Trayvon Martin lesson plans more about race-baiting than learning

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SANFORD, Fla. – In the days following the Trayvon Martin incident, leftists were quick to spin it to their advantage: it was racially motivated, it was ALEC’s fault because that organization supposedly pushed “stand your ground” laws, it was proof that rampant white-on-black violence still exists.

hoodie-picThe narrative pushed by the left was that Trayvon Martin was an innocent kid walking through a neighborhood and was targeted because of the color of his skin. One member of Congress even said he was “hunted down like a dog.”

Prominent Democrats such as former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm and former Black Panther-turned-Congressman Bobby Rush donned hoodies in solidarity with Martin.

Was he “hunted down”? We didn’t know. That’s one of the details that they’re trying to figure out at the trial of George Zimmerman. One certainty is that this is a confusing legal situation, and the courts should be allowed to do their jobs and determine how justice can best be served.

But the Left was moving as quickly as it could to convict George Zimmerman in the court of public opinion, long before the case went to trial.

It was the opportune time for activist teachers to push their own political beliefs in the classroom under the guise of current affairs lesson plans.

One such lesson plan, posted on the internet by Hassan Adeeb, a teacher in Waldorf, Maryland, compared the killing of Martin to that of Emmett Till, a 14-year old African-American who was killed in 1955 because he allegedly flirted with a white girl.

Adeeb produced a lesson that had students considering information from Think Progress, a leftist group, as well as commentary from Ed Shultz, an obnoxious MSNBC gasbag.

“As many people have stated and what MSNBC television host and political commentator Ed Shultz acknowledged is that ‘the Trayvon Martin killing could be the Emmett Till moment of our time,’” Adeeb wrote.

Was it? Who knows? Regardless of the facts, activist teachers moved quickly to spin the narrative in their direction to score political points.

Adeeb told NPR in March 2012 that his “students are extremely curious about the Trayvon Martin case. Yesterday, many of them basically engaged in silent solidarity by wearing hoodies.”

That sounds more like an activist’s agenda than an educator’s agenda.

An educator would have students watching the court proceedings before drawing conclusions about the case. But what fun would that be? How could liberal teachers get any spin out of that?

Activist teachers are doing a disservice to students by indoctrinating them with their own biased view of the world. The Martin case could be an excellent civics lesson if teachers would simply let students watch the trial, ask their own questions and form their own opinions.

That’s what education is supposed to be about.

By Kyle Olson at

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  1. rcchor says

    Teaching isn’t about teaching anymore, it’s about indoctrinating our youth to the left wing liberal agenda. That agenda is being taught at all levels of education from kindergarten through college. Teachers that are part of a union need to perpetuate their kind to keep their salaries and benefits growing.

  2. smg45acp says

    I saw a program on the Emmett Till murder. Till’s cousin said there wasn’t no alleged flirt. The cousin said Till let out a big loud wolf whistle. So there’s no need to be PC and throw in the “alleged”.
    But there is no comparison between the Till and Martin cases.
    Till was dragged from his uncle’s house at night, beaten, strangled and thrown in a river.
    An all white jury then set the murderers free. The murderers then bragged about it to a national magazine.
    Blacks had every reason to be mad as hell about the Till murder and it’s outcome.

    Martin’s death is a completely different set of circumstances.
    If every single detail of this case was exactly the same, but the races reversed, nobody would be upset that a white Martin kid got killed. Including the whites of America.

  3. shamu9 says

    The Martins hired a LAwyer, Who Hired a P R Firm to Push the Travon Martin “BRAND” He created the White Hispanic Crap and Pushed it all over the Nation like a New Flavor of Tater Chip! Now ya Know what started the B/S, over G. Zimmermann! A Chico- Jew Black-white MIX! The way I see it, G.Zimm. has at least 2 ‘minority Points’ over Martin!! That’s how the Govt. hands out Affirmative Action! WHERE the Hell is La Raza and Lulac?? for the Zimm Mann?? Let the Chicos and the Blacks Fight this one out!!

    1. $4119491 says

      Did you mean they hired a LIAR?

  4. John Beam says

    “Prominent Democrats such as former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm and former Black Panther-turned-Congressman Bobby Rush donned hoodies in solidarity with Martin.”

