Teacher: ‘Rednecks hold their heads a little higher’ after Zimmerman verdict

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SANFORD, Fla. – When students return to classrooms this fall, a healthy number of them will discuss the recent George Zimmerman trial and acquittal, which many activist teachers believe was an “injustice.”

Trayvon-T-shirtSo how will the activists teach about it?

Thehairpin.com, a self-described “women’s website,” recently asked several teachers for reaction.

“Rednecks are holding their heads a little higher and tapping the guns on their holsters eager for a stand your ground moment,” said one anonymous teacher from Alabama.

“I would be willing to talk to my students about it if they want to, but I would be hesitant to ‘teach’ it – especially because I teach literature. However, I often use real news stories or events from history to connect with the literature that they study in my classroom. I encourage my students to make connections to self, other texts, and the world while reading,” the English teacher said.

The teacher says another way to broach the issue is to talk about “vigilantes” and “mobs out for justice.”

Presumably, she’s talking about Zimmerman, and not the Al Sharpton-inspired mobs.

Abe Cohen, a Bronx high school teacher, told the site, “This is a particularly difficult issue to teach” because it cements “the disturbing power dynamics of a mostly white teaching force working with mostly nonwhite students.”

Cohen added that many students won’t want to talk about the case because “the fact that Florida law allows people to hunt and kill black youth isn’t particularly comforting.”

Neither is the reality of having a bunch of left-wing teachers trying to turn a horrific tragedy into a racial issue.

But not all teachers interviewed in the story were as unhinged or willfully oblivious of the facts.

Lindsey Hunter Lopez, a high school teacher in Burbank, California, claimed she will be more objective in her style.

“…I’d welcome discussing Trayvon, and I’d do my best to facilitate in a neutral way,” she told the site.

“Why does Trayvon Martin’s death seem to touch a nerve with the American public, I might ask. Now that the trial is over, why are people rioting?”

Hopefully this student-centered approach would lead to the all-important ‘critical thinking’ (a term often bandied about in education), as well as empowerment through expression, she said.

Misinformation and propaganda pushed by the likes of Al Sharpton will be prevalent in American classrooms this fall. It is critical parents are aware of what’s being taught and know how to take action when activists go too far.

By Kyle Olson at EAGnews.org

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  1. rick0857 says

    The ignorance of those teachers prompts me to once again post this link…just we all know where this comes from. It does not come from the grass root levels it comes from the PROFESSIONAL LEFT, the communist party, Marxists, Socialists, the “Blame America First Crowd” many of whom currently serve either the House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate.


  2. paintinc56 says

    I guess NI GG ERS held their heads a little higher after O.J. Simpson got away with double murder & after Roderick Scott got away with blowing away an UNARMED, 16 yo WHITE kid that NEVER LAID A HAND ON HIM. F U black RACISTS!

  3. paintinc56 says

    The jury, witnesses & defense didn’t look like rednecks nor does George Zimmerman, a Peruvian man that has spent his life helping others including RACIST, brain de ad blacks.

  4. disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2 says

    You bet we hold our heads a little higher since JUSTICE was finally done. Now we need to get rid of you COMMUNIST BEETCHES in OUR children’s Lives!

  5. edgineer says

    Until decent people get fed up with the scum of all colors in our society and start kickingass this will only get worse.

  6. rchguns says

    Would someone tell me why it is wrong for any individual to protect his life and the lives of his family just so criminal to make a living? Compared to other crimes that have been committed sense the Zimmerman shooting this crime is relatively minor. I personally believe that is the right of every American to protect him or herself and their families by any means necessary. I Don’t Care the Criminal Is Black, White, Illegal Alien, little green man from Mars, or any other criminal. If everyone in reality started to protect themselves and take responsibility for their protection there would be a great dropping in crime.

    The bigoted black culture in America is so stupid that it’s almost criminal. They do not seem to find anything wrong with the fact that 91% of blacks that are killed or killed by other blacks. If this is the double standard what is. Are all black men criminal killers absolutely not but unfortunately they are in a higher percentage of the people who are killers. It’s almost like the black culture wants to go out and target white people and murder them just so the averages are closer. They complain about there being a higher percentage of blacks in prison. By golly did you think that that might be because more blacks commit crimes?

    First thing America needs to do is outlaw hyphenated Americans. All hyphenated Americans like Black- American, White- American, Jewish- American, Irish-American, Polish- American, Mexican or Spanish- American, or any other xxxx-American!
    There’s nothing wrong with being an American of African heritage, an American of Jewish heritage, a American of European descent,or an American of any other background. If you can’t do that, you can’t put America first then you need to be here. The federal government should be allowed to buy airplane tickets for any individual who would not be able to live by those standards. If you were born here that you are an American act like, be proud of it, and by all means protected by any means necessary. If you can’t do that we don’t want you.

