Disgraced Congressman Charlie Rangel Calls Tea Party “Crackers” and House Republicans “Terrorists”

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By Deneen Borelli at DeneenBorelli.com

There is a time when old men should retire and judging by the outrageous comments Representative Charles Rangel just made about the Tea Party and House Republicans – it’s time for Charlie to go!

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Rangel claimed the Tea Party is the same as southern segregationists:

The Tea Party? Defeat them the same way segregation was beaten. “It is the same group we faced in the South with those white crackers and the dogs and the police. They didn’t care about how they looked. It was just fierce indifference to human life that caused America to say enough is enough. ‘I don’t want to see it and I am not a part of it.’ What the hell! If you have to bomb little kids and send dogs out against human beings, give me a break.”

Rangel also claimed Republicans have caused more harm than al Qaeda:

House Republicans? Have done more damage to American competitiveness than al Qaeda ever could. “What is happening is sabotage. Terrorists couldn’t do a better job than the Republicans are doing.”

Rangel also criticized the Pope:

And I’ll be damned, besides same-sex marriage, I don’t hear the voice of the church. As a matter of fact, the pope is talking he can’t judge gays. Well, damn it to hell, ask for another message from God. Here we were born. I mean, why is there a silence on old folks and a silence on poverty and a silence on kids?”

Rangel is wrong. Segregationists were Democrats who believe in the power of the state to restrict rights while Tea Party activists are for individual liberty. House Republicans are not terrorists and the Pope is not silent on poverty. Rangel should know how much the Catholic Church has done helping the poor in New York City.

I wrote about Rangel in my book Blacklash and how he exploits his position to enrich himself while not serving the black community. Rangel was censured by Congress for ethics violations and within a year he was honored for his service by the House.

Clearly, it’s time for Charlie to go…

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  1. Lans7 says

    Where is Mr. Rainbow coalition to voice his outrage.

  2. Defend The Constitution says

    Once the British recognized liberty’s benefits, they began to study liberty’s history, improve its principles, and broaden its influence.

  3. Cam says

    Article 4, Section 2: The citizens of each state shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of citizens in the other states.

  4. Seneca Crane says

    Although we rely upon the geniuses among us to create the gadgets, gizmos, and gasoline we depend upon, genius becomes bottled up and useless when centralized restrictions limit liberty.

  5. Abbie Mills says

    Whether it is our gadgets, gizmos, or gasoline, almost every convenience of our modern civilization is a product of knowledge and ability applied by someone we don’t know and will likely never know.

  6. Liberalism is Nonsense says

    Since each infant has thousands of genes and will experience innumerable environmental variations as it develops, it is impossible to foresee anyone’s complete future potential.

  7. $13614178 says

    Proof that Rangel is , after all this time , a racist b–t–d . If there were equal justice under the law , as our constitution guarantees , he would be speaking from a cell .

  8. SONshineman says

    Charlie Rangel has always been a liberal, racist moron. He is proof that Darwinism is EVIL-ution, that Freudianism is SICK-ology, that Marxism is CON-YOU-nism, and that his political party is the DUMBO-craps! Since he insists on prolonging and propagating the deceptive religion known as “racist politics” (also known as the “politics of hate”) by which he serves as their high priest along with fellow “clergy” Jessie Jackcon and Al Sharpton; and since he insists on labelling those of us who stand diametrically opposed to his vile and villanous religion as “Crackers”; I suggest that from henceforth, we all refer to him as “Mother Rangel the Blacker” !

