Moral Compass: Duck Dynasty’s Patriarch has one

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In a world full of greed , envy and corruption or what a lot of us refer to as Hollywood, very few people are able to maintain their moral compass. Think about it. Some people want to be big and rich, most of them have proven that they will forgo their own beliefs and walk the line of popular opinion.

Enter “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson… What a breath of fresh air!

From what I have seen in interviews, this man gave up a possible career in the NFL because his priorities were fishing and hunting.(a man after my own heart)

Now I come across this you-tube video of him talking about this disgusting habit, that is pushed by the government called abortion. And let me tell you, he has not lost his moral compass! He tells it how it is and it is Murder!

Thank GOD for people that will still stand up for what is right!

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