Jamie Foxx : no racial “justice”, no racial peace

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I can’t believe I used to like this guy. But I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I just don’t tolerate violence-minded race-obsessed bigoted jackasses anymore. I know, I know what you’re thinking. And you’re right; this is why I don’t have any Democrat friends. But anyway….

jamie_foxx_justice_shirt2Lately Jamie Foxx seems to have something to say. He’s a subtle guy, as most actors and comedians are. But let’s see if we can figure this out. He says

Every single thing in my life is built around race.

Like I said… subtle. And fortunately, not very uptight either.

As black folks we’re always sensitive. As a black person it’s always racial. I come into this place to do a photo shoot and they got Ritz crackers and cheese. I’ll be like, ain’t this a b***h. Y’all didn’t know black people was coming. What’s with all this white s**t? By the same token, if there is fried chicken and watermelon I’ll say ain’t this a b***h? So, no matter what we do as black people it’s always gonna be that..

So to summarize, not only is “everything racial”, everything is a way to cast aspersions on the white person so that no matter what they say or do, they are to blame.

It’s not just about race. It’s about race and BLAME. It’s about race and blaming white people for pretty much anything Jamie wants to. That’s exactly what he is saying. “It” being “his every waking thought.” Lately he’s got a thing with shirts telling his story. So when he wears a shirt depicting Trayvon Martin that says “No justice, no peace”, what is he saying?

According to overwhelming trial testimony (by the prosecution witnesses, no less) and physical evidence, one person knocked the other person to the ground, and was mounted on top of him punching him and pounding his head on the concrete. The person on bottom, after crying for help for over a minute, pulled his gun and shot the person on top.

Jamie’s only question, in terms of guilt: which one was the black guy?

Justice for him means one thing: for George Zimmerman to be convicted of murder. It doesn’t matter why he shot Trayvon. Evidence and truth are not part of this. Not personal justice: racial justice, which for him means the white guy is blamed and punished. Racial revenge, for past sins not of George Zimmerman, but of all white people everywhere.

No Peace
This is the shirt Foxx is wearing. What do you think it means? It means that no matter the evidence, if Zimmerman is not convicted, Jamie is out there as a popular public figure and role model, promoting racial riots, racial revenge crimes against whites, and social unrest.

I don’t see any other way to interpret it.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I wonder if he’s even aware of what kind of crap he’s saying and doing

  2. JNH427 says

    Why doesn’t this article mention that his shirt has the victims of Sandy Hook featured as well? Do you only see what you wish to see?

  3. PittieMom says

    No talent racist clown.

  4. mthammer says

    It wasnt only Jaime Foxx that said Zimmermman was guilty and that it was a hate crime and a white killing a Black in cold blood. The Black Caucus in Congress got right on the bandwagon saying that Zimmerman hunted this poor black kid out and killed him as a hate Crime. No trial yet no eveidence recovered , nothing but accusations from black members of Congress , supposed representatives of the people with only the nation as the country they love , but not this time. Then Al Sharpton jumps on the podium along with Jesse jackson calling this a blak persecution and that nothing has changed , white people killing blacks just like back in the 60’s . The man Zimmerman was a Hispanic , not even white like the racist Black caucus called him , even Obama got on the bandwagon saying I could have had a son like Treyvon martin. His parents were paid in the millions , to avoid lawsuits , painting Treyvon as a Choir Boy , never allowing the various trouble that he had been in , with school suspensions, maryuana smoking and various robberies on his record. No trial however every Black Politician condemmed Zimmerman , this is what we have in washington ignorant racist Blacks blaming the white man for everything that has gone wrong in their lives. Even the Head of the Teachers Union in Chicago blames all the black on black murders in Chicago on the white man. They cant blame any of the politicians running the city , the mayor Rahm Emmanuel , Senator Dick Durbin and all past governors because the majority of them are all in prison. They cant blame any of the politicaians as they are all democrats , not one republican holds office in that town , Senator DiK Durbin Harry Reids number one Liar and confidant , phoneys and dereliction of duty Senators , Reid calling out the Republican Nominee for President saying that he hadnt paid any taxes in 10 years , wasnt fit to be President and it would be hard if he even qualified as a Dog Catcher , Thats what Democrats do Slander people , tell lies about them , plus never worry about any repercussions , because they are all cowards. Then Jesse Jacksons Son in Congress gets convicted for using Campaign Funds for Homes and expensive Cars , where did he learn how to rip of the Government his daddy taught him how to be a Crook and an Adulterer Like daddy like Son. I am sure the balck community in Congress will say he was railrooaded because he was black , thats always their excuse prejudice by hite People .

  5. $18476877 says

    Coming from a racist like Foxx, his words are meaningless. Just another Hollywood windbag, ranting.

