Chicago Public Schools lay off 2,113 employees as union-made disaster worsens

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CHICAGO – The troubles continue for the financially distressed Chicago Public Schools.

Bankruptcy-do-not-pass-goAbout a month after Chicago school officials announced the closing of 48 schools and 850 employee layoffs, they “announced late Thursday that 2,113 teachers and other employees would be laid off Friday,” reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

The 1,036 affected teachers represent “about 4 percent of the last year’s total faculty of 23,290,” the Sun-Times reports.

Out-of-control employee pension costs are the culprit for CPS’ latest round of downsizing.

“In fiscal year ‘14 we’re facing a historic deficit of $1 billion that is driven primarily by a $400 million increase in our annual teacher pension payments,” CPS spokeswoman Becky Carroll said, according to the Sun-Times.

“Absent pension reform in Springfield, we have very few options available to us to close that gap, and that has resulted in bringing this crisis to the doorsteps of our schools,” Carroll added.

In an attempt to deflect the blame from her union’s role in creating an unsustainable pension system, Chicago Teachers Union President blamed the layoffs on Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

“There’s just absolutely no interest on the part of the mayor of this city to appropriately fund schools or work with us to get funding from Springfield,” Lewis said.

That’s ironic coming from Lewis, the very person who led a teachers’ strike last fall, demanding that union members be given an absurd and unaffordable 30 percent pay raise. CTU members eventually ended their strike after receiving a 17.6 percent pay raise, to be spread out over four years.

Most of the freshly laid off teachers are “probationary teachers who have worked for CPS for less than three years,” the Associated Press reports.

There’s that “last in, first out” provision again, common to so many union collective bargaining agreements. It means the youngest teachers will the first to go, even if some of them are the best teachers in their schools.

The union looks out for the best interests of its oldest members, not the best interests of students.

“All laid-off teachers will be able to reapply for district teaching positions,” and some of them will probably be rehired, the AP reports.

A CPS official told the news group that, historically, more the 60 percent of district teachers who have been laid off eventually get rehired.

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  1. mthammer says

    Its about time that these Unions understand that before you now it no Cities in the states are going to give these outlandish Pensions to Unions. Obama said thatin his campaign , that we will not allow Detroit to go Bankrupt . Well Obama another lie , just add it to all the other lies about benghazi, the IRS targeting of Conservatives since 2010, calling an attack on Ft Hood Soldiers workplace Violence , yoou want respect Tell us the Truth , not constant lies. Oh no other President in the History of this nation ever told the Military to stand Down when 4 Americans are left to die in Benghazi and then tell the UN and the American people that it wasnt a Terrorist Attack , just like Ft Hood Not a terrorist attack , that it was a You Tube video thata was the cause of the Attack. No evidence , when the night of the Attack , second in command called Hillary Clinton telling her that there was a terrorist attack , she called Obama , why did he tell the military to stand down . How many lies has this Fraudulent Obama Administration given the American people in the last 5 years , I cant count them on both my hands and fingers.

  2. Bryan Schmick says

    The union got its 4% per year for 4 years raise and the city responds by firing 4% of the teachers.

  3. hora says

    I don’t call educators, I call lazy greed liberals, teach violence, how discriminate whites, how became homosexuals, how be a criminals liberals ect, that is not teach. Now after get out job Union will help? I don’t thing so. That are a good punish to all greed lazy teacher and hope cut off all Gov benefit like food stamp or any kind of help. Eat garbage and live under a bridge, start learn work for a minimum wage and survive.

  4. monacall says

    These educators r to dumb to realize they have been snookered. Thank The Lord mine r out of school.

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