The Zimmerman Case Exposes Black Racism

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The idea that black people will riot over the Zimmerman case should be an embarrassment to blacks.

Unfortunately, far too many black Liberals are waiting to riot, hoping for the opportunity — like it’s a sale day at Macy’s. Obama did promise hope.

Neither white people nor Latinos will riot, if Zimmerman is convicted. They have better things to do. Apparently many black people have nothing better to do.

It’s not necessarily the fault of black Liberals for being so stupid. The Democrats insured this level of absurdity. The idea that one case of a black teen being killed in some obscure town in America and we are back in the racially charged ‘60s.

It goes to show you that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Democrats have all but insured the black Liberal derangement: black Liberals behaving like Pavlov’s dogs, salivating at the ringing of the bell of racism.

The ease with which Democrats and their operatives can so easily play black people is what should make America afraid.

To get a race of people to riot over a case of an overzealous neighborhood watchman shooting and killing a teen who attacked him takes some doing. If you remove the race elements from this story, black people would have as much interest in this case as they would reruns of The Lawrence Welk Show.

Yet here we are. The Zimmerman case front and center—a 21st Century OJ trial, except this one black people want the defendant declared guilty.

Thousands of black teens have been murdered since Martin’s death, yet Liberals have chosen to fixate on Martin’s death? Black Liberals should ask themselves why they have disproportionate emotion in this case versus the thousands of others.

Hadiya Pendleton

Hadiya Pendleton

Recall the young girl, Hadiya Pendleton who had visited with Obama at the White House, then two weeks later was unceremoniously gunned down in a drive-by shooting in Chicago? If only her murderer had been Zimmerman!

However, since her killer was likely black, there were no t-shirts with her face printed on them. Nor the almost countless other nameless, faceless black youth who are now just as dead as Trayvon Martin. Do their families not grieve? Do their deaths not demand justice?

Don’t expect the great uniter to showcase leadership in the Zimmerman case. Obama will allow the racist attitudes of Liberals to flourish. That is the glue that binds him to black people, a group to whom he has shown little, real concern.

Luckily for him, black people only care about Obama’s blackness.

It’s difficult to fathom that blacks have fought so hard against racism, only to become the most racist people in the country. Black Liberals don’t care about justice for Zimmerman, because he is the wrong color.

Truth be told, if Zimmerman were black, this case would be over and he would be a free man.

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  1. goldenfour7 says

    While I somehwat agree witht his article, the following comment was stupid!
    “Neither white people nor Latinos will riot, if Zimmerman is convicted. They have better things to do. Apparently many black people have nothing better to do.”
    Yes, there was white and Latino rioters and/or protesters.

  2. Jackie Barnard says

    Race baiters, demoncrats, liberals, same ole, same ole, nothing new here.

  3. Kevin says

    Awesome article!! This whole thing is a crazy circus. Obama is a pathetic leader for adding to the flames with his comments. And the justice dept should have announced immediately that no civil rights charges would be filed to put this nonsense to rest. White and hispanic people are now being assaulted by blacks ‘in the name of Trayvon’ but the media is giving these hate crimes little to no attention.

  4. Dianne Medley says

    Zimmerman is Hispanic…Why is this case being sold as a white on black crime by Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and Obama?? Are they so eager to start a race conflict, to score political points with the black community that they will distort the facts and rely on the black community to not realize that the crime was between a black man and a Hispanic man. Where is the out rage from the Hispanic community that one of theirs is being demonized and misrepresented to incite the black community and why haven’t the black community noticed that Zimmerman is not a white man, he is a brown Hispanic and realized they are being mislead.

  5. Jackie Barnard says

    Black people are the most racist people on earth.They can call whites by any name and its not racist according to them.

  6. Dee says

    A HERO! Then he GZ should have stayed his Week & Cowardly self at home & Never should have taken any position of Any kind doing this. He knew he was scared. He would have been a HERO if he would have just called the police & let them do their Jobs (That is why they are the police). #NEVERSHOULDHAVEGOTT’NOUTOFCAR..

    1. goldenfour7 says

      He was driving to the store and that is when he noticed Martin. Did you not pay attention to the evidence and the route taken by MArtin and Zimmerman that night?

