Extortion 17- Set Up and Cover Up

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06 Extortion 17If you haven’t heard of Extortion 17 it’s understandable. For some reason the obama regime has been working real hard to suppress any information regarding this incident and to keep it from getting into the Mainstream Reality TV media. Thankfully, their efforts to cover their involvement in both the incident and the cover up have blown up in their faces. The usual spin, stonewalling, deception and manipulation of events that is a hallmark of the obama regime has fallen short. Congressional hearings are on the way.

A fabricated outrage of synthetic racism can generate only a finite amount of distraction before people begin to tire of the baseless rants and violence. In contrast, this is a real story about real American heroes who paid the ultimate price as a result of the misdeeds committed against them. This is also a story of betrayal. A betrayal by a government of its most dedicated, loyal and faithful public servants. It is a story of systematic treachery against the fallen and against our nation.

Extortion 17 was the call sign for a Chinook helicopter which crashed while conducting a special operations mission in Tangi Joi Zareen, which is in the district of Sayd Abad in Wardak Province, Afghanistan. The crash took place on August 6th, 2011 , reportedly as a result of an RPG strike. It was the largest loss of American lives in a single day in the entire Afghanistan conflict. The circumstances surrounding the crash are suspicious to say the least.

Thirty Eight persons perished in the crash, thirty of those were American service personnel. Fifteen of the fatalities were members of Navy SEAL Team 6, recklessly identified three months earlier by our vice president as the unit which killed Osama Bin Laden. Also among the casualties were two other SEALS, five Navy Special Ops Support Personnel, five Army National Guardsmen and three Air Force Special Ops personnel. Seven Afghan soldiers and one Afghan civilian interpreter were killed as well.

The obama regime and the military establishment would have you believe that this slow-moving, sitting duck Chinook was brought down by the skill or luck of a Taliban fighter under normal battlefield conditions. This is not the case.

There are many abnormalities and deviations from protocol which are suspicious and indicate possible dereliction or criminality on the part of senior leadership involved, both military and civilian.

Some questions regarding these irregularities include:

  • Why was there no suppression of the known enemy positions from which the fatal attack was launched? Extortion 17 attempted a landing 3 ½ hours into an intense firefight.
  • Why transport 25 Seals and special ops troops together in a combat situation in a Chinook helicopter, a slow-moving transport helicopter which was totally inappropriate for this type of engagement?
  • Why was no cover provided through support aircraft at any time, during the mission into a live fire hot zone, in violation of standard protocol?
  • Why did the U.S. Military invite a Muslim imam to pray over (desecrate) the bodies, pronouncing that the “infidels” are lesser than the Muslims, that the Muslims are the winners and that the “infidels” are damned to Hell for eternity?
  • Why is the obama regime silent on the desecration of bodies of American service men but outraged at Koran burnings or service men urinating on dead Taliban?
  • Why were all of the bodies cremated and the explanation given that the bodies were burned beyond recognition when there is photographic evidence that at least some of the victim’s bodies were easily identifiable?
  • Why were the seven Afghani troops originally on the flight changed at the last minute with seven others with no changes made to the flight manifest? Were they part of a plot that brought down the Chinook?
  • Who ordered the Afghani troop change and for what reason?
  • Why were the two flight data recorders supposedly not recovered from the crash site? A claim that a flash flood washed them away was given to the families. If these boxes can be recovered from an ocean bottom, how much of an obstacle can a desert flash flood, if it actually occurred, really be?
  • Intelligence had indicated on May 11th, ten days after the killing of Osama Bin Laden, that over 100 additional Taliban fighters were in the area of the crash seeking specifically to exact revenge for the Bin Laden killing. Yet the military still sent these troops in unprotected into a live firefight. Who made this decision?
  • Why do the rules of engagement place a greater value on the “winning of hearts and minds of the enemy” than on the life of the service man/woman?
  • Why do protocols require the admittedly Taliban infiltrated Afghan National Army, Afghan National Police and Afghan Security Ministry to be involved in all planning of all special operations including flight routes and landing zones? This is the same as giving our operational plans directly to the enemy.
  • What was the urgency that necessitated this last minute operation? Supposedly this was an urgent mission but no explanation or evidence has been provided to indicate why.
  • Why were no members of Afghan military questioned during the investigation or in the writing of the investigative report of the crash? If they are so valuable that they must be included in every planning, one would think they might be valuable in the investigation as well. Perhaps some light could have been shed on the seven mystery Afghan soldiers and the story around the switch.
  •  How did Taliban know on May 11th, ten days after the killing of Bin Laden that seal team six or coalition force as they described it, would be an available target in Tangi Valley? Was it information provided by the Afghan military?
  •  No pathfinders were available in advance of the crash and the drone eye in the sky quit working at the time of the crash. The U.S. military also claims it did not know the identity of the helicopter that crashed for ten minutes. What caused the multi-layered surveillance and communications black out?
  •  After the crash, over one hundred U.S. military troops descended on the area, including pathfinders. Why were they not available before?

