Media Taking Sides Again?

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I know, silly question…

In regards to the Zimmerman/Martin trial and verdict, just how utterly freaking biased is the media?  Well, let me dissect just one paragraph from the KTVU 2 San Francisco Bay Area channel website blurb about the protests on Sunday for Trayvon.
(And yes, this is the very same station that broadcast the bogus names of the pilots in the Asiana Flight 214 Crash story)

“Demonstrations across the state were largely peaceful Sunday afternoon as hundreds took to the streets to march in support of the slain 17-year-old, blocking traffic on major streets of San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles.”

1) The use of the word “slain” is critical as that word insinuates he was killed for no reason.   This is copied directly from

1. murder, slaughter, massacre, butcher, assassinate.

The fact is, and not only did the evidence show it, but the jury agreed, that Martin was indeed not “slain”, he was shot and killed in self-defense.

Oakland-car-620x3622) The “largely peaceful” rallies, without any permits, blocked traffic on major streets for hours?  How do you peacefully prevent completely uninvolved people from travelling on public streets?  Preventing others from going about their own business is anything but peaceful, and is only accomplished through fear and intimidation.

Additionally, their story starts with the following sentence:
“Oakland merchants were greeted with damaged store fronts for a second straight morning…”

That does not exactly evoke “peaceful”.

Further along in the story we find:
“In downtown Oakland Saturday night, people broke windows, vandalized cars and buildings and started small fires in the streets. Local media reports said some Oakland marchers vandalized a police squad car…”

and this:
“…said a group of about 100 people surrounded an officer securing an on-ramp to Interstate 10 on Saturday night. The officer, fearing for his safety, asked for help. After more officers arrived, two people threw bottles and police responded with several beanbag rounds…”

Both excellent examples of acts of a “largely peaceful” protest.

Yup, that my friends is a fine example of completely unbiased reporting that we routinely get from the MSM in this country.  I suppose all these acts of “peacefulness” were actually somehow the fault of the cops that were out there trying to keep order.  That story is likely soon to follow, because if there is anything the media likes more than “racially motivated shooting” stories it would be “dirty evil cops beat up peaceful protester” stories.

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