  6. cowboybobmt says

    Jamie Foxxxx…what a rube…another unsuspecting drone in the race shakedown business. He goes into the Jim Carey bin. This crap only starts AFTER they make their millions fleecing their adoring public making freakin’ movies for cryin’ out loud. Just once, i’d like to see one of these jackwads shoot their mouth off BEFORE they have their money in the bank…I’d still think they were a lunatic but respect them for their intestinal fortitude. They contribute zero to society in general for all the causes they purport to be in favor of. What the h*ll is he trying to say anyway…that the only solution is some kind of civil war? idiot. Charlie Sheen makes more sense most days.

  7. mperkins2 says

    There are many others like Jamie Foxx who are “coming out” with this racial bigotry. Like you Joe I used to like him and many of the others that are now “coming out” as anti-white or anti any one who is not black. These are the very people causing the racial divide in our country to widen instead of trying to bring it closer together. I dare anyone of them to show proof of racial inequality, especially in their cases. It seems black on white violence has elevated because people like Jamie Foxx and those like him stir up the emotions of other blacks through there hateful speech and actions. There will never be an end to this until blacks decide to let go of something that happened over 150 years ago. It would also do them good to remember who it was who fought and died so they can be free. It seems they want to blame a whole race on the actions of a few plantation owners and not consider the thousands upon thousands who did not own slaves. Open your eyes Mr. Foxx and ask your self how you came to be where you are if racial injustice is as prevalent as you claim it to be. Until you realize what your inflammatory dialogue is doing to this country you are all off of my “to do list”.

  8. ronwild says

    Blimey, the author of that article is a little touchy. Guilt maybe? If that is a way that a person perceives his life to be, how can we argue against that unless we lived his life. Right or wrong that is his opinion, debate it with him by all means, but do not debase him with it.

  9. LutherHeggs00 says

    Boycott hate. Keep your money in your own pocket.

  10. DHConner says

    If this loud-mouthed street animal really wants to start a race war, let’s see him step out in the street. What he is doing is urging the young and hot-headed who have already convinced themselves it was not self-defense but racially motivated murder to take to the streets and start rioting and committing mayhem. He is the kind—of whatever racial composure—that we don’t need in this country. It’s unfortunate that he is incapable of rational thought and discourse, but given the state of public schools these days, the exalted position these over-glamorized, under-talented narcissists think they deserve and take as their mantle and divine right, it’s not hard to see they move from reasonable normal in terms of personality to bloated, aggressive, and firmly closed minds. That they are always right, can never be wrong, and might learn something from listening to others I a concept totally alien to them.

    The worst of it is if enough of these idiots like him and Sharpton and Jackson and Farrakhan do get people out in the streets, it will be that portion of our population that really takes a shellacking. As I read the comments below, I was laughing hard enough to bust a gut. Almost every one of them made a point or points that are so on target that if they were in the military they would make the finest snipers the world has ever seen. Thank you, friends, for not only the insights you have provided me but the laughter, which I really needed.


  11. farrightextreme says

    Foxx believes every day should be a day where white crackers are stomped down. He thinks it’s funny talking about blacks gang banging a 14 year old white girl.

  12. HarryTheCat says

    LOL….I don’t pay much attention to former Drama majors anyway. Much of what comes out of their mouths doesn’t make much sense unless it was in the script.

  13. SammysDad says

    Racism will always exist as long as we have racists like Fox, Jackson, and Sharpton agitating the black community.

  14. tenndoug911 says

    Jury tampering plain and simple.

  15. James Riley says

    Obama is his boss?He needs to send some of his white money to Africa the help with the 7 mil. tax money we are sending for their electric bill.Our country has no needy people,of any color.

  16. bahndon says

    When a person identifies with something, that person feels offended when other people say what offended the first person. I CAN NOT BE OFENDED, I do not identify with being a victim, I do not identify with the plantation, I AM a CHILD OF GOD, I identify with being a SON OF GOD. People like Jamie Foxx promote satan’s agenda, divide and destroy like the world, they are fathered by satan the father of lies, a thief, that comes to steal, kill, and destroy, trut matters NOT to people like Jamie Foxx.

  17. Bruhman says

    Black folks say this is racism. White folks say TM was a
    thug and attacked GZ. The truth is we
    all were not there. But here’s what I
    know to be true. Racism is still alive
    and well in America and both white and black people have missed the point. So here’s my message. To my fellow black people, trade your hoodies
    for a cap, gown, and academic hood. The
    fight is no longer in what you look like; it is in what you can create from
    what you learn. Real power is in what
    you can create for yourself, your family, and your community. You think they fear your hoodie? It just merely justifies their reasons for
    pulling the trigger. What they really
    fear is your education and what you could potentially do with it. To my fellow white folks, you really need to
    dispense with your own mental models that all blacks are bad. There’s good and bad in every race. It’s about money and power. Either you have it or you don’t. We live in a global market place, where
    competition is not limited to just black and white. We are competing with the world. Last I checked there’s more than just black
    and white in the world. It never ceases to amaze me when I walk into
    McDonald’s dressed in my business suit, how a white cashier looks at me like
    I’m a disease. It’s rather amusing. And I get to laugh about it on my way back to
    my mini mansion. That’s real power. I also laugh at the fact that white folks
    don’t realize that prejudice is no longer relevant. Your numbers are declining. Pretty soon, you are going to finally realize
    what it means to not be you…lol So let’s
    see where your prejudice ways will take you.
    Another point, do you realize that China will own us in the next few
    years? What will your white skin do for
    you then?

