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pravdaWhere? Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela? Absolutely, AND now right here in the good old U.S of A.!! However, there is a difference! Now we are truly beginning to see that actual, physical ownership of the media is not necessary in order for the Progressive politicians to have control. We have known for well over four years the national media, almost without exception, has been in “bed” with Obama and his agenda of steadily driving this nation into a state of moral, social and economic bankruptcy. However, this past week his absolute control has been cemented and vividly demonstrated when the media immediately and displaying ultimate obedience followed his orders to cease and desist all reporting on the “phony scandals” that has been disrupting his agenda.

His agenda? Of course. He has suddenly decided that his over the top spending programs have not worked as promised because we didn’t spend enough, so the solution is to simply go back to his campaign speeches of the past five years to solve the economic problems. The media loves this rhetoric. It squarely focuses all the blame on those that disagree with his agenda and provides the cover needed to refocus their attacks on the conservative elements of our society.

Never mind that Hillary asked “what difference does it make” how, why or by whom four Americans in the service of our country were murdered. Or who or why the IRS choose to persecute the Obama detractors at a time so politically important to his great nation. Or why the NSA is involved in tracking my phone calls and yours. Or why and how the federal government allowed our own border security enforcement officer to be gunned down by a weapon provided to the enemy by the U.S.. And let’s not forget that Obama and his flunkies decided to make a racial issue out of the Zimmerman case even after the FBI said that was absolutely not so.

All Obama had to do was say “mass media, these are all just false and phony issues stirred up by my political foes so as to divert the attention of congress away from the real issue — the economy — and I hereby order you to cease and desist any airing of these baseless scandals”. In unison we here their response “Yes sir Commandant and Commander in Chief”. No direct control required, just the media’s desperate desire to be at the forefront in leading America into a European style Social Welfare state.

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  1. Montesquieu says

    As surely as water will wet us, as surely as fire will burn, the lights of liberty are found in the pages you turn:

  2. scgator2001 says

    Joe and others: The media has been controlled and used by the US Government for decades. The press couldn’t figure out what color the sky is unless the Ministry of Truth in Washington tells them the answer.

    1. the gov’t tells the press the answer

    2. The media tells the public over, and over, and over

    3. Disagree and you are viciously attacked by the media and the government as a “conspiracy theoriest.”

    The 50th anniversary of the biggest mystery in history occurs this year. The truth has been available for decades but few will believe they have been lied to. The video PROVES the US Gov’t lied, forged and harassed witnesses to hide the truth.

  3. Bonnie Somer says

    WE THE PEOPLE are it the last line of defense against this govt that is beyond belief one of the most disgraceful abuses of power and corruption i have ever seen no one in the senate or house except a handful seem to care that obamas ignoring of the constitution is blatant treason and the t party has demanded impeachment for the last oh 4 yrs where is it we the people need to march on DC and remind these idiots whom they work for US

  4. Si Vis Pacem ParaBellum says

    I mean really? We didn’t know this? With the evident purposeful stories about any white on black crimes and the disappearance on ANY black on white crimes and the reduction of stories about black on black crimes, it is pretty clear that the oppressive Obama race-filled hatred that has been spewing from the WH since the Zimmerman verdict, the lack of any of the horrible crimes that have been committed by blacks on whites is just another sign that this administration doesn’t give a rats ass about any of us. All they are focusing on is their own Islamic ideological division of our land. They want us divided, racially fighting with each other, not trying to at least to getting rid of this treasonistic and traitorous administration. This president and his cabinet have done nothing but lie to the American people to the point where we shouldn’t feel safe. They have brought to the table now, MIND CONTROL, or what they like to call it, “nudging”. Yeah, right. Nudging? WTF! Do they really think that we are all too ignorant to figure this one out? Are they really going to try this on the American people? Oh, shit, forgot, silly me. The government would never do anything against it’s own people, right? If you believe that, I have swamp land in Arizona I would LOVE to sell you. The fact that the administration is even attempting something like this is unheard of. Are we really going to allow the government to control ALL ASPECTS of OUR LIVES? Are you willing to do that? Not me! THEY CAN GO POUND SAND WITH A GIANT JACKHAMMER! I refuse to let my family be vaccinated, moved to any where THEY want us to go, be “NUDGED” or psychologically moved in any way, or be intimidates by an oppressive and treacherous government. People, if WE THE PEOPLE don’t wake up and smell the coffee soon, and I mean damned soon, Obama and his Muslim brotherhood and cronies will get everything they want, including our total enslavement. Why do you think they would even use anything like “NUDGING”? It sure as hell ain’t to make new friends. It’s to indoctrinate us into the socialistic ideology that Obama, Holder, Clinton and the rest of the “Gang” have been trying to shove down our throats for the past 5 years. And now that they haven’t been able to take our weapons and our rights away yet, they are going to try this. And since the British have already tried this with success, this administration is going to follow suite. And if anything happens to go wrong, they will just play the “plausible deniability. Stand up and stand together people. We need to take our country back from these race baiting, Hate mongering, egomaniacs that are bound and determined to take this country into the depths of hell with their treacherous and treasonous policies. We need to, at any cost, not allow our president and this administration, to implement these attempts at mind control of any kind. What’s next, Mr. Obama, Mr. Holder, MS. Clinton? I don’t know if I want to let them stay in office to find out. And if ANY of Obama’s cabinet is going to be running for office in the future, we need to be VERY, VERY, VERY leery of them. Who knows what they have done to those people already. This kind of shit scares me and the only thing up until now that scared me was the wrath of God! Please let’s work together so this thing isn’t implemented and save our country before its too late! Molon Labe, Semper Fi and God Bless.

