Phony Scandals? Here’s a Letter From Uncle Billy

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by Rodney Lee Conover with an assist from Uncle Billy

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What does it matter?

Liberals insist that the conservative movement of 2010 was phony; that it was “Astroturf” as they called it. The 2012 Presidential election may have emboldened them, but we didn’t show up and neither did they. We just didn’t show up a lot more and lost. Maybe conservatives, Tea Party groups, Christians and pro-Israel Jews were intimidated by the Federal government’s attack on their civil liberties and that made a big impact, but now they’ve been exposed. A lot has happened since the election: Evidence in the Benghazi cover-up and Fast & Furious program has come to light; the IRS fiasco is closing in on the White House; The Department of Justice is spying on the press; Homeland Security is buying up all the weapons and ammo while Liberals continue to try to deny citizens their right to bear arms; the NSA wants to watch, listen and store everything you say and have the green light to send a drone to finish the job.

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Pussy? Who called me a ..oh, Uncle Billy.. um, How’s it goin?

Phony scandals, Mr. President? Tell that to the families of Brian Terry, Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith. You send your gutless mouthpiece out there to say those words as these brave people lay in the ground thanks to your actions and inaction.  And all for what – votes? I’ll tell you what phony is – it’s taking a trial not worth even trying and inventing a national spectacle for the sheer purpose of turning Americans against each other. You and that corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder – a man who lies so often he probably doesn’t know the difference anymore.

I’m going to let a real American – a man among millions who have had enough of this – a lot of whom you will hear from in 2014, by the way. No Astroturf needed. It may be a little raw, but he doesn’t use consultants, writers, or a TelePrompTer. He just lets it fly.

A letter from my uncle Billy:

Subject: enough
Date: 7/24/2013 10:16:03 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time

Great time to vent, except my opinion, I’m sure, only has importance to me.

I’ve had a belly full of this Trayvon crap.  The trial was ONLY (period, only!!!!!!) about answering the question, “Was George acting in self-defense?”  It wasn’t about race, name calling, trespassing, stand your ground, following too closely or any of the other myriad of actions that may or may not have occurred.  The trial was about the 5 seconds when George felt he was gonna get hurt and decided to try and avoid that.  The jury decided that based on the evidence, he was justified.  That’s it.  End of discussion.  Now the Al “not so Sharp”- tons of the world are blowing it up to create even further division among the races.  Bite me.  Score is 1 to 1.  You guys won the O.J. Simpson thing.

The races are genetically different, otherwise there would not be black and white.  They can now map my genes and tell me that I have Native American blood and even get close to the culture (i.e., Iroquoian)/tribe.  They can tell a black guy what part of Africa he is from and most likely his tribal affiliation.  Fact is there are behavioral characteristics embedded in those genes.  These create the thing we call culture.  The pundits want to ignore culture and they are just sticking their head in the sand.

Black and white are different and will stay that way.  Scotch-Irish are known to be strong willed and independent.  Germans are inventive & industrious.  The circles all intersect, but, they are not, and never will be, congruent.  Think about red apples, green apples and yellow apples all in a bowl.  One ain’t never gonna become the other.  And, we aren’t going to reallocate space in the bowl (metaphor for wealth) based on apple color.  It is what it is.  The only hope is to try to get along.  Bottom line is I don’t have to be politically correct and further, I don’t care.  I miss the 50’s and I hate Facebook.

And poor Paula Deen, even if she is a Democrat.  She said the N word 30 years ago and gets crucified.  Martha Stewart went to jail and her actions seem considerably worse to me than what Paula did and it doesn’t appear to have hurt her career. There is someone in my household who used the N word multiple times a day after she lived in East St. Louis in 1964. So great a place they decided to list it as an All American City, but the troubles started right after that.  Neighborhoods were integrated, which was OK with my wife, she liked everybody and they liked her.  Then the block buster’s came in.  These block busters were not nice people with educations and who worked hard.  These were “community organizers” who were motivated through jealousy, malice and hate.

The community of folks who moved into these homes were not the upwardly mobile George Jeffersons.  These people were on the bottom rungs of the ladder and apparently wanted to stay there.  Home prices bottomed out.  Crime became rampant.  Her house was broken into twice.  It was no longer safe to take her kids to the park.  Her husband, at the time, was a fire fighter who was often away at night.  She was at home with two small kids and had to go to the door with a 22 pistol in hand actually running a guy off who tried to kick in her door.

The good folks who lived there, both black and white, abandoned the neighborhood.  They finally gave the house away and moved to an apartment in a nearby city with a safe environment.  Does she have a bad taste in her mouth?  Does she stereotype when she sees black kids with hoodies and low rider pants?  Damn right she does and with good reason.  It is not prejudice, it is called experiential learning.


obama laughThe author of these words can’t be labeled I don’t believe, at least not by myself. I only know I didn’t write these words, nor could I have written them because they come from actual experiences and emotions, not from my imagination or observation of events. What’s going on today in Washington D.C is a blatant and atrocious effort to get a large group of Americans to hate folks like Uncle Billy and his wife and push them around. Ironically, this hatred and vitriol is being spread by a community organizer and his lapdogs in the media, all of whom despise real Americans.

2014 is just around the corner. Get off your ass and help me and Uncle Billy.


– 30 –


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Who’s a poopie-head??

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  1. 2War Abn Vet says

    People don’t normally die in phony scandals, yet they do so with great regularity in Obama scandals.

  2. $13614178 says

    Uncle billy , and you , are right on the money , but how do we get people who don’t seem to care about anything but the freebies to NOT go to the poles . Of course we can’t , so we have to get every Tom , Dick , and Helen off their a–es and get them to the poles , we have to overwhelm all the communists , socialists , and other freeloaders , and their are a hell of a lot of them . I have NEVER missed a chance to vote , and I am seventy , why the hell do people find it so hard . To me it is a matter of pride , even though I am a conservative and rarely have someone I really want , I still go and vote , even if it is just for the lessor of two evils . ANY ONE THAT DOESN’T VOTE IS UN-AMERICAN .

    1. BB says

      You, and “Uncle Billy” are absolutely right. Thank you for your post.
      I would offer this suggestion however. As you said, getting those uninformed voters to “NOT go to the poles” is almost impossible. But what you CAN do is make sure they only vote ONCE. Join True the Vote….they need help. AND you can join Wild Bill for America “Tea Teams”….

  3. Paladin67 says

    100% Nutz on! I’ve been saying the same thing for years! Thanks Bill, I’ve got your back!

  4. Vic Bailey says

    So TRUE! Liberals aren’t happy unless they are cramming something down someone’s throat! It’s time to grab the BULL by the horns, QUIT playing with this politically correct crap! Call it like you see it, like I have all my life! It’s easier to tell the truth than apologize all the time! That way you NEVER have to change your stories! You don’t have to be mean about it either, just tell it like it is! Semper Fi.

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