These are not my questions. These are the questions of the family members and concerned retired generals, admirals, active congressmen and women, and other high profile Americans who are working tirelessly to bring attention to this injustice.

The obama regime has casually ignored the many scandals that have plagued it in recent weeks and months, dismissing them as phony. They are not phony. The phony is the liar hiding behind a press secretary and hoping this will all just go away.

The administration has belittled, mocked and abused our fighting men and women for five years. They have installed rules of engagement that have undoubtedly resulted in the deaths and disfigurement of many of our troops for the sake of political posturing. Enough is enough. This issue will not go away. It’s time for this illegitimate anti-American regime to be held accountable for their despicable actions. It’s time for these families to be heard.

Rick Wells is an author and a small business owner. He contributes to Joe The Plumber among other conservative media outlets, and he is the co-founder of the charity organization ‘Give a Kid a Smile’ which you can follow and support on Facebook.

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  1. Dirk Digler says

    Buncha fuckin wack-jobs

    1. Heimdalls Henchman says

      who,weak ass,coward looking metro-sexual liberals ?

  2. Isaac A Morton says

    Good morning everyone first we the people need to stand up and take a min and look around an see what is going on around you we all need to stop the violence we don’t need wars or crime on this planet we all need to work together to help save are planet we don’t need money it was something that was made up to control us if everyone worked together we could have a world with peace and happy ness no one person would be hungry or home less if you take a look around all this fighting is hurting everyone no one on this planet want to fight but we are told to do something by someone and in a result life are lost we can stop all war and stand up like real men and woman and help each other to make peace on this planet so we can all still have a place to raise kids and enjoy life we the people can do this we just need to work together so my heart goes out to the ones we have lost and may good bless there souls for the thing they where told to do that cause them to loss there life’s and cause pain on there love ones for the losses if we all would just stop an take that min to look around and thank each other for what each and every person has to offer we can make a change thank you

  3. Balance3 says

    The corruption in our administration is astounding !!

  4. Troy Berkely says

    Yeah this is an outrage! No question about it, just reading this has my blood boiling! I don’t see anyone, not one single American out in the streets protesting this administration. So it continues, and things will keep happening like this until something is done to voice outrage, to not only this, but the IRS, Benghazi, Fast and the Furious, and so on , and so on, and so on!

  5. George Matteson says

    This is unacceptable and needs investigated to the fullest details. Action need to be taken now. and right now.

  6. ThomPaineJr12 says

    More evidence that deranged Obama haters are gullible saps for the most idiotic conspiracy theories of all time.

    1. Heimdalls Henchman says

      wtf you doing trolling here anyway….?

  7. BayouCoyote says

    Tick toc….the hand is about to set.

  8. [email protected] says

    I was stationed there during the crash near Salar in a combat outpost. A close friend of mine was pulled into the recovery convoy and I got a lot of second hand info from him. When it happened there was a huge rush of security. Until then we were poorly supplied and poorly supported. We were training the ANA to take over security of the area and it was common to change ANA personal last minute due to poor security measures. The Tangi valley pull out followed the crash by about a month so that was the reason for a lot of the secrecy. There are so many half truths and pure lies, you just have to research and figure out what was really the truth.

  9. Stupid Stuff Obama Says says

    Great article Dude…

  10. Alan Perri Industryadviser says

    great stuff
    yeah why why why?
    Look at the corrupt leaders
    They are responsible whether directly involved or not that is what all managers do is take full responsibility
    And if the leaders didnt know

    Then why is it taking them 2 years to get any kind of truthful full investigation??

  11. rath150 says

    Not only for the MURDER of these heroes involved in EXTORTION 17 but the MURDER of their COMMARADES in BENGHANZE. Why do we not realize that ob will never stop his actions as long as we do nothing. WE CAN TALK ALL WE WANT – it means NOTHING to him. he will continue to do do do until Americans stop him and his ilk! HOW MANY MORE AMERICANS HAVE TO DIE AT HIS HANDS AND THEY WILL AS SOON (or before) HE ESTABLISHES MARTIAL LAW AND THE DHS KNOCKS ON YOUR DOOR. Do you not understand – this is not “THE SKY IS FALLING”! FEMA HAS ALREADY SET UP CAMPS (concentration) for those who don’t toe the line! DO THE RESEARCH THE CAMPS ARE THERE – SOME BEING REVOVATED AS WE SPEAK!
    he is like a CHILD and will do things that he should not no matter how many warnings. The child doesn’t want to understand the word NO until he receives physical punishment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. ThomPaineJr12 says

      IT IS UNFORTUNATE THAT SOME RIGHTWING NUTS are so crazy and stupid that they believe Obama set up Seals to be killed and set up Americans in Benghazi to be killed. The humane thing might be to give them all a lobotomy… put them out of their misery.