  5. GeMom says

    And that’s supposed to be a surprise? Fortunately I don’t get a newspaper but if I did I’d quit getting it because they are traitors just as much as obama & his crew are.

  6. ThomPaineJr12 says

    “four Americans in the service of our country were murdered” in the same sense as 4500 Americans were murdered in Iraq because Bush & Chaney lied to promote the invasion.

  7. monacall says

    Yep social news media run by socialist communist pukes. We need to clean house. We need a George Washington.

  8. usluv says

    This is not new.

  9. DouglasDauntless says

    The news-media has been in bed with the Federal Progressive Demo-rat and Rhino Republicans for a long time, people are just finding out now? Where have they been on a deserted island? I knew that long before B.O. became President.

  10. Ron Powell says

    The media has several ways to obliterate the truth not only by what the report but what they don’t report. How they report is another part of the propaganda machine. The AP (America’s Pravda) has a CEO who was formerly head of a chain of newspapers that ere blatantly liberal and I’ve seen some of their news article that were outright fabrications. I get most of my info from the internet because I can at least read the comments to get both sides or other information.

  11. threeball says

    And this is RECENT news ? Almost every media has worshiped obama since he 1st announced his run for pres.

  12. marcus J says

    For Years now I have refered to the News as the Government Controlled ,State Run ,Liberal Lamestream Marxist Media , Propaganda Machine for The Communist Party formerely known as the Democrats or DimRats or Demonrats or just plain the Party of Stupid ,The Party of the KKK , People just look at me with a blank stare ???

  13. foxxybey says

    Hitler had his, now our Hitler has his.

    1. ThomPaineJr12 says

      HAHA.. you rightwing nut!

      1. foxxybey says

        Haha, you left wing blind robot.

  14. bahndon says

    The agenda is more important than people!!!

  15. PLW says

    Obama’s Administration treats the U.S. News Media like little children that are required to submit their questions in advance of the White House Briefings… Only certain questions are answered… Obama attempts to control the U.S. News Media just like China and Russia, but he does not have FULL control yet. He & His Administration still try to control the News Media and His Attorney General (Holder) to investigate those that might not cooperate. They still bow to his exulted presence and sing his praises, even if they are incorrect….

  16. Johnny says

    I own no tv and never listen to radio.

    1. Philip Hansen says

      Then you are probably one of the many, many, many uninformed people who should not vote.

  17. BigMamaTEA says

    Then it is OUR job to get the information out into the Country!

  18. Buzg says

    “Why should freedom of speech and freedom of the press be allowed? Why should a
    government which is doing what it believes to be right, allow itself to be criticized? It would not allow opposition by lethal weapons. Ideas are much more fatal things than guns. Why should any man be allowed to buy a printing press and disseminate pernicious opinion calculated to embarrass the
    government?” Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    Lenin feared both the truth and the people. All tyrants do.

  19. SmithWinston6478 says

    In the ’70s, the NEA began the sinister ‘dumbing down’ of America so a marxist-groomed manchurian candidate could be installed. That, and vote fraud at the national level got us to where we are. This ‘me generation’ doesn’t know who invented their toys, and that every freebie they think is owed them must be paid for by self-reliant taxpayers. The simpletons don’t even know what is coming from the Trojan Horse saboteur and wannabe dictator they were manipulated into voting for.

