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Granny sign lies & diesOnce upon a time in the future, Mother Earth has become overheated,  deforested, and polluted.

America is populated by uneducated, sweaty, hungry people who live in broken-down cars.

Old folks, especially the  grannies, outnumber young folks and swamp the dysfunctional, government-run healthcare system.

Non-medical bureaucrats, rather than deal with fraud and inefficiency, empower a “death panel” to devise a cleansing program for unproductive senior citizens. Grannies are wheeled into “slumber chambers” where they watch videos of a formerly lush and vibrant Earth, listen to Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons,” and receive lethal injections as punishment for living too long and becoming too expensive to maintain.

Granny’s corpse is trucked to the bakery and transformed into high-protein, cracker-like wafers (99% grandma and 1% green food coloring). Granny Crackers feed the starving masses and create an endless circle of birth, death, and cracker reincarnation.

This story just so happens to be the plot of  “Soylent Green,” a 1973 sci fi flick.” It answers the question, “Does art imitate life?”

The death panel depicted in the movie is reality today. Called the “Independent Payment Advisory Board,” it cuts Medicare reimbursement payments and limits life-extending medicines and services for seniors, just as predicted by a brave politician who was vilified for warning us five years ago.

Sheesh! The healthcare situation in America is on life support. We face a shortage of doctors and life-saving medicines. Plus, citizens are unwilling to cough up big bucks for health insurance (an income source that was supposed to fund the entire program). None of this is good news for the 90 million seniors (the majority of them women) who live longer than ever but require body-part replacements for hips, knees, heart valves, and such.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

In 2008, a glib presidential candidate (aided by a gaggle of sleezy advisors, union thugs, left-wing liberals, progressives, and a commie or two), promoted a mantra of “hope and change.” Millions of low-information voters were duped into believing the Prince of Hopenchange would right all the wrongs in the country, and straighten out the health care mess. Little did they know the true meaning of his mantra: “I hope they don’t catch on to how we’re gonna’ fundamentally change/destroy their country.”


Once inaugurated, the fix was in for union buddies, lawyers, pharmaceutical, and insurance companies. They began to push through the stealth agenda for universal health care to be run by overpaid bureaucrats and enforced by the IRS bullies.

President Hopenchange and his teleprompters traveled far and wide, reciting a carefully crafted script to close the deal. “Of course you can keep your own doctor. Health insurance costs will plummet. Pre-existing conditions? No problem! My plan will cover everybody, and save bucket$ of money. Double pinky promise!”

The majority of We-the-People saw right through his sugar-coated lies and opposed the 2000+ page affordable care bill. But, the democrats who not only didn’t read it, voted it into law. (Such good little lemmings.)

Almost immediately, implementation problems began. States refused to go along with the mandates. Younger workers refused to pay health insurance premiums and opted for smallish penalty fees instead. (They knew free medical care would always be available at their local emergency room.)

Tch! Tch! Tch! The healthcare program was bankrupt before it began.

But then, “pssssst!” A rumor began to circulate about the death panel’s brilliant solution to weed out non-productive “burdens” who were breaking the healthcare budget. Frail seniors would be denied life-extending care and encouraged to select Option B, “assisted suicide.” This would free up cash flow to support healthcare for younger workers and  millions of illegal aliens who would continue to receive free healthcare in the name of social justice and equality.

Say what?

Just a darned minute here!

Where is the outrage?

Hopefully, it’s being vocalized as larger numbers of We-the-People become more aware of the dark side of Obamacare.

Elected representatives are being warned to wake up and smell the re-election roses, then defund and repeal Mr. Hopenchange’s healthcare Granny crackers in boxfiasco.

Demands are becoming louder for the government to get the heck out of the healthcare business altogether, so free markets and competition can flourish and lower costs, stimulate innovation, and improve healthcare for everyone.

So, will the future bring happily-ever-after healthcare for granny and grandpa and all of We-the-People who, eventually, will become seniors ourselves? Or, will a slumber chamber (with or without Vivaldi) become your only option? Stay tuned!

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