    I don’t know what happened that night with TM and GZ. But I do know that I want to see the justice
    system work for both parties. And
    whichever way this turns out, I’m mature enough to accept the outcome.

    1. farrightextreme says

      I don’t think I know any white folks that think all blacks are bad. As far as I know none of the black folks i know feel that all whites are bad.

  18. Bruhman says

    Black folks say this is racism. White folks say TM was a thug and attacked GZ. The truth is we
    all were not there. But here’s what I know to be true. Racism is still alive and well in America and both white and black people have missed the point. So here’s my message. To my fellow black people, trade your hoodies for a cap, gown, and academic hood. The fight is no longer in what you look like; it is in what you can create from what you learn. Real power is in what you can create for yourself, your family, and your community. You think they fear your hoodie? It just merely justifies their reasons for pulling the trigger. What they really fear is your education and what you could potentially do with it. To my fellow white folks, you really need to dispense with your own mental models that all blacks are bad. There’s good and bad in every race. It’s about money and power. Either you have it or you don’t. We live in a global market place, where competition is not limited to just black and white. We are competing with the world. Last I checked there’s more than just black and white in the world. It never ceases to amaze me when I walk into McDonald’s dressed in my business suit, how a white cashier looks at me like I’m a disease. It’s rather amusing. And I get to laugh about it on my way back to my mini mansion. That’s real power. I also laugh at the fact that white folks don’t realize that prejudice is no longer relevant. Your numbers are declining. Pretty soon, you are going to finally realize what it means to not be you…lol So let’s see where your prejudice ways will take you. Another point, do you realize that China will own us in the next few years? What will your white skin do for you then?

    I don’t know what happened that night with TM and GZ. But I do know that I want to see the justice
    system work for both parties. And whichever way this turns out, I’m mature enough to accept the outcome.

  19. George Gilbert says

    keep yappin, and youll get your justice. but you wont like it

  20. Rustytruck says

    Screw you Foxx you racist piece of crap, you’re making excuses to act that way. Dr. King made things so right for all of us, get better results for blacks, get more compassion from whites, equalizing the playing fields for everybody and then here you come. Mouthing off just like what you say white folks are doing, as it turns out you and others just like you are doing all the racial bulls*^%t . White people have given to the black community in the billions of dollars plus free stuff and all you see is racial crap. Not one time did you say thank you for the opportunity to excell , did you get that? You’ve been given many things from white America, not black America, and all you do is whine. And if you say one thing about the slavery, held down, garbage, you need to be slapped up side your ignorant melon. You were never a slave, neither was any of your immediate family, nobody alive today has any idea what that was like. Not white or black or Hispanic or Oriental, not in this country and if you say you do then you lie as much as Obama does and we all know how much he lies. I’d have more respect for you if you did just one time step up on that podium and say to the white man, “Thank you for the opportunity, to make millions in this country.” Let’s see if you are a real man and have the intestinal fortitude to say the truth for once. A great many of us are ashamed of you and your mouth.

  21. Bob W says

    “No justice, no peace”, eh?
    Well, no peace, NO WARNING SHOTS and NO MERCY!
    We’re ALL Zimmerman!

    1. Jim says

      AND no movie tickets to see jamie foxx movies anymore. he forgets that more than 1/2 of America isn’t a minority color. And we’re tired of always getting the shaft to make them happy.

  22. Karen Harlow says

    Maybe, when the black community starts looking to see what they can do to help instead of blame, take responsibility for their children’s actions instead of pulling the ‘race’ card, and start backing up the police instead of attacking them they will get respect from the rest of the community.

  23. garysvent says

    They never seem to define what they mean by “social justice”.

    From the words I’ve seen spoken here, it must mean that white people have to enslave themselves to black people.

    Can’t pick cotton; gotta bad back. So, guess you better bring it on, Rastus!

  24. joeupyours says


  25. $14832922 says

    Let me get this straight!!!!

    If you put out “white food” …. Ritz and cheese ….. it’s “racist”.

    If you put out “black food” ….. fried chicken and watermelon, ……. it’s “racist”.

    How about … you damn racists are just never satisfied unless YOU can whine about “racism”.

    1. garysvent says

      How about if they stop eating altogether? Thal’ll work.

