Pelosi Is At It Again

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Just When You Thought She Could Not Get Any More Ridiculous

220px-Speaker_Nancy_PelosiI have a theory about Nancy Pelosi and why other democrats keep her around.  She is like that dumb kid in the class that bumps the whole bell curve up.  She is the idiot that makes all the other idiots look smart.

A few days ago, on July 19, 2013, she released a public statement on her website.  In that statement, she extolled the need to defend the Constitution, which last I checked, includes the Bill of Rights, by passing new gun legislation.  Seriously, I’m not making this up.

Here it is, straight from the brain donor’s very own website:

“We must uphold our oath to ‘protect and defend’ the constitution and all Americans by expanding background checks and keeping dangerous firearms out of the wrong hands.”

See her entire statement here.

What really scares me about this statement is not just that she said it, but that it was actually released in text form via her website.  This is not some silly slip of the tongue, this moron must actually believe this enough to put it in writing.

What scares me more than her belief in that, is the fact that she keeps getting elected, which means there are a lot of really crazy and/or stupid people out there.

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