Female teacher is accused of ‘rewarding’ male students with sexual favors

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CORONA, Calif. – A high school special education teacher is being charged with reportedly offering sex as a “prize” for underage students.
sexual favors

Michelle Hanson, who teaches at Centennial High School in southern California, is being charged with 16-sex related felonies, reports The Blaze.

The charges include having “unlawful sexual intercourse” and “unlawful oral copulation” with five boys all under the age of 18.

One court document states that Hansen allegedly offered sexual favors to a student as a “prize” for performing well in a baseball game.

Hansen reportedly asked the student what he wanted as a prize. The conversation concluded with Hansen declaring that she wanted to have sex, reports the Press-Enterprise.

The Riverside County District Attorney claims that some of the sexual encounters occurred on the school campus, among other places.

“The crimes are alleged to have taken place from May 2012 through May 2013, and took place in her classroom, in a utility room at the school, in her vehicle while parked near one victim’s home, and at another victim’s home,” said the District Attorney in a press release.

One crime reportedly occurred when Hansen was voluntarily supervising Saturday school. She allegedly committed a sex act with a boy after all of the other students had departed.

While none of the students were reported to be in Hansen’s classes, they were all students at Centennial High.

If convicted, Hansen could face up to 13 years in prison, according to the news report.

By Trevor TenBrink at EAGnews.org

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  1. bahndon says

    In California boys can shower with girls, and girls can shower with boys, with the moral decay in California, why is it the teacher is doing anything wrong?

  2. helioblak says

    gotta love that level of commitment from a teacher

  3. lfhpueblo says

    How many sexually transmitted diseases did she spread? Maybe one of the boys ended up with a serious infection and his poor mother ended up having to take him to a Dr.. These were special ed students, we don’t know at what mental age they were at. Just because you’re 16-18yrs old in age, if you have mental delays you may not be that mentally. She needs fired and jailed. The parents need to sue if the ones she used (yes I say she used them) would be considered at risk under the law. If their mental IQ is under a certain number in many states they would not be seen as the age of consent. She’s a female rapist in my opinion. You can say she didn’t force them, but if she even told one of them she’d give them a bad grade or tell on them to their parents for something then it would be a mental force per say.

  4. MontieR says

    Good grief if Ms. Wolf had been this kind of teacher, I would have had a better english grade.

  5. Harry Skip Robinson says

    I’m nominating her as Motivational Teacher of the year.

  6. $13614178 says

    Ditto Steve , I would have been an ” HONORS ” student .

  7. rchguns says

    Come on Now she didn’t do anything wrong! Granted what she did was wrong in the context of a civilized nation governed by a Christian/Jewish belief system were morals and values actually have some merit. So in this particular case she should never even be charged.

    Did this alleged occurrences happen in California?Not Only California but replacing Californian named after a beer. California has long since given up the enforcement of any form of moral laws and have embraced the path to total perversion.

    What she did was morally reprehensible and perverted that in itself should be grounds to have her publicly Chained and sent to prison until she’s old and gray. But since the perverts run rampant in the California government enforce a sexual deviance on the rest of the state she should not be charged. I California standards she’s normal.

    1. Regina Oakes says

      I happen to live in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA very rural and we get voted down by S.CA. and the Bay Area every election..If we happen to win the like the prop 8 law they just took it to the Supreme Court and stole our votes again. I agree with you however know,trust and believe there is still a REMNANT of God fearing people left here in California.

      1. rchguns says

        I feel for you I really do. I graduated high school in Paso Robles and lives in Eureka for several years and another little town called King Salmon. Beautiful country northern California that is until the parasites from the South discover they don’t have to go all the way to Oregon Washington to destroy nature. Colorado is trying to split apart into two states which will be a good idea. Oregon and Washington many years ago want to split both states down the middle north to south and form a new state and the eastern half. That would’ve been a good thing to. In Oregon the people who live in the Valley is a call it the I-5 corridor pass all the walls for Eastern Oregon and they never agree with what the people really want.