    2. Guest says

      right.. the fact you even think about the food that way shows your opinions are saturated in racial overtones.. i would think.. how nice.. free food .. how considerate of them to offer it.. not label the food because of what is on the platter. Any food at all is a nicety meant to be an offering of good will.. but a person who lives thinking everything has a hidden motive.. untrusting of just the basic niceness of it.. looking for a deeper sinister meaning.. well.. looking for the racial angle.. to me.. that shows how their mind works.. like an honest person does not think like a thief .. an honest person would not think to hide something of value like a thief would.. because they normally do not think like a thief.. but a thief would hide everything in a safe environment because they THINK like a thief.. he really shows his view on life in general thru his remarks and alot of his “humor” follows along the same path.

      1. $14832922 says

        So, is this supposed to be directed at me, or at Foxx?

        1. Guest says

          oh not you… “you” as in “anyone” .. i did not even mean for it to read that way.. lol.. i just mean in general. I should have said the fact that a “person” even thinks that way.. no I was agreeing that its all in the mindset of a racist in the first place.. to think that way in general about everything. 🙂

          1. $14832922 says

            Thanks, the first reading was “offensive”, the second reading made more sense …especially in light if the second part of your reply.
            Thanks, again.

            That is one of the reasons that I try to use “one” instead of “you” … so as to help eliminate the ambiguity.

          2. Guest says

            yes.. i did not EVEN realize how it sounded.. thanks for bringing it to my attention.. i knew what i meant.. but it read differently.. I have read many of your other posts on other pages.. I like the way you think. I felt horrible when I realized it sounded directed back at you.. anyone, someone, one, a person, an individual, a citizen, would have been better to mean anyone in the populace.. i am taking time to try to reread them better now.. lol… 🙂

          3. $14832922 says

            Not to worry, I’ve made the same error myself on more occasions than I care to remember.

            I know what I’m saying but my fingers get in the way.

  26. $14832922 says

    Well, if there are any riots after Zimmerman is acquitted …Jamie Foxx should be arrested and imprisoned for fomenting riots using his “public status”.

    Then, he might have first hand knowledge of prison life for his next film, “Bubba unleashed on Django”.

  27. Ron Powell says

    Another POS. Who cares what Foxx thinks anyhow, he is irrelevant. After Zimmerman is acquitted, he needs to invite Foxx down to Florida for a one-on-one and we cold watch the Foxx turn into a chicken.

  28. Sam Stephens says

    Jamie Foxx, the way you’re acting if bigotry is an apple tree, the fruits not falling far from the tree. Racial bigotry and Homosexuality are two things I don’t need in my life, cause there are other things that are more important.

  29. shamu9 says

    Frack Fox, Everything is about Race, if you Ain’t White. Tell this Jackass to bleach his azz like Mikey Jackson!! Ony HOODS, wear Hoodies!

  30. John Beam says

    “Jamie is out there as a popular public figure and role model, promoting racial riots, racial revenge crimes against whites, and social unrest.

    I don’t see any other way to interpret it.”

    Yup, that pretty much sums things up. There WILL BE terrible violence enacted upon innocent people of ALL colors in the name of “justice for Trayvon,” and as insane as the world has become, this gangsta punk will become this century’s “Rosa Parks.”

    The only way that this insanity ends is to have sane people out there enforcing our rule of law, in order to make intolerance of that which is intolerable AGAIN the norm. Today, tolerating (even embracing) the intolerable is the norm, and it gets worse by the day.

    1. garysvent says

      Sane people can’t get elected, so they aren’t around to enforce the law.

      This IS the inmates running the asylum.

  31. RoyG says

    It means just that.. no matter the facts, truth or reality if the decision is’nt what THEY wont than violence is the only answer…. this adminastration has made sure the bigotry/race card is at the fore front of the consinousness of the people… Mr Foxx made the comment that he enjoyed making the movie Django because he got the chance to shoot white people.. THATS ok…? Paula Dean got slaughtered because she Thought the N word and said it years ago… double standard.. ???… Jamie Foxx is a rasicist Bigot and for some reason if your black its OK kinda like the NBP (new black panthers) issue…. political correctness is a double standard plain and simple… fueled by people like this guy, jessie jackson and al sharpton…

  32. Dennis says

    Why is it okay for blacks to make fun of everyother race but as soon as anyone makes a black joke they are a racist? I’m a minority and grew up in both majority black and majority white schools and trust me I got in a lot of fights every place I went because I refused to stay silent and take crap from any person black, white or anyone. Now I’m 38 and still feel the same way. So just wanted to say ass holes come in all colors and don’t dish it out if you can’t take it BRO!

  33. George Gilbert says

    Spoken like a TRUE RACIST

  34. Willie5571 says

    Who’s the Bigger Racist ? Paula Deen for saying the “N” word 25 years ago or Jamie Foxx who is playing with the emotions of a certain section of the population that is always looking to blame another section of the population for their misfortune, he’s really playing with fire on this one.

