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WIWSo I have been trying to get somethings around the house fixed and/or improved, ya know, the “honey -do list.”  Organizing the cupboards happens to be on that list, and seeing all the great things they have to help organize them is pretty exciting until you start figuring out how much money it’s going to cost.

I wanted to share this little gem of what I refer to as Hillbilly Engineering, basically a way to save some money, and get damned near the same result.

I wanted to install some of them fancy roll out shelves (that thing right there costs $64.99), so I  instead opted for the inexpensive alternative.

I cut the lip off the long side of a few cheap totes so they would fit in the cupboards, and they work just fine for a lot less money!
Obviously they can't be pulled out all they way without tipping over, but a little inconvenience saves a lot of money.
Obviously they can’t be pulled out all they way without tipping over, but a little inconvenience saves a lot of money.

Knowing that times are tough and a lot of people are struggling, I was hoping that sharing this with you would get you thinking about some of the ways you could save yourself a few bucks if you needed to.

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  1. welduh says

    Sure would hate to see your plumbing job on a clogged commode. hehe

  2. Daniel Larson says

    Joe, if you want to pull them out all the way without tipping over. Cut yourself four 2″ long pieces of 1″x2″ and on the under side of the shelf, right at the front lip, glue and screw the tabs on either side of the handle of the tote, or if you have a brad nailer that will work fine as well. Now when the tote gets pulled out all the way, just let the front lean down and the lip on the back of the tote will catch the 1″x2″ tabs and keep it from falling out.

  3. Grandmotherof8 says

    You & my husband would get along just fine!

  4. Wrightclick says

    Wow, all that packaged stuff is not good for you, Joe. Eat an apple. 🙂

  5. JOHN T. FOX says


  6. Dempsey Coleman says

    great idea

  7. old_crank says

    I have no idea what this is – below-counter cabinet with shelves, with a plastic box on it? What keeps it from falling when you pull it out?

    1. Matt Gerlach says

      Your hand…

      1. old_crank says

        Okay, I get it. You set a box to hold stuff on the shelf. You pull out the box with one hand and get what you want out of it with the other.

        1. Matt Gerlach says

          Looks like it would beat digging to the back of the shelf for the Ramen noodles

    2. old_crank says

      Okay, I get it. You set a box to hold stuff on the shelf. Pull it out with one hand and grab what you want with the other.

  8. David Albert says

    Go get a couple of hooks to attach to the wall on the back side and some string to tie to the back of the tote… and you’ll have instant retention! Drill a hole in the tote and tie something on the end that can’t pull through.

  9. Driver_S says

    WHAT????? No Duct Tape or Baling Wire???? Looks like a good idea and will make it easier to get things out of the cupboard.

  10. Joe_Mosty says

    Yer a nube! I keaped my deer sausage in those since I was 12. That esplains why I caint spel.
    Really… Thanks for the reminder! Americans can make do w i t h o u t the help of Ikea (or the NSA)… Let alone Target or Wal-mart. On the other hand.. they has to be a place to buy cheap tubs! I really would hate to have to break out, and sharpen up, the spoke shave! Barrel maken is a b#tch!
    Yours Truely,
    Joe Mosty

  11. TiredVet1 says

    Thanks this will save a lot of space.

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