  9. Hotnike says

    New York voters are all primates with no brains, I refer to Rangel, Cuomo, Bloomberg. THE THREE STOOGGES!! But then, some of my fellow Minnesota are also brainless primate voters. We have Dayton, Franken, Klobuchar,

  10. purplewings says

    Even though I know he’s just a crazy old man that should have been booted from politics years ago, it still angers me that he could say all this about Tea Party members, who have never lifted a finger to harm anyone, or even leave a mess after a rally. These are mom’s and pop’s who love America and all the great accomplishments it’s made in a mere 237 years of existence. He actually bought into Obama’s fear that the Tea Party was actually gaining members that might put him out of business, and never bothered to attend a rally or a meeting to see what they stand for. If it weren’t good for America, our government would not fear it so much! Rangel, the great tax evader who has likely done nothing of value except get elected for being black, has a lot of nerve to open his mouth when just pure stupidity falls out. As A. Lincoln once said: “Tis better to say nothing & be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt.” A pox on you Charlie. We are a 2-party system for a number of good reasons. It was designed by our brilliant Founders so one party could keep an eye on the other to make certain facts were correct, and people were being principled. Unfortunately, both sides seem to have given up the ship for the $$$$ attached, Tea Party is trying to make them accountable and it’s just what is needed.

  11. JuneUSA says

    Rangel, Sharpton and Jackson just spread hate because it has paid them very well to do it. It will contimue as long as they can get the media to lap it up. Sickening.

  12. LoneMassConservative says

    Who gave this nitwit a forum to speak? He’s even dumber than Obama!!

  13. RJPT says

    Can you say “racist”?

  14. drikk says

    They certainly terrrorized him when he cheated on his taxes and got caught and then got worried that he would have to go back to working for a living.

  15. Dmgdriver says

    Paula Deen as incurred the wrath of the world for a racist statement 27 years ago. Charlie claims he faced “the crackers and the dogs down south” He is from flipping New York.. At no point in geography is any part of New York near Mobile. His statements are more racist and inflammatory than anything Paula said. It is time to call for him to be removed from office.

  16. Millard Kinnison says

    Just another typical gansta “nigga”.

  17. Dobber 1029 says

    Just another stupid has been politician who sucks the blood out of everyone and stil plays the racist card to stay noticed.. ..

  18. collinspa says

    why is this idiot still in office? I thought he was sanctioned for fraud

  19. collinspa says

    Why is this idiot still in office? II thought he had been sanctioned for fraud.

    1. SniperToo says

      He was but as long as the Muslim Dictator has his way, all legal punishment against any rotten Black official (including Holder) will be swept inder the carpet with a slap on the hand. Because “it’s only fair”, according to the tyrant in the white house of shame. This is a prime example in what happens in a country being run by a tyrant /dictator. They poop on all laws established by that country and you declare yourself and your friends to be above the law. Especially, if you are NOT white.

  20. JHW says

    Rangel would probably like some Weiner tweets or treats.

  21. JHW says

    Rangel your a tax cheating ,racist POS along with your lib butt buddies.

  22. davidl55 says

    If congressman Rangel can call whites “Crackers,” does that mean we can use the “N” word when referring to him????

    1. JHW says

      That’s really all he is because he is a stupid racist POS along with Obama..

    2. SniperToo says

      I don’t know but I refer to them as nigs (not intelligent gorillas). Rangel has become dementia bound. He needs to take meds and stop standing in front a mirror and pointing a finger at himself. All whites and conservatives MUST STOP riding the guilt train provided by the left. So what if they like to throw the r word (racist) at us. It’s just a word. PERIOD. We must get over this self inflicted (not justified) race baiting. When you are called a racist, just laugh at that person and say, “look who’s talking” or “you shouldn’t call yourself names, don’t you like yourself?”. You will get a deer in the head lights look and they will walk away. It works for me every time. They don’t have a response. They want you to fear them. Stand your ground. They wont be expecting the come back. The racist/verbal bullies that never mentality moved from the plantation and never got pass junior high mentality will always be out there until they began to see that people are not buying the farm anymore. The media needs to stop airing them. When you don’t have an audience they will shut up. They are begging for negative attention.

    3. bobby says

      Charlie Rangel was right, just read the dumb remarks on these web sites, case close. The N word is a racial remark, crackers is just refering to a persons intelligence, like Ron White said,” You can’t fix stupid.” Case close again

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