Is My Bow Too Big?

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headshotMy friend and fellow Liberty Alliance Member, Victoria Jackson is promoting her new book and should be on with Bill O’Reilly tonight.  Victoria was on Saturday Night Live and worked the SNL Update Desk with Dennis Miller.  In the post below, she talks about why she wrote her new book. She’s says it like it is and has a great website, so when you are done reading here, check her out at

By Victoria Jackson

Why did I write it? (My book, “Is My Bow Too Big?” available here.)

To educate the uninformed masses who get their news from TV, which is a propaganda tool for the left.

Every day for the last 20 years someone has asked me, “How did you get on SNL?”, “What was it like?”, and “Why did you leave?” So, I thought I’d answer that, lure people into the book with my juicy show biz stories, and then explain how I had a political awakening, why I joined the Tea Party movement, and the difference between capitalism, socialism, and communism (which is now called “progressive” or “collective”); I prove that Obama is a communist, and I explain why America is dying and how we can save it. America is spiritually blind, and cannot see the Truth. We need a revival. (II Chronicles 7:14) I list Old Testament Messianic Prophecies that Jesus fulfilled, and Bible verses that prove Jesus was God. So, at the end of the book, the reader has a lot of meat to chew on.

When I was 18, I asked my Dad who I should vote for and he said, “Anyone with an R next to their name.” I said, “Why? Are they Christians?” He said, “No, but they’re closer to the Bible than the D’s.” That was my political education.

In my 20′s I was on the Update Desk of Saturday Night Live, doing a handstand with a flag on my butt, celebrating the fact that Reagan was in Reykjavik, ending the Cold War, tearing down the Berlin Wall, defeating communism. I felt safe in my country when Reagan was the President.

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(Dennis Miller and I at the SNL Update Desk, 1987)

In my 30′s, I passed a TV and saw Clinton saying, “It depends what the meaning of the word “is” is.” I looked at my husband and said, “This country is being run by morons. I should get involved.” I asked my political-science-major-police-man-husband how I could vote and he said, “You have to register.” Register?! Where? How? I was 37 and no one had ever discussed this with me. Al Franken told me that in his childhood, every night around the dinner table, his family discussed politics. Around our family dinner table, we discussed the Bible and gymnastics. So, I am now an expert on the Bible and gymnastics. I think this explains why the Left is now running the country. The Christians weren’t involved.

This must change.

In 2007, I went back to LA, after 20 years of raising my children in the suburbs of Miami, where my husband worked as a police helicopter pilot. My daughter got married and I wanted to try to get my career back, give it one last shot before I died. I know Hollywood isn’t crazy about 50 year old women, but, something was pulling me there. Husband commuted. I needed an agent and/or an audition. I had outed myself as a “Christian” on Bill Maher’s show “Politically Incorrect,” in the 90′s when he had me on 12 times so 4 atheists could yell at me. Well, sneer at me. My friend Dan said, “Hollywood hates Christians, so why don’t you go to this secret,conservative group to network? At least you’ll find like-minded people there.” I replied, “But, I’m not political!”

I went to the underground meeting. The group that began as 2 people in 2007, grew to over 2,000 members by 2009. It’s past that now. (Conservatives have to stay in the closet in Hollywood or they’ll lose their careers). About thirty people were seated around a table and each person spoke. When it was my turn, I said, “Well, I’m not political but I’m a Christian, so I guess I’m a conservative.” They quickly educated me on the state of the union. I saw the movie by Citizen’s United called, “Blocking the Path to 911,” then I heard someone say, “Someone is running for President who is left of Hilary.” Left of Hilary?! She’s a Socialist! I thought, “What’s left of socialist?…. Communist?!”

Then, I had a flashback to 1970, 7th grade, Dade Christian School, where our teacher made us read “1984″ by George Orwell. She told us that communism wouldn’t take over America by force because of the 2nd amendment, but that it would take over “from within” by the breakup of the family unit, and by sex, drugs, and rock and roll (sin). I realized that in my lifetime, between the ages of 12 and 50, this had happened!

This moment was my political awakening.

I saw a DVD called “Hype” that showed Obama’s radical/communist past in Chicago. I tried to tell everyone. The media was protecting Obama, keeping his secrets. Only Hannity was showing the America-hating, false Christianity, and racism of Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor and friend of 20 years.

I would be silent no longer.

To get Victoria’s book, go here, and don’t forget to tune in tonight to see her on The Factor!
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