Congress Approval and Incumbents

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Gallup conducts all kinds of polls, and one of them is on how many approve of the U.S.Congress. Only three out of twenty people approve of Congress, and yet eighteen of twenty incumbents are reelected. There are some of us who would like to see only three of twenty incumbents reelected, and the approval polls and the incumbents success at reelection seem paradoxical. Gallup does more polling to find out how many people approve of their two senators and one representative. It turns out that nine out of twenty people approve of their own members of Congress. While nine is better than three, it’s still a minority that doesn’t explain all of the incumbents getting reelected. Gallup does even more polling that reveals that thirteen out of twenty people don’t know the names of their senators and representative. The seven out of twenty who do know the names are older, have more wealth, hold college degrees, and are more likely to vote. Of this smaller subset, thirteen of twenty approve of the Congress.

What is missing from the polling by Gallup is any interest in dealing with guns, immigration, or climate change. These are the only issues the liberals want to take up because they have special interest groups pushing these. People are most interested in having a 40 hour a week job with decent wages to afford gas in their car and food on their table. They don’t ask the federal government to provide for them. They just want the federal government to stop doing what makes these things difficult for them to have the opportunity to acquire.

More people need to know the names of their senators and representative, and they need to know the important votes they are making. This information is available to them at Heritage Action for America. For example, comparison of the Senators and Representative in Indiana to the senators and representative in Texas tell me that I improved my representation when I moved from Indiana to Texas. The results are here.

There doesn’t need to be a political party rebranding by the establishment wizards of smart. As people struggle more and more to get by they just need to pay more attention to their two senators and representative than ever before. None of these people are entitled or own their seat, and each of us are responsible for electing a better person when the incumbent is no longer serving us well.

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