Teachers union, ACORN and Bill Ayers beg the U.N. to stop Chicago school closings

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CHICAGO – Government school apologists are appealing to a global power – none other than the United Nations, in fact – in their effort to stop Mayor Rahm Emanuel from closing 49 elementary schools in Chicago.

2007-Bill-ayersEmploying what they call a “letter of allegation,” a group of Chicago activists, under the banner of The Midwest Coalition for Human Rights, sent a 24-page request to the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights in Switzerland.

The letter asks U.N. officials to investigate whether the closing of 49 Chicago elementary schools violates children’s human rights, according to a report from WBEZ.

The group is asking the U.N. to “monitor” the closings, according to the radio station.

Among the signees: The Chicago Teachers Union, Action Now (formerly known as ACORN), domestic terrorist-turned-professor Bill Ayers, former Students for a Democratic Society leader-turned-professor Michael Klonsky, and retired professor and Barack Obama hero Timuel Black.

“The United Nations taking this issue up and giving it serious attention will really bring home to Chicago and the United States that there are violations occurring here of human rights, potentially, not just about a budget crisis,” said Sital Kalantry, the University of Chicago law professor who filed the letter, WBEZ reported.

The news station notes the U.N. “has no jurisdiction” over the United States, but could “investigate and issue findings.” It quotes Kalantry as saying the U.N. has previously “nudged public officials to act” on its opinions.

The letter concludes, “The Midwest Coalition for Human Rights on behalf of itself and the undersigned organizations and individuals requests the United Nations investigate these human rights violations and take measures to prevent them.”

Imagine the United Nations potentially meddling in the business of the president’s home town.

Is that how far America’s influence has waned?

By Kyle Olson at EAGnews.org

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  1. shempus says

    The UN? wow, that’ll help. nice tee shirt on great grampa terrorista boy.

  2. hornman2 says

    How can anyone with even a hint of common sense think that a free public education is a human right. A human right, by definition, ONLY refers to life itself or things that relate to or sustain a minimal quality of life.

  3. spartacus says

    just more whiny liberals with their heads up their asses! , they create the problems and then dump the mess in the laps of more whiny liberals !!!!!!!

  4. grassroot says

    Fascism by Liberal Fascists,,

  5. foxxybey says

    Why the UN and not the illegal president of the U.S? We know where these idiots stand, with a one world government with them as masters of the plantation of all races and colors.

  6. disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2 says

    The Chicago Communists and the islamic UN and their JOINING TOGETHER against Black Americans, FOR THE CHILDREN’S Sake,Yea, right, except it’s really only for starting the Brainwashing and Propaganda TEACHING to Elementary Schools in America.

    1. Guest says

      yes… the indoctrination of the young to keep fueling their agendas thru educational manipulations.. thats exactly whats going on here.

  7. VocalYokel says

    Get the US out of the UN &
    Get the UN out of the US !

  8. WTF says

    Seems to me if we quit funding the UN then the school closings would be no problem. But Congress continues to send borrowed money from China, which is killing this country slowly, to countries who really don’t like the US, BUT want our money. Who is smart in these transactions?

  9. $13614178 says


  10. $14832922 says

    US not UN …. is that so hard to understand …. or does “liberal” apply to the alphabet as well.

  11. Sam W says

    WHO the heck is the United Nations to DICTATE to the United States which schools will be closed or opened? Throw the UN off United States Soil and completely stop all funding to this organization! Do we the citizens vote on who runs or can join the UN? NO!!!!!!!! Tell them to take a HIKE and move off US soil and mind their own business.

  12. Carol Lightfoot says

    That sure is a different twist for these libs. Obummer is no respecter of persons, he’ll screw us all.

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