  12. BigDog1702 says

    We need to Impeach Obama the Muslim NOW !!!!!!!

    1. ThomPaineJr12 says

      Well, I’m sure Repubs in Congress are reading these posts to make up their mind as to what to do. HAHAHAAHA

  13. KG says

    I will say there are issues with your story.. There are no black boxes on a D-Model Chinook which they were on. The part about not knowing which bird was down for ten minutes was because there was two helicopters on the scene and during a crash ten minutes is not long at all.

    1. Rick Wells says

      The black box information came from a parent, Charlie Strange, and was told to him during a briefing by military leadership. If they don’t exist, then it is just another discrepancy to add to the list. I would then question why he was told that. I don’t doubt the validity of anything that Charlie Strange has said regarding this incident.

  14. dangerouspatriot says

    I’ve asked this many times in many of these articles, why, why, why is that illegal pos obama still in our White House,along with that clown biden and that other traitor holder??? I’m going to have to go back to e-mailing congressmen/women and senators and ask them this question over and over and over until maybe something will be done about it. I’ll need help, how about millions of people do that very same thing, then maybe, possibly we’ll see some kind of action take place, either that or we all just disappear. L&L

    1. BigDog1702 says

      I have been doing the same thing for years telling everyone that Obama needs to be Impeached and all I get is your nuts and we’ll look into it . We need to take back our country soon or we wont have one any more because the Muslim are trying to take it over.!!!

      1. ThomPaineJr12 says

        Yeah.. that makes sense… Muslims taking over a country that is 75+% Christian. HAHAHAHA

        1. Heimdalls Henchman says

          its what they’ve always done,Turkey for example use to be Greece,they invaded France back in the day,matter of fact most the muslim world was x-tian first….

  15. daveveselenak says

    I’ve been asserting since day one that this miscreant, Obaa-baa-ma is a Muslim-Marxist jihadist,NWO puppet and will go to my grave uttering that truth! This atrocity towards our best and bravest confirms my assertion! Why hasn’t AMERIKA awoken to this is sinful and deadly! Either the new Hitler Obaa-baa-ma goes or what is left of this country goes! WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP!

    1. BigDog1702 says

      It’s time to clean house ALL three.!!!

  16. TombstoneLizard says

    Our government thinks that in case of a civil uprising against it, the military will keep following orders and suppress Americans in any conceivable manner. I just hope the young men and women of our armed forces are paying attention to the voices of the veterans who are constantly getting the shaft, and their brothers and sisters who lay broken and dying in their arms. I pray that when the time comes, the majority of them will say “NO, WE WON’T!” to any order that pits the military against what they have taken a sacred oath to defend.

    1. Bruce Stroh says

      Rest assured, the vast majority of them will!
      For those who are still uncertain whether it’s lawful for a soldier to disobey a direct order from a superior officer — up to and including the “Commander in Chief” — dig out your trusty and presumably well-worn copy of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and look up Articles 90, 91 and 92. The oath sworn at enlistment by each and every soldier ties their obedience and service to the Constitution — NOT the President! He can give orders (even to send our sons and daughters on “suicide missions”), yes, but ONLY so long as they are LAWFUL and within the parameters of the Constitution (it doesn’t involve the commitment of a crime). Of course, the present CiC doesn’t shive a git about “law” any more than he does about how much it’s costing you and I to pay for air Force One to fly him and his entourage on his king’s-ransom vacations to Africa, Ireland and Martha’s Vineyard…
      Better yet, check out this link: http://usmilitary.about.com/cs/militarylaw1/a/obeyingorders_2.htm, which explains it in a little more detail, including some military court decisions regarding “for” and “against” scenarios.
      HOOrah! Carry on…

  17. shamu9 says

    REAL REASON for the Termination of the Seal Team 6!! They NEVER Found BIN LADEN!! Bin Laden had been dead of Diabetes and other Diseases, that Allah Plagued him with, for YEARS! The SEALS KNEW This, when they didn’t Find him at his Purported Compound! O’Bullzhit Took Credit for Killing Amerika’s #1 Enemy, who was already Dead! Boosting his Chances in an Already Completely FIXED/Rigged Election! Every eye witness to the fact that Bin Laden Was Not Killed by Obama/SEAL Team 6 Had to Be Neutralized! Thus the Set-Up!

  18. Frank W Brown says

    Hey Congress, where is the RULE of LAW??? Do ANY of you plan on EVER HONORING the OATH you took when elected??? You KNOW that this presidency is BOGUS and ILLEGAL, so WHAT are you DOING???