  7. hora says

    Is not hunt and kill, a true are blacks attack whites and die. Now Nobama and Dems will loose and who will support a lie blacks? a lie will come true in a short future. Why blacks not said a true? where moving to white area ? BUT teach children a true, a criminals teen was on drugs and alcohol and attack a white, that why die and now are with evil in a hell.

  8. ECwashr says

    So glad this liberal fool Obama sheep moron won’t be teaching my daughter.

  9. hangman57 says

    Trayvon had 4 minutes to run home after he disengaged from Zimmerman . He ran pass the apartment where his dad stayed at. He ran back in the direction of Zimmerman to engage him . Trayvon thrown first punch which lead to his death. If Trayvon would have run into his dads apartment he would be here today. This young man had a hate in him . Been arrested twice for Assault . This is the type of kid the Martins raised . Trayvon was with his dad because the Mother kicked him out .She was afraid of Trayvon . This young man would have killed someone ,sooner or later .Zimmerman save more lives than just the lives of the family at the car accident.

    1. Tuff Guy says

      You hit the nail right on the head.

  10. Vernon Cunningham says

    any citizen has the right to defend himself, and should not be required to cower in fear. Why should I run away from anyone? I do not plan to shoot anyone. I don’t want to. So if they don’t make me, we will all be happy. I must be a redneck/. I own a truck, two dawgs, and an array of weapons. I like bisquits and gravy, Pigs feet, mountain oysters, and chicken, fried. I own my land and if there is no warrent, then there is no trespassing. I don’t care what color or other descriptive adjectives or colorful metaphores are used to describe people, They push me, and I have the right to shoot.

  11. Sue says

    There are supposed to be no activist teachers. Their personal opinion is their own and not one to share with a classroom of young impressionable minds. Last time I looked “redneck” is not a term of endearment.
    People putting comments on their facebook page are attacked for their opinions. Imagine a captive audience. I find it repulsive.
    Children learn from their parents. Teach them well of their family and their history. You owe it to them and the wonderful relatives that came before them. If you don’t, one of these activists will. That’s how countries now get conquered.

  12. foxxybey says

    Lets see they won’t sentence a person to death for murder but, they would murder Zimmerman for protecting himself from a thug want to be tough guy, calling evil good and good evil, God said it would be that way in the end of the age.

  13. simpletony1 says

    Rednecks hell. This is spread throughout our country and all of us should be locked ‘n loaded

  14. hitthedeck says

    It seems the only education that has been successful in the last thirty years has been the reeducation of the teachers. They took the liberal motto of (Tolerance) in the classrooms and tolerated the bad behavior of their students without demanding discipline and order. Reading,writing and arithmetic has become the least of importance and political doctrine along with social justice has trumped the starving minds of children. The newest major subject that has been added to the classroom is (Diversity) which teaches the children that it is all right to have sex with anyone as long as they remember what they have been taught about safe sex. It also teaches them that they have no enemy’s but people who have
    different life styles. It goes on and on and most parents do not know what their children are being taught. When these children graduate, if they do, they will be indoctrinated to accept the liberal
    point of view and march in lockstep with a Socialized government. The children that drop out will take their bad behavior into the streets of America.

    1. Sue says

      Isn’t it funny we were told that reeducation was happening in Europe for their “bad” deeds. Too bad we didn’t realize they did the same thing here. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs says

    Talk about racist. What is wrong with these people did they not listen to any of the trial or read about the fact that Martin was beating on Zimmerman.


      1. You are assuming they can read….
      2. They hear, but don’t listen

    2. Tuff Guy says

      Facts are totally irrelavent to the Obahhhmites.

  16. Marlin208 says

    Kinda like the blacks did when OJ got off after killing two white people. Like that? You were all partying in the streets when he got off.

  17. Deb Scott says

    what is that teacher’s definition of redneck? As far as I know, there is no law in any state that allows the hunting and murdering of anyone of any race. No one with a conscience is eager to have to defend themselves with a gun or any weapon. Just because you believe citizens have the right to own guns, doesn’t mean you believe they have the right to arbitrarily murder someone. Take the time to study the facts on both sides of the court case before you attempt to teach students your theory of what happened. That is not a teacher’s job. A teacher is supposed to help a student learn to think for themselves not blindly follow another’s rhetoric.

  18. shamu9 says

    When I was in college, late ’60s, Only the Drop-Shots were in the Ed.Dept. Degree Programs. Public School Grads, who could hardly Read or Write!! Think of how bad it Must Be Now!!