    “Democracy depends on well-informed voters; absent that, it is all mud flowing down hill.” – Charles Harpole

    “The American Republic will endure until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money.” – Alexis de Tocqueville

    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln

  20. John_2012 says

    We no longer have our borders, language and culture. The socialists have taken over the schools and have teaching the kids for the last 20 years that America is a evil capitalist country. We now have almost 50% of the population that belive the propaganda in the “news” as true. This results in people voting for Obama because he is “cool” or “hip” and did drugs when he was young like they do. When over 20 Navy Seals die in a helicopter crash their is no investigative reporting at all. It is not even listed as a scandal.

  21. kungfubarbeque says

    Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal said the other day that fracking for oil in the usa is a threat to saudi interests ……2 days later BHO says he will not sign authorization for the keystone pipeline

    1. bahndon says

      Obama bowed to his Saudi master right after being elected.

    2. grassroot says

      Now he needs to find a way to suppress domestic/private drilling.
      Probably by banning fracking. This is next in the campaign to ” deconstruct” this nation.

  22. 1baronrichsnot1 says

    I don’t watch them, listen to them, or read their crap. We all know who they are, what they say, “Liberalism and communism good” “Conservatism bad”. Marxism good, representative republic bad! “Spying good” Snowden bad. Trayvon good, zimmerman bad. Obama good, Bush bad, big gov’t good, small gov’t bad, “lots of debt good”, pay your way “bad”. Food stamps, welfare, free housing, obama care, all good, conservatism bad! I don’t miss anything, just know what they are going to do, say, in advance. So why watch.

  23. kmac1953 says

    How many news papers does Buffet own now ?

  24. Frank W Brown says

    More intense total CRAP from the REGIME!

  25. Alban says

    Perhaps Americans would be best served by putting down their remotes and picking up their Bibles… spending a little less time with the nightly news and a little more with their own children… a little less faith in “Hope” and “Change” and a little more faith in the Word. At this point, if I were completely wrong it would still beat doing what we’re doing now.

  26. SmithWinston6478 says

    “Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freedom of speech.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

    “During times of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ~ George Orwell ’1984′

    “The only security of all is in a free press.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

    “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

    “Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty.” ~ Ronald Reagan

    We have a Trojan Horse saboteur and tin-pot dictator desecrating Pennsylvania avenue and our Constitution. His secrets, lies, and denials are deafening. Why does the main (lame) stream media support the systematic destruction of the most free, prosperous, secure, opportune, tolerant and philanthropic nation in the history of man? People have literally risked their lives to get here for generations. Our economy has supported charity and struggles for democracy all over the world. What is in it for the media to see the democratic republic that affords their lavish standards of living be destroyed?

    “The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten; the lie became truth.” ~ George Orwell ‘1984’

    1. grassroot says

      And this is why the left and their ” controllers” demean and deny the
      viability of the Internet.

    2. GeMom says

      Well said – now all we need are intelligent citizens to read it and realize the devil is in control & we need to get rid of this demon as soon as possible. He’s done enough damage to have earned impeachment or jail before he does anything more.

  27. IHateLibs says

    NOW ?? It Has been for quite some time now

  28. rs1123 says

    The press was supposed to enable the people to protect themselves from an authoritarian and criminal government. Our Founding Fathers would be appalled to see that the press has climbed into bed with the crookedest administration BY FAR that we’ve ever had.

  29. Paladin67 says

    News and TV in general is nothing more than Bubble Gum for the brain…

    1. Troy Berkely says

      Like the metaphor! That pretty much sums it up for me, as more and more people are starting to wake up.

  30. NoMoreMarxistsInDC says

    The news is nothing more than police blotters, reality shows, and puff pieces. Anyone who watches the news other than for weather and maybe sports, is wasting their time and can be doing something more productive like getting real news from alternative media, or organizing meetings of like-minded people to challenge their local, county, state and federal governments.

    1. Troy Berkely says

      Amen to that! Couldn’t have said it better myself and have been advocating as such for many years now. Maybe we will start seeing a revolt against mainstream media, but I fear that the internet is the next target, as some who fear for their privacy and freedom is warranted, when one considers the instrument of control will want to sink their claws into the last bastion of free speech. Whats next? Anyway we have to keep fighting, because after all the is a war out their for your heart and mind! Never Give in!