  8. IdahoCowgirls says

    Freakin sick in the head! This woman, who is a “special Ed” teacher, & those on here doing high fives! Morally bankrupt!

  9. drkervorkianjr says

    Folks what she did was violate the trust placed in her by the parents of these children. she was a special education teacher we do not know if any of these boys were mentally challenged to the point of being even younger. If a teacher molests any of my kids, they should pled out at arraignment. Prison will be nicer than dealing with me.

  10. Jeff Noble says

    I hesitate to call these young men victims.

  11. NavyVeteran42 says

    Now let’s hear how she ruined these poor boys for life.

  12. gwedem5995 says

    Every day I hear stories that upset me like this one and how the restrooms in Calif are transgender.
    And it makes me know just how we have fallen as a nation.

  13. irish7_1sg says

    Where were all these teachers when I was in high school in the late 1970’s?

  14. Diana Nelson says

    Sad that there are so few men of virtue in our society….no wonder the little school boys are falling into these messes. There is a double standard here. Until men start to seek righteousness this will continue. These women are predators not good people. Can’t you see that, stupid people? Suppose she had AIDS…is this still a good thing? Just how stupid can men be to not see this? Stop being led around by your genitals, men. Use the brains God gave you.

    1. AirFrank says

      I hear what you’re saying but at their age the little head is doing all the thinking. Not smart but just a fact.

  15. JohnM says

    Another case where, the liberals just don’t understand that boys and girls are NOT the same, (See California’s new unisex restroom and sports law). Girls often have a deeply ingrained emotional connection to their sexual self, Boys on the other hand, are deeply focused on sticking their ‘willy’s’ in any willing or available void, especially if the void is female. These boys aren’t ‘victims’..They’re heros to their classmates and probably more or less sexually well adjusted, (for a teen-aged boy). This teacher performed a valuable service……kept the boys away from ‘innocent’ girls. You can also bet their fathers aren’t involved in any punishment either.

    1. bspaero says

      I’d be willing to wager the Fathers were trying to find out who this teacher was, if she was rewarding the sons, why not the Dad’s !

  16. Dawn Garland says

    the whore should get more time than that!

  17. borg says

    The school officials must have been suspicious when they noticed students smiling.

  18. Ddenney1 says

    Suppose it was male teacher and YOUR daughters????

    1. AirFrank says

      Comparing apples and oranges.

    2. JayAre62 says

      But it wasn’t. Yep, there’s a double standard. Don’t like it? Complain to the manufacturer. Men (adolescent men even more so) are predators when it comes to sex. It just isn’t the same comparing 16 year old girls in similar scenarios with older men. As a man, I would always view the other man as either the aggressor or eager/willing ‘victim’. As the saying goes, it’s hard to rape the willing.

  19. SIRWIZARD says

    When we have Congressmen that photograph their genitals and email the photos to female constituents and Presidents that “Teach inappropriate cigar smoking” to young interns, what else can we expect? Whose fault is all of this? Well, who stood by when God was kicked out of schools? Was it you? Me? I’m afraid the answer to that is an emphatic ‘YES’.

    1. SniperToo says

      40 years ago, while serving my country, I noticed the moral decline of this country and the corrupt politicians. I warned friends and family members (anyone who would listen) about what was happening and that there was a slow growing cancer in this nation by denouncing God in the home, school, community, etc. Now this country is serving up [email protected] Hope everyone is happy with their ‘I DON’T CARE ATTITUDE” Let someone else worry about what is going on. Just let me keep by six pack of beer and sports on the weekend and leave me alone. I don’t want to know because the truth is too painful. Denial is a cancer of the brain and the soul.

      1. Harry Skip Robinson says

        The fish rots from the top down, but people are people. Their friggin crazy if you don’t know. General Shedley Butler wrote a book, War is a Racket, back in the early 1020’s. It’s not that we don’t, what are you willing to do to change it. This give us a little laughter, because her crime is comparable to getting caught peeing in the bushes.

        1. interestedobserver2 says

          I’m assuming you mean “1920’s” since General Butler was not a medieval knight….