  7. mcw says

    Shantel was on pierce morgan last night and explained she said Quaker not cracker. Which means crazy security guard. Well I guess she was saying travon New George was security I wish she explained that on the stand. It would explain everything. Travon attacked George because he was security now we all understand! I thought travon attacked George because of his race! Boy I was wrong! God bless America!

    1. Brooklynresident says

      Quakers don’t carry guns. THAT must be why he attacked him.

      If only he’d known that George was a CRACKER. You know, a Ritz…

  8. Steve Graham says

    Zimmerman is a light skinned Hispanic, his mother is Hispanic and father is white. So it’s
    not even White against Black, It’s Brown against Black, which could not drum up near as much racial frenzy if the Media presented that way (but Less Drama equal Less Ratings, DUH).

  9. Joe Perdomo says

    tell it just like it is I applaud you

  10. Franklin Raymond says

    When I was in the military, I had a very senior supervisor who was Black. He had just made his 4th selection of a person to fill a leadership role recently vacated. When I pointed out to him that there were much better qualified White soldiers with more expeirence and his always selecting a Black for promotion was being talked about and an IG Complaint was forthcoming. His response, “I can’t be a racist, I’m Black. Only Whites are racists.” — The IG (Black) didn’t agree with him. In my career, I saw many racists and the vast majority were Black. And, all felt that they could not be racists for the same reason.

  11. NikVa says

    The communist killed over 100 million just implementing their policies. This is no big deal for them.

  12. Helen says

    The Obama administration has done absolutely NOTHING for BLACKS except to turn them into RACISTS for the USUARY of the OBAMA REGIME!!! Do not be fooled Blacks. Obama has no use for you other than how he can USE YOU!!!! Many of you are being good fools for him!!!

    1. Franklin Raymond says

      The Dumba$$ocrat Party has done nothing but make promises to Blacks since the 60s. The GOP passed the Civil Rights laws and the Dumbos got the credit from Blacks because they told the Blacks they did it. Every two years, Dumbo candidates promis to help Blacks better themselves and then, after they get their support, they vote to give them hard-working-taxpayers’ money so they can continue to live in poverty. Then they tell them they will help them get out of poverty and do it all over again. Blacks vote as they do because they are told to. Show me a Black Conservative and I will show you a hard-working, educated man.

  13. Shorty Stuff says

    The media is the main cause. They do nothing but fuel the fire by fabricating lies in their attempt to find Zimmerman guilty. They doctor audio, the put up young pictures of Trayvon instead of current pictures. They distort the truth about Trayvon trying to make him out to be an innocent little 12 or 14 year old, instead of the hungry pot-smoking fighter he became. Zimmerman should sue all the media outlets that perpetuated these lies.

    1. veritas7 says

      Absolutely correct

  14. foxxybey says

    7papa7, They can’t fix stupid and they want a plantation of all races and colors so they need to disarm all but the black gang member’s to be a part of their army against those who would fight for this country, may obozo be put on a raft back to Kenya where he was born and take as many who want to go with him and some that don’t.

  15. Whackajig says

    To help stem gun violence, perhaps blacks should refrain from beating on smaller people of another race like my hero George Zimmerman, the other guy might be armed.

  16. Burton Pauly says

    In my opinion Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton are rabble rousers, and are always trying to stir up folks about race. Our nation needs more peace makers for our citizens, and less trouble makers. And the largest part of the media dramatize situations like the one on Zimmerman, versus Martin.

    1. J. Brown says

      Where is the outrage? Make Afghanistan look safe by comparison.

      1. Burton Pauly says

        Well Mr. Brown I believe that you’ll get more than enough outrage from the NAACP, and the US AG, and the liberals all over this nation. But as long as the do gooders continue to play Santa to the poor they’ll never succeed in life. There is no incentive to excel when folks can receive without doing anything. There is an old saying that man shall earn his bread by the sweat of his brow. No one sweats while sitting around.

        1. J. Brown says

          Thanks Burton,
          The issue that really gauls me is the complaints that we hear from the welfare group about the unfairness of the “system”. Worked multiple jobs for almost five decades and have a nice nest egg, now I constantly hear the chorus about how easy I have it while they struggle. Can’t get any one to do my yard work for less than fifty dollars an hour, so I do it myself, and fail to report the “income”to IRS. Sheriff pays me $10/per and no one wants the job I do because it requires working nights, holidays, and weekends. No time left to party?

