A Way to be Rid of Majority Leader Dingy Harry Reid

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There are about 16 months to go before the U.S. Senate general election of 2014. Currently there are 33 seats in the Senate Class with terms expiring and 2 special elections to be held on Tuesday November 4, 2014. After the 2012 election there was a net loss of two seats by the GOP making the Senate consist of 55 Democrats and 45 Republicans. The death of New Jersey Sen. Lautenburg and the appointment of Jeff Chiesa changed the numbers to 54 Democrats and 46 Republicans. In short, there are 15 Republican seats and 20 Democrat seats going in, and the only way the Republicans can become the majority is if there are 20 Republican seats and 15 Democrat seats coming out of the 2014 election.

This is possible, but it won’t be a piece of cake. The only thing we know this far out for certain is that there are 20 seats where the Partisan Voter Index (PVI) favors the Republicans, but 7 of these 20 have elected a Democrat into the seat. We know for certain that the media, academia, and Hollywood,and Obama are all campaigning against the Republicans. We also know the Republicans will have to win overwhelmingly to overcome voter fraud. What we don’t know are what events, miscues, and screwups will be created by establishment statists. Below is a table with the states and their respective PVI listed. Try to count to 20 the seats Republicans will win, and keep in mind what needs to be overcome. It’s possible to count up to 20, but there is no certain guarantee. This just means we can’t surrender, and we can’t take anything for granted.

State PVI
Wyoming R+22
Oklahoma R+19
Idaho R+18
Alabama R+14
Kansas R+12
Tennessee R+12
Texas R+10
Mississippi R+9
South Carolina (special) R+8
South Carolina R+8
Maine D+6
Nebraska R+12
Kentucky R+13
Georgia R+6
New Jersey D+6
West Virginia R+13
South Dakota R+10
Montana R+7
Iowa D+1
Michigan D+4
Arkansas R+14
Alaska R+12
Louisiana R+12
North Carolina R+3
Virginia EVEN
Colorado D+1
New Hampshire D+1
Minnesota D+2
New Mexico D+4
Oregon D+5
Delaware D+8
Illinois D+8
Massachusetts D+10
Rhode Island D+11
Hawaii (special) D+20
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