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As a new contributor I am honored that some of my opines have been posted here on Joe’s web site. And if I may, I would like to relate a short story about why I feel compelled to offer up these thoughts on a web site such as this.

join_the_choirIt has been suggested to me that the folks that read the posts here on “JOEFORAMERICA” are, for the biggest part, similar in their social, economic and political beliefs and feelings to those of us that are submitting articles and they say it is analogous to “preaching to the choir” and a waste of time and effort.

Well, perhaps. But I have a real life experience that suggests otherwise. Some years ago I underwent a life changing surgery which just happens to be rather uncommon as compared to most other diseases and cures. Consequently I found that education and support for those of us with this condition was also scarce as compared to other more common diseases and cures. That of course is not surprising because education and support is driven by quantity, not necessarily severity of need. Those are code words for “follow the money”. Consequently, I became passionately involved in an effort to produce and distribute certain materials that I felt would be of considerable value to the patient/caregiver community.

But this required contacts, influence and money. After my early efforts fell on deaf ears I decided to “preach to the choir”, the “choir” being the folks who were already doing the lion’s share of educational and support work for our community. That’s when I started getting “don’t waste your time preaching to the choir” from some of those “insiders”. Well, as it turned out, I rang the bell of one very important member of the choir who agreed with my proposition and said “I can make that happen” and he did! This accomplished my immediate goal but of course didn’t end the need for more effort, but it was an important step in the right direction.

And that tells the story of why I am interested in people reading the articles and supporting Joe’s effort with this site. No, it ain’t gonna change the world, but the fix to the problems of this great Republic will come from one person at a time, multiplied hundreds, then thousand and then millions of times over. So if I can just get one person to say, “wow, we are headed down the wrong road” then my efforts will not have been in vain. So, I will forever preach to the choir. And to those of you who agree I say preach to the choir fervently, someone else WILL hear you.


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