Government War on Dads

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04 Family-CourtIt isn’t easy being a parent. No matter what your particular situation, there are many difficulties and challenges to be overcome along the way. The reward of watching your children grow up to be responsible, moral, respectful adults is supposed to make it all worthwhile. But what if your children have been brain-washed by the corrupt system? Is it still all worthwhile if they perceive you as a villain?

I’m not writing this piece in an effort to garner any benefit or sympathy for myself. The things I experienced are probably very mild compared to the many injustices that occur on a daily basis in every realm of our “justice” system. People complain about an immigration system being broken when it is only under-enforced. Our justice system as a whole is really broken and way over-enforced, with rampant preferential treatment with a gender and racial bias.

I also want to make it perfectly clear that I love kids. I do not need any government to intervene in order for me to have a relationship with my children. I have three young children by my present wife of 15 years, and have a charity on Facebook called “Give a Kid a Smile”, where we help underprivileged children in the Philippines. My three children at home think the world of me and I do of them as well.

I am writing regarding events involving my two now grown daughters in the U.S. When I divorced from their mother I fully expected fair treatment from the State and to be able to maintain virtually the same relationship with my kids after our divorce as I had enjoyed before. I remained in the same home town as my kids for almost all of their childhood because I wanted to be in their lives.

Out of respect for my children, I’ll not identify my former home state. I’m of a belief that what happened to me is typical and commonplace in every state in America. It appears that the “evil” possessors of external genitalia, hereafter referred to as “men”, are preordained to remain in a meaningless relation-less relationship as a matter of government policy. Pay your taxes, keep your mouth shut, and you’ll be permitted by the state to exist without their intrusion into this particular area of your life, as they lack the jurisdiction. Once they have an opening, though, look out. The Nanny state is at the door and Nanny’s got luggage. Pack your bags daddy boy. Nanny is moving in and you, the maggot male meal-ticket, are moving out.

Those men who have the audacity to leave a state-sanctioned union undermine the system of servitude and disrupt the compliant tax donation scheme. You must sacrifice your financial future to make atonement for your transgressions. Like everything else in America, the land of the free, you must pay a tax. In my case, it was an exit tax, payable to my ex-wife, without regard for the fairness of the terms.

I firmly believe that it is the goal of the State to destroy the American family just as was done in the former Soviet Union. The State will project itself as the provider and form of support for the children, redistributing the “wealth” of the evil man to the coffers of the female victim, who is free to spend as much of it or as little of it in support of the children, with no oversight beyond the writing of the check. After all, in modern socialist America, income redistribution begins at home.

They create the villain by applying the label of “deadbeat dad” to any man who is struggling to support his family in the tough economic times that have resulted from the collective raping we have taken in modern socialist America. If you aren’t rich, you are a no-good deadbeat who is trying to run out on his responsibility. Take a second or third job if you have to because the ex-wife needs to buy chlorine for her swimming pool. Her new SUV needs an oil change. We deadbeats are just so irresponsible. Thankfully, the good-hearted State is watching out for you, little ones.

The traditional family is an obvious high priority target. Once a man is saddled with this debt, he becomes much less attractive to a future mate and if he is successful in a securing a future relationship, the financial baggage is carried with him. Non-parasitic females are better off not marrying him, as they become cosigners to the collective debt to the previous wife’s household. Better we all sit around, watch television and collect a percentage check from the work of others.

Subsequent hearings over the years were a farce. I was a little taken aback at my first experience with what is so warmly misnamed as the family court. I should have known the fix was in when the bailiff cautioned me to just relax, just be cool, before the proceedings had ever even gotten underway. In retrospect, it is obvious he knew what was in the cards.

I walked in, became seated, waited for her majesty to enter, stood in faux respect as one is forced to, and made my best effort to present my case, representing myself as that particular venue required. I guess they don’t want to be challenged by attorneys while the kangaroo show is in motion. I watched in frustration as they ignored and dismissed every one of my points and arguments in their predetermined charade. The cabal of; manly women representing the D.A.’S office, the state-provided half man/half woman attorney representing my ex-wife under the guise of representing the children at their primary domicile, the dog-faced female judge, the “Jane Hathaway” court reporter, have all perpetrated their crimes on a multitude of male victims countless times. The scenario is: naïve man comes in, naïve man gets raped, violated man hobbles out with his head spinning, wondering what just happened and how this can be permitted in a just society.

Men are faceless adversaries to the system, which is carving out it’s pound of flesh. We are not humans. We have no standing or value other than as their source of sustenance. They are parasites as much as the compliant ex-wife, more than happy to leave our empty carcasses in society’s trash heap at the end of eighteen years.

This is not about justice. It is not about making sure children are cared for. There is no accountability that the money collected goes to support the children. It’s is an extension of the same control apparatus that is progressively taking over all of American society. The State must be our master. They must be seen as the new father figure in the father land.

I’ll admit it took me a long time to figure this out. I was extremely frustrated and angered by the injustice that was perpetrated by the hand of what I thought was my government. I was able to understand it only when I realized that their objective is not what they portray it to be. I don’t matter. My kids don’t matter. The greedy ex-wife doesn’t matter. It is only about wealth redistribution and control. We are a means to an end. And by the time we figure it out, by the time we understand the rules that they are playing by are different than what we believe, they’ve already won. They’ve got us where they want us and we’ll stay there for eighteen years.

The systematic destruction of an insignificant and “evil by gender” person is not the worst of it. The most destructive part of this one-sided distribution of injustice is that it enabled my ex-wife to buy the affection of my children. While I still did what I could in addition to the State-mandated theft, I could not spend to the degree that the wealth transfer permitted my ex-wife to. I was compelled by the State to provide her with the means to present herself as the benevolent, loving parent and label me as uncaring. I was trapped. My only solace during this period was in the belief that once the kids were grown up, they would realize what had been going on. They would want to rekindle that lost spark of father-daughter love that I still carry in a pain-filled area of my heart today. I told myself that in the end, it would all become obvious to them and they would know I was not the bad guy. I apparently was more naïve than I realized. The brain-washing was complete, thorough and irreversible. I am Johnny Rotten.

It is a bitter and painful realization when one is forced to finally accept, as I finally did today, that my children will never have a relationship of any value with me. They are lost to me. I’ve tried countless times but the roots of their distorted upbringing are strong and deep. Sure, I’m hurt, it is a devastating thing. But the real victims are my kids. They have bought into the lie. They have had their impressionable minds poisoned to a point where they are not capable of seeing the truth. There is nothing I can do to win their hearts and minds. It is over; the state-sponsored ex is victorious.

But what has she won? An immoral victory in this life does not constitute a real victory in the big picture. I don’t have any emotion towards her. She is a person who had a major negative impact on my life. I can deal with that and have dealt with it. She is history. The pain of my children is not. It is a daily condition.


Rick Wells is an author and a small business owner. He contributes to Joe The Plumber among other conservative media outlets, and he is the co-founder of the charity organization ‘Give a Kid a Smile’ which you can follow and support on Facebook.

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