Racial Agitation: The New Guideline For Seeking Justice

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Zimmerman_Trial_genericThere has been extensive media coverage of the personal and community reactions to the George Zimmerman trial. With few exceptions this coverage is devoted to the family and “supporters” of Trayvon Martin and the Black community in general. Certainly the death of a human being, particularly a young person is tragic. However, the coverage I am referring to is not about the grieving for the death of a person but rather about the reactions to what has been defined as the murder of an unarmed, innocent black child who was “only trying to get home” and the continuing demand of “justice for Trayvon”.

I feel compelled to speak out about what we in the “silent majority” see and feel about life, liberty, death, truth and justice. This first starts with individual responsibility which does not exclude young people, yes even “children”. It seems our society has evolved to a point where our young people are no longer to be held accountable for their actions. They seem to not understand, perhaps never taught, that every action they take is of their own free will and will have a result nor does it appear that they are expected to fear the consequences of their actions. In this regard, not one time have I heard a Trayvon supporter express the idea that fighting in general or striking another without just cause is extremely inappropriate and unjustifiable except as a reaction to a physical attack by another.

Then we see the black community utilizing their wealthy political contacts from Miami to Orlando to Tallahassee to Washington to coerce the State of Florida into removing the investigation from local authorities and handing it off to an out of area prosecutor who is well known for her political ambitions. To achieve her goal of taking this case to trial she bypassed the grand jury process (she stated she feared a grand jury would not indict) and then filed a false affidavit in a court filing so as  to obtain the second degree murder charge. Never mind the fact the local authorities were processing the case for submittal to a grand jury  —  JUSTICE requires the immediate arrest of George Zimmerman came the demands from the black community who were now agitated to fever pitch by the race baiters who thrive on continuing racial tensions. The F.B.I. investigated and found no evidence of race being an issue in this case as did the Judge, yet we now have the NAACP fervently trying to coerce the DOJ to seek “justice” for violations of civil rights based on racial issues.

Of course the fact the national media, with few exceptions, jumped on the case with false accusations and misleading reporting to feed the frenzy which Obama initiated with his absurd statement “if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon”. How Presidential!

Next we witness the prosecutors screaming profanities, knowingly spewing forth lie after lie and using insult after insult to arouse negative emotional feeling in the jury.  This by taxpayer funded
“officers of the court” who are sworn to seek the truth. Isn’t it ironic that witnesses are sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, yet more often than not are prohibited from telling the whole truth. This, in the name of protecting the accused and/or victim from prejudicial information, is political correctness at its worst skewed so as to protect criminals from the truth. Where, we ask, is the justice in this?

It seems to many of us in the silent majority that our justice system no longer considers truth to be the core element in achieving justice. Rather, it demonstrates its dedication to serving the political demands of those that it fears. Are we also concerned, disturbed and perhaps a little angry? Yes we are! But do we dare speak out publicly about our viewpoints? Only if we want the so-called “new” Black Panther party wreaking vengeance upon us as promised (with total impunity from the DOJ, I might add). Do the media seek us out for comments? Absolutely not. What media outlet dares to present the truth – the whole truth?  I could go on and on but until this nation understands that the constitution and rule of law – not emotion and racial agitation – is appropriate, I fear our views of life, liberty, death, truth and justice will continue to be demonized as archaic.

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