Arizona district wants parents to sign a contract dictating gun safety at home

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TUCSON, Arizona – Parents in Arizona’s Flowing Wells Unified School district are being asked to sign a “weapons contract” to “teach their children to settle arguments without violence,” according to the Arizona Daily Independent.

gun safetyThe document was reportedly included in each student’s registration packet for the 2013-14 school year.

The newspaper reports the contract stipulates the parents must agree to teach, “ … including by personal example, my teenager about the dangers and consequences of the misuse of guns and weapons and I will keep any guns and all weapons under lock and away from school grounds and away from my children.”

One father signed the contract, but later contacted the district after giving it more thought, according to the news report.

The district superintendent claims “it was never their intention to govern behavior at home” and that he has “no reason to believe that the district’s parents need to be taught how to raise their children,” according to the paper.

Uh huh.

The contract also requires parents to “support the school’s policies to eliminate the misuse of guns,” according to the Daily Independent.

The newspaper notes the district “has long been known for its agrarian population” and gun ownership is commonplace. Arizona also has a concealed carry law and this agreement could affect those rights.

The district now insists there will be “no consequences” for refusing to sign the contract.

Then what’s the point?

This smells like the handiwork of politically liberal educators. It’s become clear in recent months, since the Newtown tragedy, that teachers unions and many other educators hate all forms of weapons and would welcome any law making them illegal.

Since no such law has been passed, they’re trying to pressure parents to conduct themselves in a way they consider appropriate.

What arrogant, elitist nonsense. We’re wondering how many parents returned unsigned contracts with a side note, telling school officials what they can do with them.

By Kyle Olson at

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  1. $18476877 says

    Cool, liberal teachers, deciding how gun safety should be administered. The people least qualified on the topic. Sounds about right, Perhaps, these savants, should go to some NRA, firearms education classes, learn some advanced firearms training, before declaring themselves qualified to lord over people that are infinitely more knowledgeable than themselves. Do some of these heros have an inflated opinion of themselves?

  2. bahndon says

    The high school I graduated from had a riffle range under the front lobby, we had a competition rifle squad, 2 days a week those students had their riffles in their car or truck until school was over, then they brought their riffle in for practice shooting. It was usual to see deer riffles hanging in the gun rack behind the seat of pickup trucks from November to February. Several bus drivers would shoot deer and strap it to the bus front fender before picking up students, and sometimes after dropping students off at school. Several teachers carried pistols into the class room and locked them in their desk, not for disciplining students, they had Consealed Carry Permits and exercised the right to carry.
    Those teachers taught FIRE ARM SAFETY, the #1 rule – All Fire arms are fully loaded capable of firing until you personally drop the magazine, and clear the chamber, or in case of revolver empty the chambers, #2 NEVER point a fire arm at anything you do not intend to DESTROY,
    Now the range is just a bomb shelter, no fire arms allowed on the school property. Liberalism IS a BRAIN DEFECT.

  3. Chris Bridges says

    I graduated in 95, not really all that long ago, from a small town school. I can promise you there was usually 30 different guns in vehicles in the student parking lot, year round but especially during hunting season. Nobody managed to get shot or maimed, heck, there was usually at least three or four rifles or shot guns in the woodshop with the teacher helping a student build a new stock. I remember our woodshop teacher invited a local gunsmith to class all week to teach the methods of engraving a stock and fiting the gun to it. Everyone was taught from a young age to be careful and respect firearms and life in general. Good sense and proper handling was a given. Now, I have to wear a bicycle helmet every time I climb a ladder even 6 inches off the ground at work,,because apparently, I’m perfectly capable of maintaining a helicopter but not smart enough to not bash in my own skull while i do it. It’s a sad commentary on how far the pendulum has swung from taking personal responsability for your actions and mistakes, to the polar opposite of its not my fault that he didn’t tell me that fire was hot, and you have to pay me cause I reached in and burned myself, and make everyone else wear flame proof gloves to drink coffee by congressional order. Makes me want to just walk up and slap people to see if their awake or not.

  4. Billy says

    well see if they get back enough of them they can then use them as grounds say that parents are for gun control.. I didn’t need any kind of contract , any gun owner wroth his salt , already teaches there kids gun safety , already keeps any guns not in use lock up, and follows all laws that pertain to guns, I don’t need the government telling me how to raise my kids, or what best for them. Schools sending that form home is inappropriate behavior.

  5. fort9erdon says

    The school gets their finances from the federal government. KEEP YOUR KIDS HOME! Have a school/student strike! Serve notice on the school district, that on a certain date, (within days hopefully) unless the school sends home another notice, cancelling this “gun” notice, and agrees to “forever” stay out of the business of setting the rules for homes, WE WILL KEEP OUR KIDS HOME. What will that do? It will cause the district to lose so much money in a very short length of time from the feds, that they will go broke, be forced to lay teachers off, but most important it will serve notice on the school district what “eating crow” tastes like, and will let them know who the hell is in charge! Citizens need to rebel against the socialism of our school, and forever serve notice that it will no longer be tolerated. If they will NOT stop brainwashing our kids and making little commies out of Tommy and little Mary, break them financially by simply keeping your kids home, Organize “babysitting pools”! You can win. Stand up to these commies, not only on this issue, but on ALL issues that allows “creeping socialism”.

  6. simpletony1 says

    B U L L S H I T

  7. cowboybobmt says

    take your kids out of public school people…it’s pretty simple. There are plenty of alternatives…most are not easy, and but you do what you need to do for your kids. i did. until the student population reaches critical mass and the numbers start decreasing, the unions and federal politicians running the schools will NOT change.

  8. dad666 says

    Better solution vote the school board and its leaders out of office.

  9. Hotnike says

    Solution: Private School or Home School.

  10. Lowell says

    This really does stink. Citizens find the source and remove that person from a position of responsibility.

  11. Sam Stephens says

    Me thinks, something stinks and someone is lying. Really the stink is socialism and PC.

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