was involved in inappropriate touching and kissing with a minor.

The court released her without bail and a criminal trial is set for sometime this fall. As a condition of her release, the court prohibited her from having any contact with the victim and from going to any place where minors may be present.

EAGnews recently published a series of stories on the growing national problem of teacher-student sexual relationships, titled “Sextracurricular Activities.”

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