Washington Post rejects Senate Democrats’ ‘pathetic non-solution’ on student loans — In 7 GIFs

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Rep. Tim Griffin put together this post. In a world full of stupidity it’s nice to see a ray of sunshine every once in awhile.

Government should not be in the business of helping “college kids” live in an un-realistic world– “Joe The Plumber”

According to liberal newspaper The Washington Post:


“The [Democrat-led] Senate is set to consider on Wednesday the Keep Student Loans Affordable Act….lawmakers should reject this pathetic non-solution…”


The recently-expired 3.4 percent interest rate

“started as a Democratic 2006 midterm campaign gimmick.”


“Instead of continuing to fix rates based on politics…lawmakers should finally end the mindless, recurring skirmishes over this issue.”


“Luckily, there are serious plans on the table to do that….The president has proposed pegging rates on student loans to that at which the government borrows money, plus a modest markup. The GOP-led House has proposed roughly the same thing…”


These proposals would

“be more flexible and much more sustainable in the long term, guaranteeing that rates reflect the government’s cost of borrowing and the real economy, not simply the politics of the moment.”


“With the president and the House in near-alignment, the Senate has no excuse to fail.”


“Mr. Obama should press Democrats hard and work with Republicans to strike a deal, not to vote for dead-end policy.”


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