Caution, Amnesty Tsunami Ahead

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Caution Amnesty Tsunami JTPNowhere are the flaws of our unrepresentative form of representative government more evident than in the debate over what is being marketed as “immigration reform”. The debate is being improperly framed. This is not a question of immigration at all. It is a question of survival of the American middle class, already stressed to the breaking point by a faltering economy and degrading social fabric. False arguments that our broken immigration system is to blame are completely unfounded. The source of the problem is much more basic than that.

We have an illegal immigration problem because of a failure of our Federal Government to fulfill their obligation to secure our borders. Our U.S. Congressmen swear an oath to defend our nation from enemies both foreign and domestic. There are a multitude of domestic enemies working against the American citizen today. Many are the very officials we elect to act on our behalf in government. Often, as in this case, they do the exact opposite of what is in the best interest of Americans. They represent, not their countrymen and constituents, but the money that purchases their electoral office and the influence it demands. Their allies in the shaping of this false immigration debate are business organizations and the race preference groups who mislabel themselves as civil rights organizations. There is precious little respect for the God-given rights of the average American citizens by these traitors within.

They utilize the pre-positioned invading force of illegal aliens to coerce the American public into surrendering to their demands. They claim that this “immovable force” is already here and is not going anywhere. Their assertion that we can’t send illegals back to where they came from is ludicrous. Of course we can. We need simply to enforce the laws that are on the books already. Not half-heartedly, and not viciously. Just as every other nation in the world aside from America enforces and protects their borders and their sovereignty. Real, legitimate border enforcement works and is practiced around the globe by every nation except ours. Are we too inept to protect ourselves? We are very close.

There were provisions in the 1986 Reagan amnesty as it was originally written which addressed all of the same issues which we are faced with again today. There were enforcement requirements for a larger force at the border, new surveillance methods and technologies, as well as employer sanctions for hiring illegal workers. Those provisions are still the law today. The problem is a lack of enforcement from an administration which issues executive orders and internal directives to countermand the laws and negate enforcement. There is no reason to believe that a virtual carbon copy of what is in place now will suddenly begin to work. Enforcement of existing laws would have the same effect as enforcement of a new law. There is no need to gratuitously award legal status to illegal invaders. Claims of a need to bring anyone out of the shadows as a means of dealing with this problem are like offering to drop charges against a criminal if they will come to the police station and confess to the crime.

The true motivations of the proponents of this disaster could be more accurately characterized as selling their office and their support to financial, racial or political interests, in short, betrayal and corruption. Anything presented as justification beyond that is merely deceptive cover for a dishonest political position. There is no legitimate reason for an elected government representative to place the desires of non-Americans above those of Americans. It cannot be justified.

I said this is not about illegal immigration and ultimately, it is not. The key issue is whether or not the American middle class is going to have to compete with a tsunami of low wage workers who will immediately enjoy the same legal right to the same positions that Americans are now working in or seeking. Not just the “shadow” jobs, but any job, including yours.

And it makes no difference whether they are citizens or legal status foreign workers. The economic and cultural devastation on Americans will be the same. Don’t kid yourself that they want to become Americans and that they are here because we are the beacon of freedom around the globe. We are a teetering economic force which offers potential financial rewards and they are here to exploit that. That is very different from the “freedom magnet” narrative being peddled to soft sell this as the right thing to do for humanitarian reasons.

Citizenship is incidental. The critical component is the ability to legally work for a higher wage in a better job. Presently, many of the illegals working with falsified documents must work in low profile positions, away from licensing or other procedural hurdles. This has provided some insulation for American workers from diluted wages and reduced opportunities. Once this bill passes, their immediate legal work status will erase much of this buffer and in some ways actually tilt the employment playing field in favor of the former illegal. There are obamacare mandates which do not apply to former illegals and therefore make an illegal cheaper to hire.

The bottom line is that aside from the blatant sale of their office in exchange for campaign contributions, fundraisers, advertising, power, financial or other illicit considerations, there is no logical or acceptable reason for an elected representative, accountable to the American people to support an amnesty bill by any name. Question the motives of any official in favor of this. Look into their support and you will find a special interest that has a special influence over “Their Boy”.

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