Completely Mind Boggling

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Every now and then, someone writes or says something so completely mind boggling, that you have to stop and give it a second look.  I find when I discover those statements, they usually come from the anti-gun crowd.  I’m happy to report, they have delivered yet again.

Head-scratcher Extraordinaire
Head-scratcher Extraordinaire

The latest head-scratcher comes from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence via their Twitter account.  Take a look at the tweet they sent out two days ago.  After you read it, and it has fully soaked in, realize they truly feel that way.  That is evidenced by the fact that that tweet has not been deleted or retracted.

Just to clarify, yes, they are actually saying that they do not think that people should EVER use deadly force, even if that force is used to save oneself or someone else.

These are the same mentality of people who in the past have willingly walked themselves into killing fields and gas chambers.  These people are unwilling to stand up to defend their own lives, and think none of us should either.  These people are totally nuts!  These people, *heavy sigh*, vote…

If you are one of “these people”, or have friends or family member who are, please do society, and especially those of us in law enforcement a favor.  Please gather your fellow “I’m so rabidly anti-gun I’m willing to die to avoid killing in self-defense” friends together and design some sort of flag, vest or even a bandanna that will allow those of us unwilling to sacrifice our lives, or the lives of others, to avoid the loss of life (yeah, I know, lacking some logic there) to readily identify you at distance.  Please carry or wear said design at all times, that way the rest of us can be sure to never intervene on your behalf and do something to save you if you are ever in that situation.  I’d hate to upset you because I went against your wishes and used deadly force to protect you or your loved ones.

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