Is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Rolling Over in His Grave?

26 155

Martin Luther King JrMy bet is that he is! Quite a “celebration” – all speakers were progressive liberal Democrats, headlined by Barack Obama and included some of the most vile race-baiters now in power. Where was Dr. Martin Luther King’s wish for inclusiveness? Flushed down the toilet by The Obama Administration so as to insure this event would be nothing more than an event for the progressive political movement rather than a respectful observance of a great man and a great day in American history.

The total absence of discussion about personal responsibility simply highlighted their admonishments that big government, not the individual, is the cure for all human problems. Unfortunately it will make no difference in the progressive’s goal of maintaining control of both the Afro-American and Hispanic races through lies and misrepresentations, all of which will be accommodated by the mainstream media.

My guess is that Martin Luther King, Jr. would despise people like Al Sharpton and would challenge successful people like Oprah to spread the message of hard work and Capitalism to her fellow blacks, rather than the message of victimization. This President cannot care about young blacks and stand by while half of them are out of work. He wants people dependent on government. MLK Jr. did not.

Ho hum, just another day in the destruction of our Republic!

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