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My last article “Obama, the Most Successful President Ever” caused some spirited debate in the comments section at the bottom of my article, as well as in my Inbox.  One Progressive contributor, Bobby, during a lengthy banter back and forth commented, “I know the history of Progressives, but I will give you the benefit, tell me what harm they have put on the world?”  Well, were do I begin?

First, we must define what a modern Progressive (liberal) is and we will limit it to just the United States for this article.  Many would point to Teddy Roosevelt or Woodrow Wilson as the first modern Progressive Presidents and yet others might go back to Lincoln, or even Andrew Jackson and his “Trail of Tears” as Progressive examples.  I think there is little debate that most Presidents/politicians in the US have done actions which have progressed a negative agenda/future onto our country, but few did it with end-game/big-picture Progressive intent until Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.

I have friends who are Progressives.  These Progressive idealists (as I call them) aren’t bad people.  We differ on coming to a consensus of topics such as government’s role in our society and lives.  They see the government as an instrument that furthers the betterment of humanity.  I look at to my fellow citizens as the instrument to accomplish this goal and would rather see the government focus on security and protecting commerce, as it was designed to do.  But the statement of what harm have Progressives done bothers me because most Progressive idealists do not fully understand the damage that our government’s “humanitarian ventures” have brought on our nation.   There are many proofs to this point, but I will focus on just one for this article.  To prove this point I need to look no further than to the baby in my left arm as I type this article.

To protect his identity we’ll call him Michael.  Michael is a 6 month old foster baby who had a rough life before coming to my wife and I 3 months ago.  You see, the Progressives had this great idea in the 1960’s that there should be no more poverty in America.  So, the Progressive idealists jumped on the bandwagon with President LBJ and declared a “War on Poverty.”  It sounded great on paper; Americans who had jobs would give a small amount of their income to help those who had nothing and needed a hand-up, not a hand-out.  However, the architects of the “War on Poverty” (not the Progressive idealists who backed it) understood that by placing a class of citizens into governmental-slavery that they could ensure a voting base that would do whatever they asked, as long as the handouts kept coming.  What resulted was a breakdown in the American home.  People like Michael’s dad decided they didn’t need to be a father anymore.  The government could do a better job than they could and the government had more money than they did.  So, dad moves on and leaves another baby fatherless.  Slavery and generations of fatherless children, two results of a Progressive policy that had the best intentions.

This is just one example of the harm Progressive policies have done in the US.   But I turn it over to you, the readers, to tell us in the comments section below what other harm have Progressive policies done in the US?


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  1. Guest says

    Joe, this phenomenon is never going to end. You’re a believer, right? What would you suppose the world, better yet–the USA, look like if we all had our ideology and practical/ethical beliefs? Two things come to mind. 1. The Earth would become the utopia that the progressive-liberals think is possible. Or, 2., Human free will would take over and “some people” would be seen by the majority as not being “on board” as much as they should be (for the greater good, the greater good, the greater good…). At that point, it would become a theocratic state, and that would lead to some people losing their freedoms and liberty because they didn’t play ball. They’re the weak link.

    My point is this. One thing that I learned in Management 201 is that “people are different”. The Creator made us that way for a purpose. That purpose is so that we all have the opportunity to take different forks in the road. It’s our test of humanity. Conservatives still have to make noise and strive to make our arguments more compelling than the liberal arguments, but you have to admit, the liberals have a delicious, albeit deceptive offering. How else could the democrat party maintain it’s loyal followers? Keep them dependent on the government with goodies and constantly tell them who “provided” it to them. To me, that’s not love and kindness, it’s just a scheme to control them.

    Liberalism says its adherents should pat themselves on the back for their compassion because they’re making it possible for people to live that way. How many men’s pride have they stolen with that “compassion”? How many lives has that “compassion” helped mire in misery? How many
    people, who could have made good lives for themselves, in the end, became dependent on the government and chose lives of mediocrity? If someone views that as “compassion,” then his moral compass has no arrow.