    Why am I NOT surprised? Granholm was simply the worst governor in Michigan’s history, taking a state whose unemployment rate was beneath the national average, and turned it into the national LEADER in unemployment. The fact that she isn’t a national pariah is proof that our nation has descended into utter insanity.

    The only reason why the Democrats can’t tout her as s possible candidate for president is because she was born in Canada…although the time’s coming when “natural-born citizen” will no longer be an issue. Actually, it isn’t one now, since Obama can’t claim to be one even if you accept that he was born in Hawaii (Native-born yes, Natural-born no), so I guess that issue has already passed on the wayside.

  5. Vic Bailey says

    Think about this People! Bama is going to play this for all he can get, he wants Zimmerman to walk. So he can Declare Martial Law and finish off America! Cause he knows that the Blacks will start burning and rioting because of all the Race Baiters running their mouths and stirring up the Hornet nest, just like the reason they let O.J. walk they didn’t want L.A. to burn! And the American people let this happen, because we don’t put away the crooked politicians, like we should! These Socialist need put away where they can’t hurt anyone, if not, they WILL destroy us! Semper Fi.

  6. hitthedeck says

    The hands of Trayvon on George Zimmerman’s head have been replaced with the hands of bigoted race baiters who continue to bash his head against the concrete. They would have Martin off the hook if he had been on the bottom.

  7. mhump says

    You know, if this was a black on black crime this wouldn’t be news (unfortunately). The Duke fiasco should have warned everyone listening to those quick to condemn in the media, they are often made fools by the facts. Due process is one of the beautiful things afforded those who live in this country and due process should have the benefit of our support not the denigration pushed by the media whores and gangsters.

  8. raccman says

    It’s a matter of VALUES. Notice how Orientals make every effort to excel in Schools. You never hear one say, “what are you trying to do, act White ?” as you do in predominantly Black schools to the few students who really try to excel ! Education does not seem to have as much value to Blacks and so they stay at the bottom of the pot !

    1. John Beam says

      I prefer to call it “culture,” because it can be argued that some folks lack any. Culture drives Asians to succeed because they brought that culture with them to America, especially when they are held back by a tyrannical government which condemns it. Culture also drives the attitude of many Black communities that are drenched in the “gangsta” lifestyle, and the likes of Jaime Foxx, who is encouraging violence if there isn’t “justice” (actually, vengeance) for Trayvon Martin. Culture is what you embrace as your ideal and way of behavior. It encompasses your values or lack thereof.

  9. cvxxx says

    Too bad this got so out of hand. This is a case not of race, but human frailty. Each making decisions that led to this mess. I will disagree with the author is that many “Blks” work hard to improve themselves but are drowned out by the “Ghetto Hipster” stereotype. Many poor whites face the same problem.

  10. Standandfight says

    Just another case where somebody going to get railroaded in the court system. That way the blacks will be happy collect there government checks live of the working class and be the same constantly complaining group of useless misfits they are. You don’t see white people taking to the streets to defend some punk with a big mouth and badass attitude which you know is true. But always covered up to make the other party the villain. I think he got exactly what he went looking for. I am glad white kids for the most don’t act like they do.

    1. Bruhman says

      stjems, you’re a moron. Maybe I should adopt your thinking and teach my kids that all old white men that look like Coach Sandusky are dirty, dangerous boy lovers. Maybe I should tell my kids to stay away from Catholic Priests because they are all fagats. There’s good and bad in all races. The problem is people like you who are just to lazy to discern the difference.

      1. Standandfight says

        You must be high on fairy. I worked for HUD. for about 5 years> I would sure like to take you to the hood so you could develop a rapport with your brothers. You must be some white goy that lives in suburbia you need to get out some. Even the good black people want out of it. In closing would let you know that I maybe lazy but I do have a grip on reality unlike your self.

  11. SoIncredulous says

    Roger. Why give kids the facts and let them shape their own informed opinion about a topic? Its much easier (read ‘lazy’) to just give them YOUR opinion, presented as “FACT”, and tell them what is ‘right’ to think.
    It’s a sad state of affairs in American education!

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