Al Jazeera America: Nightly Jihadi News

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To be clear: Al Jazeera America will be spewing for the Muslim Brotherhood one way or another. But it’s not all bad news, believe it or not.

I have money to burn but I won't because that would harm the earth.
I have money to burn but I won’t because that would harm the earth – and I love the earth and it’s money.

Al Jazeera America has launched, after buying up Current TV from Al Gore (he passed on selling to Glenn Beck because of a conflict in philosophy!) The first couple opening minutes included an explanation of what folks could expect from the new network, featuring cameos by Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Wow! They sound so American already!

So now I guess we’re supposed to give them a chance and see if they’ve changed their ways and are going to be the hard-hitting journalistic wonder they say they are, but I’d rather focus on something else. What kind of effect will this news organization have on NBC, CNN, CBS and ABC? If Al Jazeera America comes out of the gate to much fanfare and a huge marketing budget (their new owner is oil-rich Qatar) they could very well scratch out some decent ratings. This would be an embarrassment for the aforementioned news organizations (FOX NEWS will still kick the crap out of everyone) but I don’t think this is the real story.

What will potentially be very telling is where Al Jazeera America will fall, at least initially, into the political zeitgeist. Won’t it be interesting if the new network, normally a mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood lands squarely to the right of NBC or CNN? Would this not put to rest the ridiculous notion that the networks aren’t liberal if a group like Al Jazeera is perceived to be more conservative or at least more to the center than the non-Fox media? Some background:

After years of unsuccessfully trying to win cable and satellite carriage for its English-language international news channel, Al Jazeera acquired finally bought Current TV for $500 million in January to start an American channel and will be available in 48 million of the country’s roughly 100 million homes that subscribe to television. Some bad news already though, the Al Jazeera news channel has been caught airing what appears to be the fake death of a Muslim Brotherhood-backed protester in Egypt. This is just one of what critics claim are many pieces of coverage sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is protesting the ouster of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. Though Al Jazeera claims it’s American station will be neutral, raise your hand if you believe it.

I wonder if this might have a silver lining though as it may shine light on the bias of what passes for journalism on network and other non-Fox media in this country. Really, what is the difference between anti-American Al Jazeera and anti-American NBC? Perhaps as they begin broadcasting the same propaganda disguised as news, all Americans will be able to see clearly what conservatives who pay attention have known for a long time: There is no longer any real journalism in the liberal media – only stories which push a narrative or agenda. When Al Gore decided to sell Current TV to a foreign country, instead of an American enterprise – based on politics – isn’t it obvious the liberals care less about this nation than they do money and power?

Maybe they believe that when the terrorists get to our shores they’ll remember who helped them get here? but a quick look at history teaches us the libs will be right square in the same gulag with the rest of us infidels, though. Sorry Al.

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