    Some times I feel like I’m the Jimmy Stewart character in the 1940 movie “The Mortal Storm”. I hope your 4th of July holiday was awesome. (We met on April 15, 2009 at the “First Tea Party Patriots” rally at the GA State capitol. Sean, Herman and Cavuto were there. I asked you if you were making any money. My daughter took our photo.) Keep the faith Joe.

    Illegitimi non carborundum

    1. Guest says

      I’m Philip. I wrote on my daughter’s FB page sign in.

  2. James Riley says

    Our Progressive friends are so nice they have opened the door and let our terrorist enemies into our country.they feed and shelter them.Give them protection our own religious organisations don’t have.Why because it is alright to deny Christians but it is prigidise to deny Muslims.This they call progress.

  3. AnyKenny says

    Progressivism has fostered a world view of such dangerous relativism that it has opened the door wide enough to invite all kinds of vermin in. People with bad intentions, not good. scratch that, I mean evil intentions. Our current administration is sort of like the result of beaker upon beaker of hard-to-kill bacteria, mixed together and given an official office from which to spread.

    The worst thing about Progressivism is that there is no end to it. There is no point at which they will take their flags and grievances and go home to live normal lives, having accomplished their goal. Because they HAVE no goal, except to continually want MORE. Further, they have lost the ability through this relativism to be utterly unable to account for their actions anymore. I think this describes the pathology that so many more of us are seeing day after day. It will eventually implode, taking the rest of us down with it, or it will be destroyed from without.

  4. Southern Xposure says

    Instead of united, our nation has become more divided than ever, esp. over race. FEW stop to realize the initial injustice required to create our “united” states in 1776 was corrected in the constitution (14th Amendment) in 1865, and that it cost more lives than any other war fought by the U.S. Nearly 500,000 white Americans paid with THEIR lives to resolve, and, yes, Black Americans continued to pay injustices for another 150 years. At what point will ALL Americans de-escalate, unite, rise above and declare the Civil War over? It took the people of Ireland until the 1980’s, (after hundreds of years) to ignore their Protestant/Catholic rabble rousers and put an end to that conflict. When do U.S. citizens say “enough” with our racial rabble rousing elements and stop buying into every politician or MLK wannabee that incites in order make a name.
    Thank you Joe – good work with your site!

  5. mtman2 says

    True charity is a Biblical-Judeo-Christian 1)personal, 2)church and 3)community command and is not-optional! Government is specifically NOT to be involved in this as John Adams pointed out from the beginning!
    And this IS the basis of and for OUR -Declaration/Constitution+Bill of Rights- as individuals, churches, community and local organizations and networked Faith based[Salvation-Army/Catholic-Charities]+ the many civic+community organizations. This IS TRUE CHOICE!
    Growing up through the 50-60’s there were county homes/farms where people lived and WORKED providing food for the facility; then came food stamps + welfare checks, NOW -everything- is totally free equaling more per family than the average working family makes = TAKEN out of the working people!
    -“the Working-CLASS”- is a commie term [like “the-masses” + “the-proletariat”] = now used by the media as OK!
    Whats next?
    FREEDOM -is NOT free NOR is anything else!
    True charity is from the heart NOT ‘the government’ WE are our brothers keeper = on a personal, neighborhood, community + local level OR privately funded charity organizations to really give a hand UP not a hand-out[that’s for PETS].
    Nobody or even -ALL bodies put together in the world- give more voluntarily than the God fearing[Loving] American-People! This IS done mostly by volunteers that actually care enough to be involved w/ANY particular circumstance! Christian Missionaries were the -only out-reach- for many centuries, even OUR Pilgrim fathers! Socialism tries to overshadow, bypass + snuff out Christian charity by every means[including infiltration+legislation] so that the ‘ELITE’ among + ‘over” us will TAKE-OUR substance and DECIDE who, what , where, + how OUR earned substance[$$$] will be distributed. This leaves many to struggle themselves, to live a earned decent life for themselves + families. LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS=of, for+by the People!?
    DEFINE TYRANNY???????? = ‘….of, for + by the govmint-NOW’

    The govmint agencies cost 85% of every dollar stolen to just operate the bureaucratic systems scam and IS NOT ACCOUNTABLE!
    Christian bases charities use 15% of every dollar given to operate and IS accountable!

