Is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Rolling Over in His Grave?

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Martin Luther King JrMy bet is that he is! Quite a “celebration” – all speakers were progressive liberal Democrats, headlined by Barack Obama and included some of the most vile race-baiters now in power. Where was Dr. Martin Luther King’s wish for inclusiveness? Flushed down the toilet by The Obama Administration so as to insure this event would be nothing more than an event for the progressive political movement rather than a respectful observance of a great man and a great day in American history.

The total absence of discussion about personal responsibility simply highlighted their admonishments that big government, not the individual, is the cure for all human problems. Unfortunately it will make no difference in the progressive’s goal of maintaining control of both the Afro-American and Hispanic races through lies and misrepresentations, all of which will be accommodated by the mainstream media.

My guess is that Martin Luther King, Jr. would despise people like Al Sharpton and would challenge successful people like Oprah to spread the message of hard work and Capitalism to her fellow blacks, rather than the message of victimization. This President cannot care about young blacks and stand by while half of them are out of work. He wants people dependent on government. MLK Jr. did not.

Ho hum, just another day in the destruction of our Republic!

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  1. Craig Schwarzbek says

    Knowing the stories of MLK and what he stood for I watched in aw that Jamie Fox had the gaul to say him and his Hollyweird crown and the musicians that sing of act they would do to defile women or cuss like 2 bit drunks on the corner. Yes all these folks who toss the n-word around like a greeting to their friends. Fox claimed that they were now carrying the torch. Jamie Fox is not near the man MLK was. MLK stood for peace. MLK stood for holding ourselves to a better standard. He stood for equality. The ability to walk down the same street. To treat one another as you would want to be treated. That is a religioys belief. He was a reverend. A man if God.
    I have never heard of MLK using racial slurs. I don’t think MLK would have been held in such high regard by do many if he would have promoted violence. Certainly not if he would have said he would enjoy even pretending to kill whites. That is something Janie Fox has said.
    He and the list of his cronies he mentioned put altogether are not worth a pimple on Mr. King’s buttocks.

  2. edgineer says

    When will people wake up. MLK was a hustler just like Sharpton and Jackson. They had him shot because his escapades at the Nobel awards were about to embarrass the movement. Better a dead martyr than a live albatross around your neck.

  3. eccles smith says

    “Where was Dr. Martin Luther King’s wish for inclusiveness?”
    Ask Boehner, Cantor, etc. who were invited but chose not to attend. Sorry, you cannot pin this on Obama, however much you try.

    1. Baron Von Kowenhoven
      Rodney Lee Conover says

      Obama didn’t invite the only black member of the Senate. Explain that. Republicans passed civil rights. People like Al Gore Sr. and JFk (that’s right!) fought it tooth and nail when Eisenhower first proposed civil rights for blacks. The Klan, Jim Crow, Slavery – all Democrat traditions – all ended by Republicans. Now look at you: Sharpton, Holder, Jackson – con-artists at best. Obama? A Marxist through and through. Black teen unemployment 48% – he couldn’t care less.

      1. eccles smith says

        1) So you admit that Boehner and Cantor were invited. Therefore you cannot complain about a lack of inclusivity – unless you wish to deride the Republicans who chose to be somewhere else. 2) I must bow to your superior knowledge of US history, and to your hopefully unique interpretations. 3) Obama a Marxist? Really????? If you wish make an intelligent contribution to a debate, or to be taken seriously, then you really need to have a basic knowledge of the meaning of the words you use. Obama is a capitalist. Period.

        1. Baron Von Kowenhoven
          Rodney Lee Conover says

          Do I wish to deride Boehner and Cantor? Why, yes and yes, thank-you! You and I differ in ideology, but we also differ in that you’re a partisan. I’m not carrying water for anyone. Nationalized banking, Central government auto-bailouts, $16 trillion federal spending, “spreading the wealth around” (his Barack-ness’ words) and ObamaCare is Marxist and when you say you believe it’s Capitalism, then debating you is pointless. Bye bye, pointless. (Cue the “Blame Bush” rant!)

          1. eccles smith says

            Find yourself a dictionary and look up ‘partisan’, ‘Marxist’, and ‘capitalist’. I’m not saying that you don’t know what they mean, but you certainly have not given any indication that you do.
            How is Bush relevant to this?

          2. Baron Von Kowenhoven
            Rodney Lee Conover says

            guess you missed the “bye bye” part? “Obama is a Capitalist” = bye bye, closed-minded, partisan, Obama worshipping, self-deluding, inexperienced, never-ran-a-business, never-met-a-payroll, doubt-you-have-a-family, if you do I pray for them, seriously, when-you-get-older-it-will-hit-you-but-then-it-will-be-too-late unless we conservatives save you. .. Don’t worry, we always do.