  35. Joseph111 says

    um, hello? did anyone tell Mr. Fox that George Zimmerman is hispanic??? ooops, not a white guy?? “ain’t this a b***h!”
    so, does that make it a ‘race-on-race’ thing??
    and what about all the recent ‘black-on-white’ violence, and black ‘flash-mobs’ that are closing down shopping malls across the nation?? Does Mr. Fox have an opinion on that as well?? oh, yeah, the ‘media’ isn’t really reporting on that …
    and why can’t the media display a more recent photo of Mr. Martin?? why do they only display photo’s that were taken when he was like 10-years-old??
    and why do I even bother to read these articles … does anyone really care what Mr. Fox has to say??

  36. An American Hero says

    Zimmerman is not white, why cant these idiot see this?

    1. J_Jeffrey says

      Because it’s just one more reason in their closed minds to blame white people. They were captured by blacks and sold to whites. All those northern whites that died or were maimed to free them from slavery, you would THINK they would be glad that they were born here instead of in Africa. Talk about an ungrateful group of people. We need to blame John Wilkes Booth for Jamie Foxx and racist like him. He killed Lincoln. Lincoln planned to deport all the slaves after the war. Yuck Fou JW Booth.

  37. Vic Bailey says

    I don’t hear him spouting off about his Black Brothers killing Black Children with their drive by shootings or them killing each other by gang members, where is he then? I don’t hear about all the Black Sperm donors making 25 children by 5 different mothers, yet not helping take care of the first child! I hope that Jamie doesn’t live in a GLASS HOUSE, cause these gangs don’t care who you are! When this Socialist Government is destroying America we ALL should stick together to help save America, yet the Socialist have us divided and we will ALL lose! All because of Stupidity! Semper Fi.

  38. An American Hero says

    no matter how you treat mr Foxx he will complain and point to race, how in the hell to say ritz crackers are racist? Only thing I see is an angry RICH black guy that is so racist he spews it out on everything. Do not goto his movies and boycott this loser.

  39. crofootski says

    So, if Zimmerman is found Not Guilty and racial riots begin, will Jamie Foxx be out there rioting with them? I think not.

  40. Paladin67 says

    I was born and raised middle class. Went to public school. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE in America that goes to public school gets the same education. If you don’t put the effort in to succeed, you will fail. If you don’t have parents (yes, plural) that support and push you to do better than them, you will fail. I have lived next to a section 8 house for 10+ years. All races and creeds have moved in and out (usually because of eviction). Most come into this middle class neighborhood thinking they are going to intimidate and rule the “hood”. I don’t care what color you are. If you are walking around (even though you live nearby), walking between houses and looking into windows, you will get in trouble. If you attack, you will be suppressed, by any and all means necessary. It is time for these “race baiters” to actually start looking at the criminal and the crime and stop looking at their color. Obviously, from his statement about food/snacks at one photo op, you can’t win. He cries coming and going.

    I agree with the opening statement of this article. I don’t watch this race baiters movies anymore and have absolutely zero respect for opinions.

    1. TombstoneLizard says

      Thanks, Paladin67: That was the best comment on here. The race-baiters come in all colors, but the fact is that, in their hearts and minds, they are a piss-colored cowardly yellow inside. They just want everyone else to feel the pain they believe they didn’t deserve in life, when what they really needed was pain in the right place, frequently applied, until they grew up and stopped being such whining idiots.

      1. Paladin67 says

        You said it brother! Cowardly is 100% nutz on!
        I’m unsure if you follow Colin Flaherty. He writes about gangs of blacks attacking Whites, Hispanics, Gays and other non-blacks. Very enlightening, and extremely cowardly. Just google him. I think you’ll find his postings very interesting.
        Keep your powder dry.

        And Thank You!

  41. hitthedeck says

    I will never understand why some black Americans blame white people because a very small percentage of them had slave owners for ancestor’s. This racism judgment can be compared to an innocent son sentenced to prison for the sins of his father. A educated black man knows that his own race were the slave traders who gathered up his race for harvest in Africa and it is still going on today.

    1. garysvent says

      It’s not about truth. It’s about something for nothing.

  42. foxxybey says

    Jamie is a racist and dumber then a rock and needs to get his head out of where the sun don’t shine but probably likes the smell there.

    1. J_Jeffrey says

      To him it smells like, “Victory”.

      1. foxxybey says

        When a butt crack smells like victory? Says it all.

  43. mhump says

    He is a walking talking hypocrite. He is racism in reverse. He has no clue how the history of racism has become such a plague to this country. One of the reason’s is dopes like Jamie Foxx and his ilk who benefit to no end on the teat of this county and have forgot to say thank-you for the opportunity to be successful. He wouldn’t know justice let alone piece (spelled incorrectly on purpose) if it slapped him in the face. It’s these kind of bigots who continue to feed the race card, which makes the rest of us sick of the rhetoric.

