Bug, meet windshield: Piers Morgan vs Megyn Kelly

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Piers Morgan, another colorless CNN drone, rarely captures my notice. But yesterday he did, mainly because he said “Megyn Kelly”, which *does* tend to get my attention. Hannity on Fox News Channel has the second-highest rated show in cable TV news, bested only by gas giant Bill O’Reilly, also of FNC. Brit import Piers Morgan is famous for…..um…..???….carrying 1/4 the size audience of Hannity in the same slot?

Like others before him, he occasionally grabs the spotlight by saying spectacularly moronic things. And so it was. Now that Hannity is departing the 9pm slot, making room for Fox anchor and brilliant lawyer Megyn Kelly, I suppose Piers thought maybe he might grab a little market share.


Let’s review the assets. Piers Morgan:

  • received an undergraduate degree in Journalism from Harlow College.
  • is the third-biggest name on the third-biggest cable news channel.
  • is a bona fide registered card-carrying moron. His card allows him to ride the kiddie rides at the fair for half-price.
  • is a British citizen and feels free to apply his nouveau British sensibilities to America and label traditional American values as stupid. Considering how well gun control and government-controlled health care are working over there, a brighter fellow might just shut up.
  • that’s about it. He probably flosses regularly, so I suppose we could count that as an asset.


So how about Megyn Kelly? She:

  • has a law degree.
  • Practiced law for 10 years before moving to Washington DC and beginning at the bottom as a television journalist, working at the local ABC affiliate before joining Fox News.
  • is a top-rated anchor on the top (by far) cable news station.
  • has a well-earned reputation for asking fearless and tough questions, following up, and cross-examining, all without notes.
  • is perfectly willing to challenge and scrutinize the arguments of both left and right side politicial figures with equal intensity.
And I believe that’s about all I’ll say about Megyn’s assets.Piers, consider it brung. megyn3

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