          3. eccles smith says

            “out – and I mean it this time” Then you post another comment, I guess you just don’t want to be taken seriously! Your first post was irrelevant, the second one inaccurate. Obama is a capitalist, there is absolutely no way he could ever have made it to POTUS if he wasn’t. If the facts don’t support your viewpoint, you could always turn to abuse – oh wait, you already did. FYI, I do not worship Obama, do run my own business, have a family, etc.

          4. Baron Von Kowenhoven
            Rodney Lee Conover says

            There are times in this country when the men have to stop what they are doing and kick the bad guy’s asses. The boys stay home, complain, protest, write letters, emails, blogs, camp-out in parks with their iPhones, and whine. That’s cool, we’ll get the bad guy’s – no problem. We want you to have the freedom and the right to protest and do all that other nonsense. When loser little boys whine and say life isn’t fair and scream that the military is evil and conservatives are bad people – it’s proof that America rocks. You couldn’t do that in Cuba, Venezuela, Iran or any number of countries with left-wingers in full power. So we go out and kick the bad guy’s asses… But remember: When we get back, we’re gonna take your girlfriends. They’ll appreciate it. They always do.

            out – and I mean it this time

  4. Wolfman says

    Abe and Martin had a dream that turned into a nightmare and now they are rolling over in their graves

  5. Penciljockey says

    Really? We are listening to the opinions of a plumber? Is this what we’ve become? Pathetic.

    1. Craig Schwarzbek says

      It could be worse, He could be a community organizer

    2. Baron Von Kowenhoven
      Rodney Lee Conover says

      these are actually my opinions, not Joe’s. You want to go up against me – here I am.

  6. bbf says

    The only Black US Senator was not invited to the MOW anniversary. He is a Republican.

  7. bahndon says

    MLK had a dream, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson have a schema.
    I believe Jackson and Sharpton had their fingers in the killing of MLK. MLK refused to be violent, Jackson, and Sharpton wanted riots and the killing of whites, they needed MLK out of their way.

    1. Wolfman says

      Abe and Martin had a dream that turned into a nightmare

  8. SniperToo says

    Oh! Heck yes. They said a week ago that the Muslim Dictator would make this ALL about HIM and his dictator politics. if I were a conservative, Black American loving, respectful Constitionalist; I would have boycott this Marxist dog and phony show and would have written a screaming letter to the Dictator. How dare you stand on King day and insult his memory. King’s wife has become very bitter and has jumped on the band wagon. She should have been against the dictator soiling her husband’s memory.
    Shame on her. Do you know that she is telling the illegal immigrants not to work, stay on the dole and wait for Obama’s amnesty and than vote demorate at the polls.

    1. Penciljockey says

      You know people back then called King a marxist and a communist traitor too right?

      1. Baron Von Kowenhoven
        Rodney Lee Conover says

        Yes, Democrats. Pick up a history book lately?

  9. Penciljockey says

    Yeah I’m sure MLK would be rolling over in his grave when seeing a black president in office. I mean that kind of racial equality would be sickening to MLK. Who the hell are you people kidding?

    1. Dan Moore says

      MLK was a republican and a patriot and wanted equality. He was not a race baiter. Yes, he would be ashamed with the currant president.

      1. Penciljockey says

        Yes he was a republican of his time, unlike the modern republicans who are bent defunding education, welfare, social security, etc… Don’t delude yourself. He would have not liked Bush at all. Both Republicans and Democrats are race baiters.

        1. Baron Von Kowenhoven
          Rodney Lee Conover says

          welfare is modern day slavery (also brought to you by Democrats). And like slavery, we are hell bent on ending it. Keeping people poor and dependent so they must vote for you. Despicable

    2. Baron Von Kowenhoven
      Rodney Lee Conover says

      Doubt he would appreciate the race pimps up there talking about everything except what’s really the problem. Dems say minorities are too stupid to get an ID? Who are the racists? Dems say minorities can’t get ahead without welfare? Who are the racists? MLK would be in lock step with Colonel Allen West today, not Al Sharpton – who are you kidding?

  10. Si Vis Pacem ParaBellum says

    The race baiters are at full steam. Did anyone watch the speeches yesterday. When Jimmy Carter was speaking did you watch what everyone else was doing? I saw that for the most part, everyone had eyes on Jimmy, except for guess who? Wait for it, that’s right Barrack Hussein Obama. While they were speaking, he was more interested in what was going on in the air, the crowd, he looked everywhere else except where everyone else was looking. Well, that shouldn’t be a surprise. He wants this country in the toilet so why should we even think that he would be interested in what Dr. King even wanted for this country. This president is absolutely, without a doubt, the very worst president that this country has ever seen, bar NONE! He is a racist, closet Muslim, hypocritical, ego-maniac. He and his race baiters and gun grabbers are doing all they can to destroy this country as fast as they can. the longer it takes to overthrow our country, the less likely it is to happen. But we must be vigilant. We need to take our country back from these tyrannical, treasonous race baiters and liberals. Stand up people and stand up together. Molon Labe, Semper Fi and God Bless.

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