    2. 7papa7 says

      This should be no surprise to anyone. What amazes me is that he treats the press like fecal matter and they still kiss his ring. What a bunch of sick puppies. You have to wonder what is it going to take for them to quit looking at the world through a glass naval. I want my country back and I hope everyone else does too.

      1. GeMom says

        You mean the ring in his ass? Right on Papa!

        1. 7papa7 says


    3. SniperToo says

      I second the above, well said. I told Cox cable to take a vocation. I just have fast speed for
      my computer, NetFlix, and watch old DVD’s that I haven’t watched in a long time. Talk radio for me is Glenn Beck and Rush. That’s it. Everything else is pure commie propaganda or race baiters from the left in minority communities. COX is using part of your monthly payemnts to fund Al Jazeera channel. When I found that out, I dropped all TV channels. Lower my bill to about 60 dollars a month. There is always a way of defunding the left, you just have to research a little.

  31. Lowell says

    Not only are the people that should be keeping the public up to date on current events silent but the politicians we elected remain silent, lie or in some cases push things they know is bad for US Citizens.

  32. Guest says

    I sit in complete WONDER at HOW the regular news REALLY does NOT have the segment “national news” or “world news” or anything like it.. not on the t.v. and not on their website for NEWS .. not even a link to go to for it if you choose to.. NOTHING.. like there is NOTHING going on in the world we are involved in worth reporting.. if there ever is a snippet.. its small and usually BIASED and does not tell much info .. just gives the propaganda that is associated with the event.. not telling details about the actual event. I see it. I wonder WHAT they (main stream media) have been told or threatened with to keep silent… because it is NOT NATURAL to not tell what is going on.. It is OBVIOUS that they have been SILENCED. This country is NOTHING CLOSE to being told any news in MSM. Many times on the web I find video that has been REMOVED for same reasons..if it is news that would actually try to tell what the government is really doing. This is censorship beyond acceptable levels and should be dealt with somehow. I dont think we can wait 3 more years for some change. The gov should be shut down and all the idiots replaced with people that will work to ensure We the People are not being left out of everything .. only being fed ‘feel good’ stories and then being fed BIASED stories about situations only meant to sway the populations’ views in the direction of the Presidents AGENDAS…making us feel like we are divided, in danger, and needing big gov to make more policies to keep us safe… its all a load of crap.. and its really RUDE to insult all of our intelligence to try to make us follow a predetermined way to think of situations, rather than to provide the real information and allow us to decide what we think ourselves. People who only watch t.v. news and never take time to surf web and read what is going on and not being reported are truely living in the dark. And stuff you can find on web is limited too.. but at least you get other sides and can pull from a number of different sources. It is then up to us as individuals to REASON out what we choose to believe .. not just buy the crap that is being fed to us as the only FACTS that are available to consider. This president is trying to keep us divided into all kinds of groups and keep topics going that keep us all at odds with each other. He is no leader. He is the problem and the people working with, next to, and under him that dont stand up for what is right and go along with this brainwashing act are just as bad. They just want to keep their high paying jobs and have forgotten they are all supposed to be working for the citizens and following rules and guidelines as to how our gov is supposed to work. And there is NO TRANSPARENCY.. only the PHONEY NEWS ..speaking of phoney… thats what is FAKE.. not the REAL PROBLEMS that are being spoken of as PHONEY SCANDALS .. There is so much damage being done to our country .. and people just watch the MSM news and sit and HOPE for change. Our ELECTED officials need to do their jobs and get this person out of office that has plans for our country that go against everything our country has fought for. Our freedoms are being taken away bit by bit.. but first the brainwashing of the general population to go along with policies that are FORCED upon us, rather than being voted on by the people.. (as most would never pass that are being done via exec order).. well.. this brainwashing CAMPAIGN has to be done for years first .. so then the people will allow their freedoms to be taken away one by one.. OF COURSE FOR OUR OWN SAFETY.. bla bla bla.. I am disgusted with this whole administration.. and the elections I am wondering about in the future too.. if all the brainwashed masses run to the poles believing the lies and voting anyone in who says what they want to hear without considering whether they have our freedoms in their best interests.. and plan to follow the checks and balances system when doing business..well then.. we will be in same boat with a different person..

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