You just can’t make this stuff up…

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There are demonstrations going on daily at the Texas Legislature.   Governor Rick Perry has called the legislature into special session to pass a bill banning abortion after 20 weeks and to impose some basic heath and safety requirements on abortion clinics.  Needless to say, the pro-abortion folks heads are exploding.

Yesterday, a pro-life group was singing “Amazing Grace”.  That, apparently, was just too much for the assembled pro-abortionists.  They started a chant to drown out the singing.  While the chant is difficult to hear during the video, one protestor at the end makes it clear what they’re chanting, and the chant has been verified by CNN reporter Josh Rubin who was on the scene.  Apparently they used the same chant all day in attempts to drown out not only singing but pro-life speakers.  You can hear it for yourself in the video below.

The chant?  Hail Satan!

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