Female teacher is accused of ‘rewarding’ male students with sexual favors

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CORONA, Calif. – A high school special education teacher is being charged with reportedly offering sex as a “prize” for underage students.
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Michelle Hanson, who teaches at Centennial High School in southern California, is being charged with 16-sex related felonies, reports The Blaze.

The charges include having “unlawful sexual intercourse” and “unlawful oral copulation” with five boys all under the age of 18.

One court document states that Hansen allegedly offered sexual favors to a student as a “prize” for performing well in a baseball game.

Hansen reportedly asked the student what he wanted as a prize. The conversation concluded with Hansen declaring that she wanted to have sex, reports the Press-Enterprise.

The Riverside County District Attorney claims that some of the sexual encounters occurred on the school campus, among other places.

“The crimes are alleged to have taken place from May 2012 through May 2013, and took place in her classroom, in a utility room at the school, in her vehicle while parked near one victim’s home, and at another victim’s home,” said the District Attorney in a press release.

One crime reportedly occurred when Hansen was voluntarily supervising Saturday school. She allegedly committed a sex act with a boy after all of the other students had departed.

While none of the students were reported to be in Hansen’s classes, they were all students at Centennial High.

If convicted, Hansen could face up to 13 years in prison, according to the news report.

By Trevor TenBrink at EAGnews.org

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