          1. Burton Pauly says

            Mr. Brown it is those that work to earn a living to support their families, and to lay aside savings for emergencies, and retirement that make this nation great.
            I admire those that do so. There was a time as I grew up that most folks wouldn’t ask for or take welfare. Sort of a stigma was attached. That sort of stigma was also attached to child bearing out of marriage. Folks need to revert back to God, and what made our nation strong.

          2. J. Brown says

            Grew up on a farm. Most of my welfare came from the handle of a hoe and the udder of the cows we milked. Wasn’t so bad over all, but kids don’t know any more than the parent ( assuming there are responsible adults around ) teaches them. Time for a lunch break.

  17. Raymie Connolly says

    It is okay for the next few decades we get to blame the man for all our problems…the man is black…so now we get to blame the black man for all of the problems white people are having in the U.S. that is a nice change..

  18. raccman says

    There’s an “element” that looks forward to rioting – so they can do their shopping “fo free” !
    Wonder if there are many Blacks who try to dissuade their “brothers and sisters” from doing it ? Yep, obama and holder really fanned the flames of Racial Hatred !

    1. Dee says

      First of all Sir..I am Black & I do not beleive in that. But You say oh RASICM But look @ what you are saying here that shows this is rasicm. I do not get mad @ you I laugh @ You

      1. raccman says

        Would that it was not so – but sadly it is and there are videos of stores being ransacked in Philadelphia as well as cities in Florida DURING PREVIOUS RIOTS. . . .and, it’s Racism and
        not Rasicm. This entire matter is nothing to laugh at as to have a president and a head of a department of JUSTICE (?) who incite racial hatred and confrontation to keep- us occupied and not thinking about JOBS ? FEDERAL DEBT ?, IS DISGUSTING AND DESPICABLE EVEN FOR THE LEFT-WING MARXISTS THEY ARE !

    2. veritas7 says

      Exactly right.

  19. bahndon says

    375 blacks were shot to death in Chicago since January.

    1. bobby says

      What is your point?

      1. Kelly Osburn says

        The point is why is there no outrage over these deaths at well. And the answer is that too many people, many of whom are black, don’t give a f^&$ about blacks murdering their own. Black people, many, not all, have become the most racist group of people in this country today. I applaud the jury in the Gz trial for ignoring the attempts to make this trial about race and doing their jobs. Tm wasnt shot becayse he was black, he was shot because he physically assaulted Gz, end of story. Following someone isnt against the law, nor is defending oneself against an attack. Physically assaulting someone IS against the law. Tm would still be alive today, had he nit decided to assault Gz, PERIOD.

      2. Whackajig says

        The point is that blacks commit crimes, especially deadly crime by firearms at a rate unheard of among whites. Blacks do not live their lives like humans do.

        1. SomeGalNTx says

          As Humans do? Huh? Blacks *are humans!
          Many, for whatever reason, may not live their lives as other white (or black) folks, but neither do *I*. And I AM white.
          I am tired of the macho, strutting about, talking smack about the black man this, the black man that. How you are RAISED is how it comes about. Fine example. Ben Carson.
          Raised in Poverty, and look at that man now. Good Lord, look at him now. He is living his life as GOD wants him to, and doing a wonderful job at it.

        2. bobby says

          When I read your remark I did a double take, blacks are not human, are you kidding me, for those of you that think you are Christians, with remarks like that, better take another look into your soul. For the record, I am white, we are all God’s children and should be treated with respect. Martin Luther King Jr. in his, “I have a dream speech, August 28, 1963,” made the following statement, ” A person should not be judge by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” I have seen very little character on this web site, starting with Joe the Plumber, he has absolutely no character what so ever. Calling Sanford FL an obscure city, for you that are posting on here, you should make Joe the Plumber obscure. You guys are following him, Joe has found a way to make a living off from stupidity, he is laughing at you all the way to the bank.

    2. Whackajig says

      Not bad, but can’t we make a quest to achieve a much higher goal?

    3. Brooklynresident says

      During the Vietnam war, Life magazine put all the casualties’ photos for one week in one of their articles.