    Varmints,weeds,disease,rot,disrepair,waste,graft+theft{ENTROPY}will result when there IS NO real oversight. Why do people watch over their children or pets? #1)they LOVE+care- #2) they’re legally responsible by law.
    Bureaucrats + “their” agencies[IRS,EPA,FDA,FBI,CIA,HLS,AG,ICE,SS,FCC,FAC,WH,SCOTUS and ALL Administrative ‘Agencies'(Federal-State-County-local=UNIONS-period) are now seemingly -NOT- accountable to anyone[even OUR Gut-less Congress+ them either]. THESE ALL are padded financially WAY beyond the REAL American People and OUR expense without OUR consent!

    Did I miss anything? Is it just me? “I see a bad moon rising” -” Who’ll stop the REIGN”- ?
    “Have you ever seen REIGN on a sunny day[was-the-USA]”…”I just want to hide away”

    1. says

      Rick Perry was for eradicating certain departments, remember the OOPS! moment. I am sure he had almost all departments in mind, just couldn’t decide which ones were “safe” to name. And remember the IRS, said u could file on a postcard size paper. And remember, starting over on what countries could receive for Foreign Aid, $0. He had many good ideas. Just the one about pathway for students, they receive instate tuition, even if they are not citizens. But, that might have been doable, if they would pledge allegiance to the USA. justly humble opinion. God Bless all

  6. Southern Xposure says

    Progressives are afflicted with a bad case of co-dependence. The late Dr. Stephan Covey examined the principles of dependence, independence, intra-dependence and co-dependence in his “Effective Habits” books. The codependent approach is driven by human feelings such as guilt and shame rather than principles that support responsibility and encouragement to do and be the best humanly possible. In this way, codependent solutions, such as SBA (huge government) business “set aside” and “equal rights” programs result in reverse discrimination, do more harm than good at expense to society. Codependent (progressive) ideals get people elected to office based on “feelings” and correcting injustices on such things as gender or race, despite performance and qualifications.

    1. says

      Affirmative Action needs to be absolved. Period. People need to be judged by their abilities, nothing else.

  7. $13614178 says

    Before government got into the charity business , the local communities and churches and other charitable organization was doing a much better job , the government not being able to compete passed all the legislation they could to hobble the real charities , just as Obam-ass care does with the healthcare field . The government can do NOTHING efficiently so it must hobble all competitors to stay in business and it must stay in business to constantly amass more and more power , and to this it must also impoverish more and more of the productive among us . Washington himself said that government is like fire , a very dangerous enemy if not kept under control , and we lost control of it more than one hundred years ago and and lose more ever year , if it were the recent Arizona fire that killed nineteen it would not even come close to the numbers killed by this government .

  8. Graywolf12 says

    Can anyone think of anything good they did for the country?

  9. LTCJWKS says

    Thomas Sowell in this week’s column series closes with an indictment of the minimum wage and the damage it has done to black youth. It is another major liberal generator of the permanent dependent underclass.

    1. Dan says

      as long as there is an underclass there will be a liberal/progressive/socialist etc party that will control them. The only way to disband the underclass is to stop “feeding” them. ie stop the money.

  10. $4119491 says

    In their efforts to create “equality” they have DESTROYED ANY HOPE for true equality among people and destroyed the American dream for HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people.

  11. Bonnie Somer says

    u r right they create a/o slave class they want all the world to b enslaved to the govt that is not freedom we must not fall for their bshit. what have they done they create the wrong world there i no such thing as alll the same for everyone that is their error. people do things differently some r wealthy some create people do what they do GOD wanted it that way marx was WRONG so r PROGRESSIVES they do more harm than good by removing someones individuality to b brainwashed and believe govt is the ans IT IS NOT WE C THAT IT ISN’T LK AT OBAMAS GOVT NOW

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