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DepartmentOfInjustice300The US Department of (in)Justice has set up a tip line, via email, for people to submit information about Zimmerman’s imaginary racism. In doing so, the DOJ has chosen to completely ignore both the local police department’s finding that race played no part in the shooting, and they chose to ignore the FBI’s finding that race had nothing to do with the shooting, and instead, they are trying to gather “evidence” in the form of emails to show that Zimmerman is racist, and thus the shooting was based on race, and thus would be a civil rights violation.

Can you say “Witch hunt”?  If anyone in this case is committing a civil rights violation, it is the freaking DOJ!  Eric Holder and his DOJ are coming after Zimmerman, a “white-Hispanic”, for no other reason than he shot a thug in self-defense, and that thug just happened to be black.  In my 17 years in law enforcement, I have never seen a more disgusting abuse by any agency whose sole job is to enforce laws.

Instead, I suggest we all use that email address, so thoughtfully provided by the feds, to tell them to stop their racially motivated, evidence lacking persecution of George Zimmerman.

Here is that email address just in case you want to do what I have already done:  [email protected]


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  1. Red47 pffft says

    If this polls well in their target voting bloc, the DoJ will pursue. If not, they will drop it. Just like always.

  2. Red47 pffft says

    They may want to use the words of his girlfriend to show that the two youth had animosity towards white and gays…

  3. Jeffrey Willis says

    Hire a black security guard. See what happen nex

  4. Jeffrey Willis says

    What if he is a racist I am I was not born that way mfkrs it has been fkn devwloped

  5. Marcia Smith says

    sorry but GZ was totally wrong in shooting TM, yes he was racially profiled whether you want to believe it or NOT I can’t believe all GZ got was a slap on the wrist and his damn gun back to do it all over again ! Disgusting

    1. Matt says

      Marcia, please explain to me what you base your statement on, other than the completely biased, edited to create a story, MSM coverage of the incident?

      You may not like it, but there is absolutely zero EVIDENCE that race had anything to do with it. There is however plenty of evidence that the media and politicians made up lies and ginned up emotions to try and make race seem like it was an issue.

      1. krmike says

        Problem with people like Martha is that they listen to the MSM to much !!!!

        1. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

          Listening to them AT ALL is TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Red47 pffft says

        Actually, there is evidence that race (and sexual orientation) was a problem for Trayvon and his girlfriend as she egged him on.

    2. Shawna Frese Martinez says

      marcia, marcia, marica…smh

    3. apples12 says

      Get real. This is another attempt for the government to take away more of our rights. How about the civil rights of working Americans not wanting to be robbed. If you wanna play then you pay something I always tell my children. Maybe we should be looking at his parents and what they did to stop him from becoming a thug. Have you seen the pictures of the young man holding a gun.

    4. Paul Raymond Ross says

      marcia..you don’t even get it..

    5. Jimbo Velasquez says

      He was being beaten,the gun saved his life,it was self defense ,he was aquitted !!! You are disgusting !!!

    6. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

      What planet do you live on??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t read much do you???????????

  6. Shane says

    If the justice dept. brings charges against Zimmerman, there will be a major sh*tstorm against this.

    1. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

      We can hope!!! And I’ll be involved in the sh*tstorm with you!!!!!!!!!!

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