      Perhaps they could ask, “Why Is Chicago Sick?” And do the same. 375! Astounding! Tragic!

      And the preachers are trying to hop up their congregations against the White Man.

      They ought to ask, “who is my neighbor?”

      Is the rapist, who happens to be my skin color, but inserts himself into my sister, wife, mother–is he my neighbor?

      Is the thief who breaks through my door or window, and steals what I have worked hard to save, destroying my life’s work, degrading my worth, is HE my neighbor?

      Must I lie down and let the teenage “man” who wants to prove his “manhood,” at my expense, injure and despoil me, s HE wishes-

      1. Brooklynresident says

        …as HE wishes, is He my neighbor?

        The black “community”has hard questions to ask.

        Instead, they are making (yet more) DEMANDS.

        I WILL NOT give in. I will NEVER submit.

        All I see, with current policies, aided and stoked by Obama (who really knows how to gin up fears), is a permanent ghetto.

        1. veritas7 says

          So true

        2. denoferth says

          He was, after all, a “community organizer”. In another place he would have
          been called the political commissar. Come to think of it, he did call his
          henchmen “czars”, didn’t he☭

    4. simpletony1 says

      Oh darn

    5. HarryTheCat says

      I guess that was a good start…..

    6. Franklin Raymond says

      But, it might have been worse had our Kenyan President and his ‘unbiased’ Atty Gen not made sure that the blood-thirsty Zimmerman was kept under control in Florida. Oh, wait, we’re talking about Black-on-Black crime….. that’s not important to any Political or Civil Rights leader.

    7. robert christerson says

      yep and it was over turf – drugs – robberys – gangs fighting over turf for drug control

  20. 7papa7 says

    obama and holder have done an excellent job in perpetuating racism.

    1. PhySciTech says

      Don’t forget about the mainstream media!!

      1. 7papa7 says

        Right on

      2. veritas7 says

        So true

    2. Rattlerjake says

      Black racism has been the purpose of the socialist left for at least 100 years. The indoctrination has been a generational issue and done to establish an “army” of people that will go after white conservatives that are the lefts enemy.

      1. 7papa7 says

        Agreed, and IMHO it is just as ugly as white racism.

    3. veritas7 says


  21. simpletony1 says

    Needed a little editing, so here’s the new, improved version

    And I resent your resentment and stupid basis for it. OF COURSE not all people will riot because they’re not all stupid. And I’m not saying all riots are unjustified; look at Egypt recently. And all this crap about “black” people should stop. We’re all just people, and to quote a “black” person I actually admired in spite of his problems and issues “Can’t we all just get along?” It’s STILL a valid question and should be within our grasp. Minds need to change. God is colorblind and so are lots of people. Hell, I’m “brown” and nobody talks about “browns” storming the border. Lots of muslims are in that mix today too. Hey, I built houses in Watts and lots of blacks worked for me; they were men, and good men too. There were even some of us browns, a yellow or two and one red (Indian American). But NONE of us are _________-American. We’re either Americans or from one of those other countries and aren’t both unless we have dual citizenship. There are no African-Americans (except obama of course) and there are no Mexican-Americans including me. I’m American. Period.

    1. Whackajig says

      I agree, not all blacks will riot, many will still be in prison.

      1. Clint says

        Stir the pot.

    2. NikVa says

      Change our minds to what? The race baiters picked an issue to rally around despite the fact the (child) was culpable in his own death. So they make sure to demonizes GZ so they can push their failed argument. The commie media is happy to fan the flames.

    3. Brooklynresident says

      This mirrors my own attitude. I simply deplore those who, like that “African-American” of whom you speak, REFUSE to grow up and accept others at face value.

      Martin Luther King’s dream has always been mine, too.

      1. simpletony1 says

        You know what they say about great minds; they’re wasted without great hearts (the last part if mine)

    4. J. Brown says

      Skin color is the most over rated, over used, issue in America. If a person plays by the social rules they should be accorded all the respect of the group. If not ignore them, live a good life and avoid those who would drag you down. If we do it right living once is good enough.

      1. simpletony1 says

        I agree but I don’t see the color or lack of it (white)…it’s all the same to me. It’s WHO YOU ARE, not the skin color or anything else.

