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My last article “Obama, the Most Successful President Ever” caused some spirited debate in the comments section at the bottom of my article, as well as in my Inbox.  One Progressive contributor, Bobby, during a lengthy banter back and forth commented, “I know the history of Progressives, but I will give you the benefit, tell me what harm they have put on the world?”  Well, were do I begin?

First, we must define what a modern Progressive (liberal) is and we will limit it to just the United States for this article.  Many would point to Teddy Roosevelt or Woodrow Wilson as the first modern Progressive Presidents and yet others might go back to Lincoln, or even Andrew Jackson and his “Trail of Tears” as Progressive examples.  I think there is little debate that most Presidents/politicians in the US have done actions which have progressed a negative agenda/future onto our country, but few did it with end-game/big-picture Progressive intent until Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.

I have friends who are Progressives.  These Progressive idealists (as I call them) aren’t bad people.  We differ on coming to a consensus of topics such as government’s role in our society and lives.  They see the government as an instrument that furthers the betterment of humanity.  I look at to my fellow citizens as the instrument to accomplish this goal and would rather see the government focus on security and protecting commerce, as it was designed to do.  But the statement of what harm have Progressives done bothers me because most Progressive idealists do not fully understand the damage that our government’s “humanitarian ventures” have brought on our nation.   There are many proofs to this point, but I will focus on just one for this article.  To prove this point I need to look no further than to the baby in my left arm as I type this article.

To protect his identity we’ll call him Michael.  Michael is a 6 month old foster baby who had a rough life before coming to my wife and I 3 months ago.  You see, the Progressives had this great idea in the 1960’s that there should be no more poverty in America.  So, the Progressive idealists jumped on the bandwagon with President LBJ and declared a “War on Poverty.”  It sounded great on paper; Americans who had jobs would give a small amount of their income to help those who had nothing and needed a hand-up, not a hand-out.  However, the architects of the “War on Poverty” (not the Progressive idealists who backed it) understood that by placing a class of citizens into governmental-slavery that they could ensure a voting base that would do whatever they asked, as long as the handouts kept coming.  What resulted was a breakdown in the American home.  People like Michael’s dad decided they didn’t need to be a father anymore.  The government could do a better job than they could and the government had more money than they did.  So, dad moves on and leaves another baby fatherless.  Slavery and generations of fatherless children, two results of a Progressive policy that had the best intentions.

This is just one example of the harm Progressive policies have done in the US.   But I turn it over to you, the readers, to tell us in the comments section below what other harm have Progressive policies done in the US?


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