  19. GoldenRudy says

    The “cream” of the military’s SpecOps and they were placed deliberately in a non-SpecOps copter; co-mingled with non-SpecOps personnel; into a hot zone without suppression fire from an AC gunship due to the ROEs? The whole chain of command is responsible for this and careers should be lost over it. Only/until there is some real accountability will the true story come out.

  20. $14832922 says

    …. because this was Obama’s “payback” to his brotherhood for Bin Laden.

    And, so many of the “American people” (black and white) are gullible enough to believe the LYING Usurper …. just because he’s “black”.

    1. $26222150 says

      Well, the joke’s on them because he’s only 1/16 black. He’s almost half ARAB.

      1. ThomPaineJr12 says

        Are you the lady who was at the McCain rally and said you heard Obama isn’t an American?

  21. 1baronrichsnot1 says

    seal team 6 were heros’, Can’t have popular heros showing up and shadowing out right cowards and idiots. Hence the expose’ by Biden, makes him look big. In charge. when in reality he is a little whimpy panty man, scratching for noteriety and some kind of recognition of leadership, of which there is none. There is certainly enough questionable activity for investigation of inept and shocking decisions of this operation. Almost if not so, criminally negligent, leaders, who ever planned this mission should never again be trusted to implement any military action what so ever, and sent home, dishonorably discharged, it’s obvious these individuals are so far behind the peter principle advancement curve, that they aren’t salvageable.

  22. jaxtom says

    No wonder these scum fear veterans! Time for “Bourne again” consequences?

    1. don ellsworth says

      time for a lot of things but talk is a waste

  23. edro3111 says

    Great reading! I never knew all of these questionable statements and excuses. Now, if we only had GOP reps in Congress that would grow some balls……

    1. don ellsworth says

      never happen

      1. vet says

        It will just be added to the list of treason charges when we take back the senate.This will not go unnoticed.This was payback for taking out osoma and to show the world what side he is on.I hope there will be a lottery for the ones on the firing squad.I’ll bring my own ammo.A thirty wound mag dipped in pigs blood and the last shot to finish him off.

        1. Hoodoo H says

          We cannot ever forget to dip our ammo in pigs blood.
          This is one of the few things Muzzie scum know.

        2. ThomPaineJr12 says

          It’s a free country… crazy rightwing nuts afflicted with Obama Derangement Syndrome are entitled to their delusions

          1. Troy Berkely says

            Well you sir you can be added as the d-bag to the list while your at it!

          2. Ranchman says

            How DARE you use the name of a true American Patriot, you scum. Your neck belongs under our boot heels. You had better hope and pray that your true identity is never made public.

          3. Heimdalls Henchman says

            Delusions ?….is this your way of saying phony scandal ?

    2. GoldenRudy says

      The mother of one Seal member that died in this incident said on radio this morning that Rep Chaffetz has listened to her and is trying to take action. Granted, he is only one Rep, but she said he and another Rep are going after the answers. I hope they get them.

      1. Hoodoo H says

        Please visit this site for one of the Fallen Soldiers, Arron Vaughn.

    3. mar5t1n says

      I think I would settle if any one of them would just grow one ball-at least they could be half a man!

    4. Hoodoo H says

      Doesn’t look like the little girls will.
      It is time for real MEN and/or WOMEN PATRIOTS to get’r done.
      Nothin but a bunch of eunochs in the House.

      1. $26222150 says

        That’s “eunoch.”

        1. Hoodoo H says

          Thank you for the heads up bro.
          Correction made.

    5. Donald Congleton says


  24. Billy says

    Could Obama have been behind this? Who knows, but there sure is a lot of questions , and circumstances that is really mind blowing.

  25. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

    Let’s clean the White House out and get a REAL PRESIDENT in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Bonnie Somer says


      1. don ellsworth says

        yea what happen in2012 what has happen since then? 51% still kneeling at the alter of obama

        1. $26222150 says

          Look for massive election fraud from here on out. We are now a banana republic and our votes mean nothing.

        2. Town Crier says

          Unfortunately it wasn’t 51% – There was probably at least 10% of those votes were FRAUD! Who “fixed” the voting machines? Why it was the
          DAMN-O-CRAT union “people”! Like many cases of Repubs voting a straight Rep ticket, then looking at their votes which said they voted straight Dem! This is PROVEN! Add to that all the wetbacks who aren’t even supposed to be in this country voting for him! IMHO, 10% is a very low figure – it’s probably much higher!! And now the eunuchs and little girls in Congress won’t even IMPEACH him and his cronies!

  26. Charold says

    No one will listen except when he is supporting racism and saying he is going to send people money.

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