Badass Teachers Association and other leftists join fight against Common Core

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Think Common Core opponents are all right-wing, tin-foil-hat-wearing Tea Party members?

BAT1If so, it’s time you learned about the Badass Teachers Association.

BAT is a 25,000-member group of left-wing educators, union members and progressive activists who “are pushing back against the national (learning) standards with Twitter strikes, town hall meetings and snarky Internet memes,” reports Kathleen McGrory of the Miami Herald.

Group members – known as BATs – share the concerns of conservatives and libertarians that Common Core will strip states and school districts of control over public education.

BATs are also worried the one-size-fits-all learning standards for math and English place “too much emphasis on testing and will stifle creativity in the classroom,” McGrory reports.

“The liberal critique of Common Core is that this is a huge profit-making enterprise that costs school districts a tremendous amount of money, and pushes out the things kids love about school, like art and music,” said Mark Nelson, a Fordham University professor and BAT co-founder.

McGrory notes that the more traditional teachers union – the Florida Education Association – is also beginning to turn on Common Core.

FEA President Andy Ford said some union members don’t like that their job reviews and (in some cases) wages will be determined by how well their students perform on assessments that are aligned with the new standards.

They have a point. New York school districts switched to Common Core testing this spring and saw their students’ test scores plummet.

Education gadfly Diane Ravitch believes the Badass Teachers Association proves U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan is wrong when he “insists that the main criticism of Common Core comes from extremists and fringe groups like the Tea Party.”

McGrory notes “there are still plenty of Democrats who support the Common Core initiative, from the Obama administration down to teachers and parents on the local level. And in Florida, the movement still enjoys widespread support from the Republican-dominated legislature.”

“But the opposition is strong enough that state Sen. Dwight Bullard, D-Miami, is calling for a review before Florida moves further ahead with the standards and accompanying exams,” McGrory writes.

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  1. TruthorConsequences says

    Common Core is not only removing local control of education, as the DOE has steadily been doing since its creation. DOE has offered a carrot (money) to states and local school districts to implement new programs. States and locales have become dependent upon this money to balance their budgets. When they see in the insidious nature of the program and want to regain local control, they cannot. They need the money. Common Core is the latest and most ambitious of these DOE federal plans.

    Common Core not only affects public schools, but also private and church schools. Common Core books and curriculum can be seen already in some of these non-government schools.
    Young people must be prepared to self-sufficient and independent, not dependent upon the government and an Obamaphone.

    1. coniljw says

      Common core is part of the “transformation” Pres. Obama spoke of. His “civilian army” that he desired are the ones doing the infiltration not only into our schools but into every single aspect of daily life. Wake up folks. Obamamaniacs are coming after you and your daily life & your children. Their religion of liberalism is THE MOST important thing to them. They will stop at nothing to destroy everything else & replace it with THEIR policies/views/mandates. Obama can use executive order for anything; he has been doing it; he will continue to do it. He does NOT care about congress or the Constitution. It is over. We need Mark Levin’s book “The Liberty Amendments” as a guide on HOW to get back control of our out of control government who is SUPPOSED to be working for WE the people!

  2. 1baronrichsnot1 says

    It’s about time! Now we have to get Rick Scott on board, do away with some text books, write a curriculum to fit our goal of preparing the students to face a hostile, marxist world. Teach them to protect what we have, and how to hold on to some form of independence in their future. To be self reliant, provide for themselves, willing and able to defend their country and themselves.

  3. monacall says

    yeah finally they are getting it……get out of the federal government aid get the schools back to the communities….

    1. Mel says

      We need to put God back in and Govt OUT

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