    1. Tuff Guy says

      Don’t have to think or wonder. Watch the MSM and then tune to Fox News for the facts and the other stories that matter.

  19. mike14706 says

    This teacher should be fired. Maybe she should teach the United States Constitution. Self defense is one of our most fundamental rights. Martin was killed while committing a felony assault. Zimmerman had a right to be where he was. He lived in the comunity and payed taxes there, artin was only a visitor. Martin was a thug, he could have just gone to his fathers fiancee’s home but instead he decided to lay in wait for Zimmerman and attack him. Since Zimmerman was on the bottom he didn’t have the option of retreating even if he wanted too. Martin would still be alive if he had kept his hands to him self. The law applies to all people both black and white. Zimmerman did not just hunt artin down and kill him, anyone who says that is a fool who did not listen to the trial or just plain intentionally lying like this teacher. THIS TEACHER IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH EDUCATION. I have no idea what is wrong with black people who believ such stupidity. This was an in shape 6’2″ footbal player not a child. He was not some innocent child. He was visiting his father because his mother could not handle him. He was also trown out of school because he was caught with a bag of womens jewelry and burgler lools also a violation of the law.

    1. Tuff Guy says

      Good to see someone else understands the facts this clearly. So much ignorance thinking that zimmerman was attacked while following martin. No matter what evidence, these same idiots would not have accepted an acquittal.

  20. EMIRCITNA says

    IS THERE ANY WONDER why today’s youth are so poorly educated when the TIME they spend in school is WASTED on everything but the ESSENTIALS needed to OBTAIN a decent job after graduating?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. David R. Williams says

    Tear a page out of the Trayvon play book and teach the students to deface school property, teach them how to make Lean and do drugs, teach them how to use to most vile, vulgar, and violent language on FaceBook and Twitter. Teach them that it’s not enough to make someone bleed, the goal is to make them bleed more, Teach them to punch the Bus Driver and to love Street Fighting! Teach them to be such a problem for their single parent mother that she has to send you away! Don’t teach them to be like George, to tutor young kids that need help, to not be racist and that it’s okay to take a person of a different race to your Prom. Don’t teach them to go to the aid of the homeless, don’t teach them to be concerned about their neighborhood. Don’t teach them to have enough Will Power to not pull your legally carry pistol to stop someone when they have sucker punched you, broken you nose and is pounding on you, don’t teach them to take a beating from a punk that is bashing your head in until the skin bust open and your screaming for help and even the commands of an eye witness doesn’t stop the thug that says he is going to kill you, before you finally shoot the devil! Teach them to be just like Trayvon, then the rest of us will have to deal with the punks!

  22. Harold says

    If I was a redneck, I would have more brains in my little toe than this so called teacher. I would rather be redneck any day than just plain dumb or stupid.

  23. IHateLibs says

    When does COON Season Open

    1. FedupandReadytofight says

      On the flip side…
      Since coon season was not open in Feb., it was impossible for Z to be “hunting” Martin (legally) like the Lib’s would have you believe.

  24. Wayne says

    This case is more about gun control than race.

    1. mike14706 says

      Yes more people should carry guns, after a while we might run out of criminal. It astounds me how fast people are to defend criminals.

  25. SammysDad says

    Dang right she was anonymous or else she would be fired for such an asinine statement. Here we have an a$$ holding its head under the sand so she can not see the light of day. Her statement is despicable and if she makes it in front of impressible children, she should be run out of town. it is people like this that continue to fan the flames of racism and they can not see they are doing it.

  26. g55rumpy says

    what the world needs is a few more rednecks

    1. Sam W says

      Rednecks with hand guns would be more appropriate. Loaded with HOLLOW point bullets like obamy and holder have stockpiled to use on US…..

    2. Wallie says

      How about a lot more.

  27. dj says

    This is NOT an issue for any school EXCEPT law schools……and to answer why people are rioting is easy – IGNORANCE…….if you want to riot go to Chicago and Detroit and riot about how many are killing each other over “territory”…and not self-defense

