Left mounts astroturf campaign to deny will of Texas voters

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Ain’t it funny how the Left claims to the the Party of the People, yet works diligently in every way possible to deny the People their right to conduct their own business as they see fit, and to govern themselves according to their own will? It would seem that what “liberal” means is “liberating” the People from their money, their choices, their freedom, and their consent in the matter of governance.

[Here’s the section where I COULD regale you with several of the 50,000 examples of how Democrats, the Commie Press, and the Left in general play dirty politics and abuse power in order to deny you your freedom and choices — but hey, if you’re reading this site, you know all those: the IRS voter suppression scheme, the EPA, Obama and his executive orders, Obama and his non-recess recess appointments, Democrats and their amnesty bill, gun-grabbing, the NSA, the constant scapegoating to avoid blame for their own misdeeds — so you fill in the blanks here]

What we had in Texas last week was a classic denial-of-the-democratic-process stunt by the Democrats at the close of the special session of the legislature.

The people in Texas have expressed their political will in the old-fashioned way — they have over the years, especially lately, voted in a more conservative legislature (commanding 19-12 and 95-55 majorities in Senate and House) to go along with their conservative Governor (still working on getting a conservative Lt Governor….). They’ve expressed a very definite will regarding the rights of the unborn. And sure enough, in this special session, filibusters notwithstanding, the duly elected Representatives of the People did everything necessary to get the law passed regarding abortions committed against Unborn children older than 20 weeks.

And then the Democrat cheating machine found an opportunity and exploited it. With only minutes to complete voting in the Senate as the special session deadline approached, a gang of protesters in the gallery of the Senate raised a commotion in a coordinated, organized attempt to keep business from proceeding. They succeeded, and the Left has been congratulating itself ever since.

So get this. Millions of Texas voters expressed their will, and were denied by a couple of hundred cheaters. And President Obama, the Commie Press, and others consider it a success.

What’s more, since President Governor Perry has called a new special session in order to see that bill passed, the Left is gearing up their Occupy machine to try again to use mayhem, violence, intimidation, and disorder to deny the voters of Texas their free will and their right to self-govern. Color me Really Really Not Shocked. But this is Texas, and you ain’t gonna sucker-punch us twice. We will win.

But the fact remains – the Left has not one scruple against cheating in order to deny you your freedom and your will. And if they succeed, they’ll congratulate themselves on a job well done.

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