Cartoons? We have ’em!

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Liberty Alliance has another great member that Joe for America would like to introduce…

Detroit 590 LA w logo

A.F. Branco Recently talked with John Scott from Fox news…

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  1. chris katko says
  2. RightGunner says


    Here is a cartoon idea that you might want to get drawn.

    It shows two men in silhouette, one on top of the other with the one on top’s fist ready to slam the one underneath.

    The man on top is saying, “You have the right to retreat, but you don’t have the right to stop me from beating your head in”.

  3. A.F.Branco says

    Thank you Joe for posting my toons! What an honor.

  4. DenverKitty says

    I sent in a suggestion, to the GOP, to put political cartoons up on billboards on all major highways throughout the U.S….in 2011. I probably wasn’t the only one to suggest it, but we might have laughed TheButcherOfBenghazi OUT of office.

    1. cowboybobmt says

      wishful thinking i’d say as the fix was already in on the 2012 outcome. it’s too easy to steal an election in today’s electoral environment with electronic voting machines, wimpy voter ID laws AND the fact that the libs only have to manipulate the vote in a few marginal areas in a few states. The Least and Left Coasts along with the megalopolises around the country pretty roll over with the welfare candidate who promises the most goodies…then all you have to do is diddle 10-12 key districts in certain states and viola…socialism rules. It’s better than one-party communism as it gives the aura of free elections.

      Wait until they slide some amnesty in through the bathroom window…you’ll be able to vote when you pick up your big mac and fries at the drive-up window with your “guest worker permit”.

      1. DenverKitty says

        cowboy: loved your comment! Would’ve given it “Comment of the Day!” if I hadn’t already awarded same. KT

        1. cowboybobmt says

          Ha! thanks.

          hate to be the infernal pessimist on all this, but i have seen this voting thing change over the years and never for the better.

          There was some method to the madness of having voting on one day and at a specific location. The purpose was to give all parties the opportunity to witness that the vote was fairly collected and counted…then there is NO question about accuracy. Of course, there are parties that want no such accountability.

          Now, I’ve no idea what % but will guess large, your vote goes into some digital box which is then “processed”…lots of opportunity for hijinx even with informed people watching. At least in my state, we mark a paper ballot which is optically counted by machine…but there is a paper trail if there is any question. Still the opportunity to digitally diddle the outcome…but i’d say a bit harder than when there is no other record than the 0’s and 1’s on a disk drive.

  5. Bonnie Somer says

    love it, how about one w/the us constitution putting obama in prison for treason and ignoring it now that would b good

    1. bahndon says

      maybe have obama stepping on the constitution and it rolls up into a gallows with the rope around the traitor’s neck, holding his feet about 2 feet off the ground..

    2. Hoodoo H says

      Perhaps one with his head in one of those thousands of guillotines he bought with OUR MONEY.

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