Enforce Old Immigration Laws Before Any New Ones Are Passed

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If our existing immigration laws are not being enforced, what on earth makes these “Gang of Eight” Republicans and the Republicans who support them believe “new” immigration “reform” will be enforced? How will we control the border moving forward given the Obama administration’s history of ignoring our current immigration law? There has already been legislation passed which compels that a fence be built, yet it hasn’t been built. People in this country illegally are supposed to be deported when they commit crime, yet they aren’t. They’re not supposed to be here, but here they are.

It begs a very important set of questions: Is it that John Boehner, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Karl Rove, anyone named Bush, Jon Kyl, this Corker-Hoeven hybrid and the others really believe this bill will do anything but give Amnesty to somewhere between 11 and 30 million illegal aliens? Or, is it that they are owned by the Corporatists who want the taxpayers to subsidize their workforce and keep all wages down and profits up? Or have they merely just bought into what the Democrats have been shoveling for years? Here is a new (old) concept: Follow the damn laws that are on the books now. I’m a genius. Thank-you

Think about it this way. We already PAID Senators and Congressmen years ago to do what they are saying needs to be done again. Why are the taxpayers having to pay a whole new group of freaking politicians (actually a whole lot of them are the same), to do a job that was supposed to have been done over and over? After all, the border between America and Mexico has not changed in almost 200 years – are you telling me and the American people that we – with all of our college educated representatives – can’t figure out border security in that amount of time? I’m not being facetious, this is the simple point: Secure the damn border, then let’s talk about reform, coming out of the shadows, a path to whatever – but secure that border so that our children don’t have to revisit this in another 25 years with another 20, 30 or 100 million illegal aliens, all ready to vote for Democrats.

Please don’t buy into this crap about triggers and provisions and tough requirements the Gang of Eight has included in the bill to make it so illegals in this country won’t have an advantage over immigrants who *gasp* follow our laws. The first thing that happens with this bill is that people here illegally become legal. That is called “amnesty” my friends. Say it with me: “Amnesty.” There, don’t you feel better? Don’t buy it because this Administration will not – repeat – will not enforce the provisions which they don’t like. They will ignore, roll back or proclaim as extreme any aspect of the bill which slows down the legalization of illegal aliens living here now or in the future. Learn English? What are you, a slave owner? Make a proud immigrant throw away their culture and learn your bigoted language just so they can mow the lawn in front of your mansion which sits on what used to be their land anyway? You think I’m kidding? Every single one of these so-called triggers which the 11 million (what a joke that number is, right?) illegals “living in the shadows” need to comply with in order to get on the “path to citizenship” will be changed, rolled-back or just flat-out ignored. Bank on it.

But what is really hysterical, even if Congress doesn’t revisit the triggers and “tough” provisions being promoted by the Gang of Eight, the new immigration reform allows the secretary of homeland security the authority to enforce all these requirements – or not. That’s right, if Janet Napolitano says the border is now secure – it’s secure. When Janet Napolitano believes employer sanctions have become too onerous, then they’ll be ignored. If Janet Napolitano says everyone speaks English to her satisfaction, then dos cervesa, por favor!

Everything in this bill is a lie to get you to believe in it: Oh, don’t worry,  – illegals won’t get food stamps? Yes they will. Illegals won’t get in line in front of veterans? Yes they will. Illegals won’t get into State schools before your kids do and with your tax money? Yeah they will, and this Administration will see to it they do. We’ve seen this movie before and if it weren’t such a tragedy, it would be the comedy of the century. What Congress doesn’t repeal, Obama, Holder and Napolitano will.

Let’s be clear: This is not a vote for immigration reform, it’s a vote for one-party rule and tyranny.

We need to stop this farce at any cost. Shut down the government, write letters, threaten Republicans in the House with being primaried, march on Washington – whatever it takes – because if 30 million new Democrat voters magically become legal citizens, it is over friendo. Republicans, conservatives, Tea Party, Whigs – whatever – will never win another election and this country will go by the way of Greece, Venezuela or even Mexico. Except there will be little pockets of gated white communities where Democrat politicians live and their low-cost laborers clean their pools, raise their kids and trim the bushes.

The Republicans are in on it and they need to hear from us. Now.


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