I Smell A Rat – Barry, Al and Jessie

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To quote the late Slim Pickens, ”What in the wide wide world of sports is a goin on here?”

obama rat 500Our Opportunist-in-Chief is desperate to make the scandals that plague his corrupt regime go away. He can’t undo his wrong doing, but he doesn’t need to. Barry’s got a plan. All criminals need a good plan to keep from getting caught or arrested. Timing is important too. You don’t want to expose your hand too soon or misplay it. Right on cue, here’s poor little “innocent black” Trayvon to the rescue. Barry’s always been quick to play the race card. He’s made his career out of racial tension and it’s as natural to him as reading a teleprompter.

Good thing for Barry that Trayvon was black or none of this would have been possible. Imagine the Reality TV Entertainment Networks like CNN, MSNBC, NBC or even Fox getting involved in vigils for dead white kids. Visualize Al “snake oil” Sharpton, Jessie “where’s the camera” Jackson, or any of the other less notable television racist blabber-mouths getting involved or worked up about a non-black death? Sure, it’s a ridiculous proposition, I know. I’m just trying to make a point.

Trayvon’s parents seem quite content to convert their personal tragedy into race-based fame by supporting the use of their son as a political prop. After all, what more worthy cause to champion than the cover-up of crimes by the first half-black president? Barry gratuitously using dead people as props, how many times have we seen that before? Colorado, Connecticut, Benghazi, Afghanistan, I lose track.

And since Zimmerman is half white, making him as Hispanic as Barry is black, one would think that all of the outraged “intellectuals” running around creating chaos in the streets would be clamoring for an end to the amnesty bill Barry is pushing. Of course, that won’t happen because it doesn’t further the agenda of our great dear leader. These mindless pawns with their selective outrage can’t miss out on another Rodney King style shopping spree at your local neighborhood street party. Need a flat screen?

So we all see what is going on here. Even the active participants, the” pawns of prejudice” who are out playing victim know this is a bunch of fabricated bull crap. It doesn’t matter, the gutless Caucasian “leaders” of our society are so fearful of being called racist for speaking the truth that the racists offenders have full carte blanche to act and say virtually anything they want. They can incite violence or misbehavior in any manner they choose. For example, the death threats against Zimmerman and bounty on his head by the New Black Panthers. Threats by the New Black Panthers are rarely investigated and never prosecuted. If a cracka white guy were to do the same thing, well, that is different, that’s a hate crime worthy of a prison sentence.

A lawless government will begat a lawless citizenry. Evidence has shown this to be the most lawless and corrupt administration the United States has ever known. And we know very little of the actual goings on behind the scenes in this “transparent” administration. Imagine how much more criminality is taking place that has never and likely will never see the light of day. This is likely just the beginning of a summer of unrest that may stretch into the Fall and well beyond.

How much worse can it get? How much benefit would the usurper-in-chief derive from armed confrontations in the street? Gun confiscation, door to door searches and seizures, varying degrees of martial law, it’s an early Christmas at the White House.

Watch for Barry to further enlist the support of his agents of bigotry to “Community Organize America” and stir crap up on a grand, national scale. It has already begun and it is the natural progression for this illegitimate regime. It would be unnatural for things to develop in any other manner.

We need to be vigilant and suspicious of their motivations and monitor their actions. The TSA, NSA, DHS and other agencies are all well trained, over-equipped and over-armed. The executive orders are in place.

For the last 12 years we have been told to accept less freedom for our own good in exchange for enhanced safety and security from “the terrorists”(other than those in DC). We have complied, some of us grudgingly and some willingly. Many Americans believe, blindly trust, and accept their premise and storyline.

The U.S. Government is not a kindly well-meaning Uncle Sam. They are creating this current situation with a particular objective in mind. We likely won’t know the specifics of their methods until their plan is in action. There are very few friends of the American citizen in this government. The tone in America needs to be one of diligence. Something just doesn’t smell right. It’s coming from over there, by the control freaks wearing the huge egos.

Rick Wells is an author and a small business owner. He contributes to Joe for America among other conservative media outlets, and he is the co-founder of the charity organization ‘Give a Kid a Smile’ which you can follow and support on Facebook.


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