Did a Gun Save You Today?

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Chances are you will never know.  In fact, this new video from the NRA points out what many Americans fail to realize: we are surrounded by guns every day.  This is a reality that does not escape criminals.  They know full well that every time they try to rape, rob, or burgle, they are risking their lives.  Because criminals are lazy and risk averse, they gravitate toward areas with strict gun laws.

I am reminded of my alma mater where my university insisted on posting signs everywhere announcing that the campus was a “Gun Free Zone.”   They then were puzzled as to why students kept getting raped or robbed at knife or gunpoint.  It wasn’t rocket science.  The local criminals knew that our students were lambs for the slaughter.

A “Gun Free Zone” is nothing more than a workplace safety measure for bad guys.  Please share this video with your friends.   A gun may have saved their life today, and the NRA is here to tell them how.

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