        1. J. Brown says

          Several years back I stopped two cars, sheriffs deputy then. The black female pulled her race card, after she had scolded me for racism and hating women, etc I explained that the other car was driven by a white male and it had California plates so apparently I hated white guys from Ca. as well.
          Then I explained that passing on a curve with a hill and a double yellow line was not allowed in any state. Speeding was another matter and since they were both in the military that I would ask the judge for leniency, IF she learned to control her tongue.
          I’ve got your back brother.

          1. John H. Kohlenberg says

            She needs to buy that new camera the Japanese invented. The shutter speed is so fast it can take a picture of a woman with her mouth closed.

          2. J. Brown says

            Departmental budget wouldn’t have covered an expense like that!

    5. robert christerson says

      to be equal and fair – either your a law abiding person any race or your a thug any race – thats equal – but not to some – it is the color you are or the race you are when encroaching or tresspassing where shoes are thrown over powerlines – where real racism is when your white

  22. kilroywashere says

    Your posting policy says you have no tolerance for comments containing racism. I suggest you delete this post then.

    1. bobby says

      Right on.

    2. Whackajig says

      It cannot be deemed racism to just tell the truth about how blacks live their lives.

      1. nobaddog says

        Oh but it is to state the truth. Blacks intelligence quotient is much lower than whites. There impulsive and that’s why they kill so often. Also violent. Watch how many people call this, the truth racist. All these things can easily be proven.

  23. tp says

    As a black person I resent this article because not all Black people will riot. A select few may and that’s because some people hold onto anger and are waiting for an opportunity to be crazy. Plus black people do not riot after their team loses a sport game but we know what race does.

    1. Cupcake8228 says

      You’ve obviously never been to Chicago.

    2. Cupcake8228 says

      As a black person you resent this article because not all black people riot…….then you close your post with a blanket statement about how ALL WHITE people riot.

      1. tp says

        Do all white people riot after their team loses a game, nope? But you must think so for making that assumption. Plus to be a racist I would have to hate my white family members which I don’t. I identify myself as a black person because of my skin color but I’m of mixed race.

        1. Cupcake8228 says

          Thanks for getting the sarcasm. No reasonable person could read your post without understanding the implication that you were referring to the White race. But then again, just sarcasm. I disagree with your explanation of racism. Hate is not needed for there to be racism, it is making assumptions or judgements about an entire race, heritage, or group. Making a broad statement loaded with stereotypes would be a “racist” thing to do, but not really hateful. Just because someone doesn’t like what you say, or feels hurt by it, doesn’t make it hateful. I’m of Irish and Polish decent. There is an abundance of stereotypes and jokes about my ethnic heritage, doesn’t make it hate speech. I don’t take offense to it, my skin is thicker than that. We would all be better off if people would heed MLKs dream, judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. Take care.

          1. Whackajig says

            MLK spend most of his time dreaming about the white prostitutes he patronized. What a guy.

          2. Brooklynresident says

            So much for “Once you go black…”

            I still like him.

      2. bobby says

        TP did not close her post with all white people riot, you determine that, if the shoe fits.

    3. Freedom? says

      Who cares if “not all black people will riot?”

      Many will and are. As are many self hating whites and authoritarian groupies.

      YOU are a racist. Your comment trying to shift blame to a strawman argument.


    4. bobby says

      I am a white person and I resent this article.

    5. Brooklynresident says

      I would ask you to consider, then, when a preacher adopts the Jesse Jackson role, what will you say? I hope you will ask the folks who decry violence, “what are you doing about YOUR block?”

      The Fourteenth Amendment was about black men with guns. NOT Black Panthers. Neighborhood watch.

      How about it? Who wants to walk in George’s shoes?

    6. Franklin Raymond says

      Blacks “celebrate” when their team wins and then use the cover to break into stores and loot and commit other acts of violence. They don’t need to lose to riot. Pray tell, can you quote a time (in America) when a sports team lost and Whites went to the streets to riot?

      1. tp says

        Please go and google riot after games or superbowl anf you will see it (UMass for example). Plus I never stated a race. Why is it okay for others to riot after a sport event but if blacks riot because of a perceived injustice it’s racism?

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