    1. Si Vis Pacem ParaBellum says

      DJ, I live about 40 miles southwest of Chicago. We have the same gangs that they have but they don’t go around shooting each other nearly as much as in Chicago. The fact that they have “gun-free zones” in Chicago and how ineffectual they really are should show that their idea of gun control SUCKS. I hear every day about how many were shot in Chicago by their own kind and like you said, it’s not about self-defense or stand your ground, but a lot of it IS about “territory” or “street cred”. If you have noticed, there has been more deaths by guns in Chicago in the past 8 years than in the Afghan war in the last 10 years. The race baiters are making this a race issue. Not the whites. The teachers shouldn’t be teaching this, because all it teaches is racism. And maybe that’s what the Obama administration wants. The administration wants division and racism, this way they keep the American people divided. And as everyone knows, “A house divided cannot stand”. That’s exactly what Obama, Holder, Sharpton and all the race baiters want. The socialistic ideology that the present administration has is going to ruin and destroy this great land of ours unless WE, THE PEOPLE stand up for our country and take it away from these race baiting, socialistic, bigoted, Ameriphobes. They hate America so much they are willing to take a chance and put all white on black crimes in the realm of race related hate crimes. But they don’t mention the black on white crimes, which are more than a 6 to 1 margin. That means for every one white on black crimes there are 6 black on white crimes. And you don’t even want to try and figure out how many black on black crimes there are, especially in Chicago. Obama doesn’t give a rats ass about Trayvon or anybody else in this country. He is a Manchurian candidate socialistic communist. He hates this country and will do anything, including breaking the law, circumventing the Constitution and Bill of Rights, to keep the eyes of the American people off of him and his cronies and all the scandals that are rising on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. We need to stand together, white, black, latino, Asian, whatever and take our country back from these terroristic jihadi Muslim-loving bigots before its too late. Molon Labe, Semper Fi and God Bless.

      1. dj says

        nicely said – thanks for a truthful opinion on guns and race

  28. Roy Austin Smith says

    Your article is very , very racy or have you noticed.

  29. Roy Austin Smith says

    How in the hell did Fla find a teacher that is that dumb and ignorant. Must have been hard.

    1. kkkahn says

      I don’t see any teachers from Florida mentioned in the article, however teachers in NY, California, and Alabama are.

    2. Victor says

      Unfortunately, My mom is a retired Masters Degree teacher. She was taught Every kind of Liberal Humanism possible, and had no clue that Government would EVER do anything but RIGHT for the people. It took me almost Five years of sending her articles about what was happening, before she STARTED to wake up.
      The Universities are Brain Washing the Students, and those that are studying to be Teachers get an Extra Dose.

    3. Sam W says

      Is probably related to travon…. The person should be removed from the school system. Maybe he/she can be a prison guard instead. Let the person teach the folks behind bars! Because it appears that’s all he/she is WORTH

  30. T'oma says

    Perhaps they could discuss this case also. It obviously was not the attention getter of the GZ trial, as a matter of fact, it was almost the opposite.


  31. PaulN says

    “Rednecks are holding their heads a little higher and tapping the guns on their holsters eager for a stand your ground moment,”. And that teacher should just hold his/her tongue! How is this a “teaching moment” unless you want to teach hate and racism? This one is part of the problem, not the solution.

    1. Markusdecarcus says

      The continuing liberal,
      progressive, indoctrination of our youth is one of the main planks of the Communist manifesto. This are just snippets of ridiculum yet to come…

      1. SniperToo says

        Your right, it is also part of the Common Core project of which they borrowed from Hitler’s Youth Core propaganda. Since we don’t have a name nor a picture of this pitiful excuse for a teacher; I can bet it is a black dummy. Probably doesn’t have a teaching degree. If they implement Common Core in ALL the public schools, the teachers will not have to have a degree in education. They will be able to hire morons off the street and just read from the Saul Alinsky play book. Look up common core on a conservative web sight. This Obama project is very evil and a threat to this country and it’s future.

    2. rollervic says

      How about they teach the students to behave and obey their mother’s and school’s rules to avoid being booted out of your mom’s house and being expelled from school.

      1. Ddenney1 says

        1963 NO GOD in schools! Lower test scores, more teen pregnancies, more drop outs, less college grads., more crime, less nuke families, welfare, less productivity, and ZERO respect for anything moral! Just to name a few! God has NOT left us we have systematically REMOVED HIM at our own RISK!! Judgment does NOT come unless we DESERVE IT!!! GOD would have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah if we were allowed to go on the way we are! TIME TO RETURN TO OUR REAL ROOTS!!!

        1. rollervic says

          Amen. You are so right.

    3. Retired MSgt USAF says

      Public education teachers need to stay out of this. It is NOT their job to preach politics in the classroom at all. They need to teach Language, Math, Science, Physical Education, English, Literature, and so on. NOT politics of Racism. They are overstepping their reason for getting a paycheck from all of us that pay taxes. Stick to teaching, for that is what we the people are paying them for. They are doing such a POOR JOB OF THE BASICS, they cannot and should not delve into things they are NOT being paid to do. If they get into this they should be fired on the spot.

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