  44. Mike Delaney says

    You see Joe what Jamie Foxx is doing is absolutely correct and proper, he is acknowledging his race exists and he wants to see racial unity and ultimately dominance with the help of those special kosher people who hide behind the curtains. It is whites who hold this pathetic anti-racism mindset. The left (which is dominated by non-whites) ironically is almost up to speed on this issues while those calling themselves ‘conservatives’ are running like little cowards from the word ‘racist’, which need I remind everyone to look at the history of that word and Trotsky and maybe understand history a little better. Whites at this point will destroy thousands of years of homogeneous genes and let their daughters bed and breed with non-whites even though deep down they feel something wrong. it is your ancestors SCREAMING at you from the grave.

    You see Joe, Jamie is doing everything he should be doing…. for blacks. You are the one who is refusing to recognize the white plight here because clowns like Tim Wise and all the other anti-white media (left AND RIGHT) are telling you it is racist if whitey does it.

    1. cvxxx says

      Mistake! It is not race but class. Most make that error.

  45. blight14 says


  46. raccman says

    He’s an easy one to henceforth completely ignore !

  47. deborahstinson says

    I see other ways of interpreting it. Everyone is racist to some extent; I don’t care how much they deny it. Zimmerman is not white and therefore I don’t think Jamie Foxx is seeking vengeance against whites. I think he’s seeking justice for a kid who was profiled by his appearance and killed for it. Zimmerman was told by the police not to follow him and he did it anyway. He was heard saying, ‘they always get away with it’, probably referring to black criminals (is that not racist?) and he assumed Trayvon was a criminal when in fact he lived in the neighborhood. I think your article is not objective at all and sides with Zimmerman without facts to support his story. I’m white, but I’m siding with the dead kid. I don’t think he instigated the confrontation and he lost his life because of Zimmerman’s racism.

    1. Donna says

      Although I tend to lean toward the dead kid’s side in this, I have to say that he lost his life maybe because of Zimmerman’s big head (neighborhood watch) rather than anything to do with racism. Not everything that is done by one person to another is racially motivated.

    2. doesntmatter says

      You’re spouting un-truths that you got from media sources that have since corrected their erroneous reporting. Zimmerman was advised that he didn’t need to follow Martin and responded with “OK” and started walking away when Martin confronted HIM. He wasn’t profiled for his appearance either. He was “profiled” for walking in between houses and looking into them in foul weather instead of avoiding the rain and using the sidewalks after a recent rash of burglaries in the area. Zimmerman didn’t even know he was black until Martin came walking towards him asking him if he “had a problem”. He also did NOT live there. Him and his Dad were visiting the Dad’s fiancé that lived there. Every single “fact” you listed is a flat out LIE. BTW, It’s pretty “racist” of you to speculate what Zimmerman meant by his statement. You said; “…probably referring to black criminals (is that not racist?)” What YOU said was by definition racist. Watching TV is NOT research. Get your facts straight.

      1. deborahstinson says

        Sure, I’m racist. Everyone is. Wouldn’t you confront someone that was following you? Why are so many trying to make Martin out to be the bad guy here? And I think Zimmerman knew he was black. He may not have lived there but was staying there at the time and there is no evidence he was responsible for the burglaries in the area. Alot of the ‘evidence’ is circumstantial or based on shaky and/or conflicting witness statements. But like most white conservatives do, they convict people based on information presented in court that may or may not be factual. In this case though, it’s not the person on trial being convicted by public opinion. I do not believe that Martin was a totally innocent angel, but I also don’t think it was justified to shoot him. I don’t know how you can believe anything that Zimmerman says. He’s going to say anything to get acquitted. I don’t believe everything the media says either. I am not convinced by them or court testimony that Zimmerman was the victim here. And why would the prosecution even allow witnesses that don’t support Zimmerman being guilty? Makes no sense.

        1. cvxxx says

          This is really the cornerstone. Yes, most males would want to find out who was stalking them. And yes deal with a possible threat. Zimmerman should have had an idea that his behavior mirrored criminal intent also. IMO I see no “right” answer, but a prescription for a train wreck which is what has happened.

