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Joe for America has had a few issues with Facebook’s policies… and as a contributor, I plan to participate in the Facebook Blackout scheduled for August 24 -25.

Scorpions_BackoutThe problems that we have have experienced was we were unable to promote the AR-15 Give Away via Facebook ads, because they don’t like guns.  Yet you can run ads about sniper games, concealed carry training and pro-choice organizations that are responsible for approximately 50 million killings since 1973?

Facebook is a company and they have the right to piss me off at the risk of losing me as a client… but right now, they have a monopoly on Social Media as their product is extremely well designed and easy to use.

Here’s the details and reasoning behind the Facebook Blackout, along with a nice little video the organizers put together.

We are organizing a nationwide “blackout” of Facebook to protest their arbitrary and capricious policies targeting conservatives with censoring and suspensions. We are asking for all conservatives to suspend (deactivate) their accounts for at least 24 hours on August 25th which is Facebook’s anniversary. If you are a business or promoting a page and have a FB advertising account, we are asking that you also suspend that for 24 hours.

***Update 1*** For some reason the video has been set to private… I have contacted the organizers to find out what’s going on… I will let you know when I get an update.

***Update 2***  Video removed! The group that produced the video is not responding to my request for information… The Facebook group was not connected with the group that made the video.


The last time I looked, the event is now at about 10k planning to attend.  It’s growing quickly even though Facebook is not allowing people to invite their friends.  Take a look at this from the Examiner:

Is the social media giant Facebook so afraid of criticism that it would retaliate against a protest event? That’s the question organizers of “Facebook Blackout” are now asking. Early Tuesday morning, event organizers told Examiner that Facebook has blocked participants from inviting friends to the event, calling the invitations “spammy” or “abusive.”

“Everyone is getting a message when they try to invite people saying it’s spammy,” one organizer said.

I tried to invite my conservative friends on facebook and got the same message. I hope that you will join in Conservative’s version of “A Day Without a Mexican.”


I am going to attempt to use an alternative to Facebook on the two days I am away by using my TeaPartyCommunity.com account that I registered for a while back.  Maybe if we get enough people to try it out it will become a serious competitor to Facebook and make them adjust their attitude towards conservatives. We can hope, right?

If you make it over to TeaPartyCommunity.com, you can find me here – and feel free introduce yourself!  I’ll check with Joe too, he might want to create a page there as well, and now’s as good time as any!

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