          1. Harry Skip Robinson says


  20. vet says

    So how did the grades look after they were rewarded?Straight A’s I would guess.I would think that a gold star just wouldn’t be enough in comparison to a BJ.To bad this wasn’t the norm,we would have more Einsteins in our mist.

  21. CaptTurbo says

    Wonder which boy ruined the sweet deal those guys had going? Guess it would have been hard not to brag. LOL

    1. bspaero says

      His name is Mary Ann !

  22. Vintage Gibson says

    I am NOT saying that the teachers actions were acceptable, but these young men are not “victims.” If the woman had been their age or also under 18, it would have been considered “normal teenage behavior.” If it is illegal for minors under 18 to have sexual relations, then why aren’t they also being charged with a statutory crime? Yes, there is the crime of sexual abuse, and it should be prosecuted whenever such behaviors are forced or against the will, but when there are willing participants who want the action, the only thing abusive is the way the laws are written. Why don’t the police prosecute every teen that is sexually active? Because society has unjust dual standards for morality- something that should be left as a choice of the individual. In most nations of the world since time began, age of consent is puberty.

    1. Derek Lockhart says

      I believe that this is very sick what she has done, but I agree that they’re not “victims” but I have a feeling that it’s for a different reason than you. To me, you’re not a victim if you voluntarily engage in a situation, even if that situation is morally questionable at least and even illegal. This is wrong on many levels, and I do believe she should be prosecuted, but declaring these people victims is, in my opinion, a bit odd. I was unaware you could be the victim of consensual sex, as I saw nothing in the article to indicated she forced herself on anyone. Should she have done this? No. Should the students have permitted her to do this with them? No. But are they victims? No, I don’t believe they are.

      1. Vintage Gibson says

        That is pretty much how I feel about it. Derek. Adding that it is disingenuous for the minors to not be prosecuted for having sex when it is illegal for them to do so under the law. They are not legally able to make that consent, therefore they have broken the law by engaging in sexual behaviors. The law is not consistent in persecuting (sorry, prosecuting) the adults but not prosecuting the minors for voluntarily engaging in sexual behaviors. Since none of them were forced to participate but did so voluntarily, they too have broken statutory law regarding consent.

        1. Derek Lockhart says

          Learn something new every day. I wasn’t aware that there were legal ramifications on the side of the minors. That’s interesting. Thank you for alerting me to that fact. I’d say however much physical “enjoyment” was present in this, it’s a good thing that this situation came to an end. Feels good doesn’t always mean IS good. In fact, a lot of the time it can be the exact opposite.

  23. Jon Baudendistel says

    I said it before. Two bags, flag, or coyote style and a bottle of dewers even if I was totally failing her class. NOT EVEN.

    1. JayAre62 says

      “The Fox & the Grapes”

  24. roughman says

    What’s the big deal? Lucky boys!

  25. cvxxx says

    Another waste of tax money.

  26. Larry B, Cates says

    Where was she when I was in high school? Oh wait, never mind, she wasn’t even born yet.

    1. roughman says

      I feel your pain!

  27. mcw says

    I wonder who complained? Must have been a gay student!

    1. JayAre62 says

      Yeah, more than likely it was a ‘Fuzzy Bumper’ who felt left out because you know (damn well), none of these boys complained. I’d still be in school if I had had a teacher like that. In fact, I probably could’ve been a Valedictorian if I’d only had the ‘right’ teacher.

      1. helioblak says

        ‘fuzzy bumper’?? never heard that one before

  28. SuperDave2 says


  29. apollodr says

    Are any of the students complaining?

    1. MN_in_CA says

      special education teacher!

      1. MontieR says

        VERRRRY special education.

  30. Steve says

    I would have been a much better student, if they offered rewards’ when I was in school.

    1. Hotnike says

      Golley. Where were these teachers when I needed some special ed? Oh that’s right, That would have been 55 years ago and I don’t remember any special ed back then.

  31. Guest says

    When I was in school all that was offered was Q&A after class. Nowadays, they get T&A after class.

    1. interestedobserver2 says


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