    3. hornman2 says

      Apparently you have not heard any of the testimony in the trial. So far, every witness for the prosecution has confirmed the story that Zimmerman told from the very beginning. I’ll get to your Foxx opinion in a minute. How can you say he was profiled by his appearance when Zimmerman could not see who he was. Martin was walking from the back of the subdivision toward the front, he had a hoody on so his head was covered. It was dark and raining and he did not recognize the person as someone he knew lived there. Martin was staying with his father and his girl friend in her apt. without the knowledge of the HOA or community watch.There had been a rash of break-ins in the area lately and no one had been caught. Zimmerman is on his way to the store and sees a tall figure ducking in and out of the apt. buildings as if he were trying to hide. He does exactly what he was supposed to do; he called 911 to report a suspicious person in the area. Lost sight of him behind a building and got out of his car to find him to keep the 911 operator informed of his location. Martin decides he doesn’t like “some white ass cracker” following him so he goes to confront Zimmerman and find out “what his problem is.” The 911 operator as Zimmerman if he was following the suspect and was told we don’t need you to do that. Zimmerman was returning to his car to wait for the police to arrive when he was confronted by Martin. Martin then sucker punches Zimmerman, knocks him to the ground and begins to beat the crap out of him and says “you’re going to die tonight”. Zimmerman cannot get away from him so he takes his gun out of his holster and shots him in the chest. At that point he was in fear for his life and had every right to defend him self. Zimmerman did everything right and still is considered guilty of 2nd degree murder. The ONLY thing he’s “guilty” of is shooting a black kid that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The portrail of Martin as a cute little innocent kid that just went to the store to buy a snack and drink and was murdered because he was black, is so far off the mark it’s not even in the ball park. Martin was an out of control wanna be thug that had been kicked out of school in Dade County and sent to his father because his mother could no longer deal with his. Even though his parents had been divorced for many years I guess him mother had no one else to turn to.This kid should have been in jail in Dade County instead of wandering the streets of Sanford in a gated community that believes in neighbors watching out for each other. If the Dade County school district had prosecuted him for his crimes instead of playing politics; he would not have been in Sanford. As for Jamie Foxx; he’s a PERFECT example of the reason we still use the “N” word to describe the attitude and behavior of people of color. It has NOTHING to do with the description of their skin color as it did back in the 50’s; now, it’s ALL about behavior toward every one who is not black; period. Nothing more; nothing less.

      1. J_Jeffrey says

        The difference between what Deborah wrote and what Hornman wrote is Hornman WATCHED the trial instead believing media hype. If I used the N word ask me what color because to me Nigger is an attitude and how you treat people. D.L. Hugley said he doesn’t want to use the N word anymore, but that sometimes that’s the ONLY way to accurately describe certain people. I think George got jumped returning to his car. He was jumped, not by some “cute little 12 year old Martin”. He was jumped by 17 year old, very fit and strong, “ThugNigga”, who told George he was “gonna die”. Was George supposed to wait until Martin made good on his threat? If Martin never jumped George he would be alive today, to steal and sell drugs as before.

    4. cvxxx says

      It really may not be racist but what belongs. Profiling is in many way deciding what belongs or does not. Zimmerman may have acted the same way to a white kid in a hoodie. It could be that style of dress was not common in that neighborhood. It would be the same for walking in Beverly Hills.

  48. Jon Palermo says

    I bet he don’t blame white ass crackers for his success

    1. TombstoneLizard says

      He sure doesn’t give any “whitey” credit for paying good money to watch his movies. Effing tool.

  49. Ten Trumm says

    bring it on..

    1. blight14 says

      My thoughts exactly! Do these cretins ever wonder WHY there’s an ammunition shortage?

  50. Troy Berkely says

    Jamie Fox has now become a major douche bag! So sad!

    1. John Beam says

      South Park needs to do a show about how this guy has eclipsed John Edwards (the “psychic”) as “the biggest douche in the Universe.”

  51. Diana Nelson says

    Foxx , himself, is racist. I saw racism being promoted as everywhere in the 1970’s when I worked for a Head Start program. Went to a meeting of ACLU members. I was taken by some black co-workers (women, of course). I was told “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” and using words like ‘blackboard’ instead of ‘chalkboard’ were racist. What rubbish. Come on, people. God gave you a brain – God gave you emotions. The challenge is to balance them together & come up with clear thinking. Yes, there are racists of every color but they are outnumbered by good people. Remember this: If you look for the worst in people, you surely will find it. Abraham LIncoln

    1. Mike Delaney says

      Why is it everyone (ESPECIALLY WHITES) are so afraid to speak about race and the differences between them? I understand why actually, it just isn’t p.c. for me to point it out, instead it has to be a retarded left vs right issue which plays no part in the real world.

      1. cvxxx says

        Because we then would have to talk about class.

      2. Charles O McVey Sr. says

        This Native American, Cherokee tells it as he sees it, and frankly my dear Charlotte, I don’t give a D**n. I am almost 70 years old served more than 40 years in the United States Army, have never been Politically Correct and I am too damn old to get PC, and those who do not like it KMA 1004. I do hope I made my point clear enough so that even an uneducated, ignorant, scum sucking, bottom feeding, America hating, racist piece of crap can understand it.

        1. ronwild says

          And people wonder why respect for the old folk has diminished? Uneducated, ignorant, scum sucking, bottom feeding, racist just about sums you up, you cantakerous old fart. Forty years in the army means nothing if you don’t respect everyone equally. We have all, black and white, mostly have to find a job, put food on the table, pay the rent or mortgage, and try to be decent people and parents. Our struggle is the same, so lets fight it together. We are all victims of a massive bank fraud, with not a single prosecution! Yet here are dozens of people with itchy trigger fingers just waiting to shoot anyone of a different colour, because you perceive them to be less than your own colour, no wonder they think all the whites are racist.

  52. cvxxx says

    Some people need to study history and they will find that this while it has some reasoning does not answer why many poor white are treated just as badly. The truth it is a crime to be poor. A poor person starts out with fewer resources and many times lower expectations of their own abilities.

    1. 2War Abn Vet says

      I grew up poor. I didn’t like it! Therefore I took steps to improve my status. I’m no brilliant exception. Anyone who wants to work to better himself or herself, instead of sitting around bemoaning their problems, can do so. The problem is that there is a culture, today, of the “less fortunate” and the “government subsidized” that keeps people down.

      1. cvxxx says

        If it was real help but too many gov’t subs have been so defeated by politicians who have no understanding of humans who aren’t just like them. One of the most important things to learn is how to better yourself. It is more difficult today than in other times. Without resources it is difficult to triumph. The people many are around do not have the striver’s best interests in mind. Even agencies supposed to “help” do not. Unfortunately many who need help are not given what they need but just enough to keep them from that last step out of poverty.

        1. garysvent says

          The only “help” agencies offer is to their own employees. It’s why they believe that companies, corporations, small businesses, etc, exist for the same reason: for jobs and benefits, not for dreadful profit. We are being governed – and increasingly shoved and cajoled – by self-actuated numbskulls.

    2. TombstoneLizard says

      The truth be told, I came from a middle-class family, joined the military, and got my GED there. I got out, schlepped around, and became a working-poor father. After two failed marriages and some serious woes, I have finally gotten my head out of my rump and take full responsibility for my defeats and my wins. I still am struggling, but I do it now with a glad heart and an eye to a better future. For that is reality: No matter what we are handed in life, the only one who can make our lives better is ourselves. We must forgive ourselves first; and we must accept that, no matter how bad a hand we are dealt, it is up to us to play the cards to the best of our individual abilities. If our abilities need improvement, then only one person is responsible: That face in the mirror we see every single day of our lives.

      1. cvxxx says

        I agree. One thing is to teach the young to beware of experts. Especially if you are not part of the upper middle class. Too many are pushed into Job paths that are not upwardly mobile. Thirty years ago that was not so important. But it is today.
        Yet almost all of the big giants of American industry hailed from poverty.

    3. Charles O McVey Sr. says

      xve 298, I was raised in and on various reservations, as well as in public housing in the late 40’s and all through the 50’s, I went into the Army at the age of 17, received my High School GED, a Degree (BA) in Criminal Justice. I am a Combat Veteran, Retired from the Army and working on my MA in Political Science I will be 70 years old in December, where you were born, and the circumstances of your birth or life as a child have nothing to do with what you can accomplish IF you have the desire and will to improve your lot in life. That is your choice, you make it or you break it. Oh yes I almost forgot, I have already been invited to become an associate Professor at a College once I complete my MA, so maybe it is time for someone to do for themselves.

      1. cvxxx says

        You lived in a very different era. Different not better or worse. Not everybody is the same. The military was for many people of your time was a place where they could grow. The legal system was in a way better as a small error would not destroy a person. We in this time spend too much time destroying people. I know of people in the 1950’s who as juvenile offenders were given the choice of military or juvie. One such now has 2 PHD’s. The military for him was what he needed to advance his very good mind with what he had been missing.
        While it is true that some have achieved it is also true that in today’s employment having ambition with out direction is fatal. many struggle with direction. But the guides that were once in place are gone. Too many employment agencies are private for profit who have interest in the individual only as a commodity.

        1. Charles O McVey Sr. says

          Read the very first sentence of where I was raised, you just might begin to understand just what I was talking about, if not go visit Cherokee NC, or the Pine Ridge Reservation. I lived it.

  53. mmt says

    I know people like that. They need to get over themselves. They need to understand that they aren’t important enough for me to care about. I think you are spot on.

  54. muslimmustgo says

    What can u expect from someone who reveres obama and is carrying obama’s message!! Count on it obama wants to see our nation become another s.africa!!

    1. Jimmy Rivera says


      1. Charles O McVey Sr. says

        120 million gun owners, and over 90% of them are either White, Native American, or Hispanics here legally. So who is going to win that confrontation. Care to put any bets down.

  55. Noreen Phelps says

    Just another racist to boycott at the theater

    1. crofootski says

      I agree. I don’t see his movies any more.

      1. George Gilbert says

        I never Have. Or will

  56. Barry B says

    Foxx the pinhead, what a jerk

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