Bully beware, 9yo girl on a mission

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Nine-year old Hawaii girl who gained fame for standing up to bully is ready to address the problem nationally

MAUI, Hawaii – Nine-year-old Eileen Parkman refused to back down to the bullies at her former school, and it cost her a great deal of pain and suffering.

parkmanBut Parkman refuses to let the negative experience dissuade her. She’s busy dreaming up ways to take a stand against bullies throughout the nation.

Earlier this year, Parkman, then a student at Kamali’i Elementary School in Hawaii, overheard a group of 5th-grade boys abusing an autistic child, who was lying in the fetal position.

Having been at the school for only a few months, Eileen was shocked at what she was witnessing and confronted the bullies, politely asking them to stop.

“This group of boys was beating up this boy with autism and I knew it was wrong so I told them to stop it,” Eileen says.

“Eileen just decided enough was enough and stepped up to do the right thing,” her father, Sean Parkman, tells EAGnews.

Unfortunately the bullies reacted by making Eileen their new target.

The group of boys began to swear at her and “say mean things,” according to Sean Parkman. He also said they pushed her to the ground and “roughed her up.”

As the weeks progressed, Eileen continued to be bullied by other students and abused by school administrators, according to her father.

Sean Parkman says the principal confronted Eileen in front of her peers and accused her of lying about the entire incident. He also said administrators threatened to report him to Child Protective Services if he withdrew his daughter from the school.

Eventually Parkman was able to remove Eileen from the elementary school for her own safety.

But the damage had already been done. Eileen continues to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms on a daily basis, according to her father.

She also continues to have constant night terrors about the bullying episodes. Her father claims that anytime she sees a group of boys together, she will turn and walk in the opposite direction.

After all of the negativity she’s endured, it was refreshing when someone finally took notice of her good deed.

The Maui Autism Center presented her with a medal for bravery. The founder of the center, Howard Greenberg, called her a “hero” and commended her for standing up against the bullies.

An activist is born

After everything that’s happened, one might expect Eileen to take the summer to rest and recuperate. But one recent morning she approached her father about a dream she had.

She told her father, “Daddy there should be a team put together so no more children have to go through what I went through if they are bullied.”

That provided the inspiration for a nationwide anti-bullying campaign.

Eileen’s dream is to establish ‘So That Children May Thrive’ (STCMT) rapid response teams in communities throughout the nation.

The proposed teams would consist of various professionals such as teachers, police officers, psychologists, special education teachers, behavioral specialists, principals, child protective service agents and doctors.

The plan would be to dispatch each of these teams to schools in their respective districts.

The teams would react to all events involving bullying, suicides, cyber bullying, fights and any threats that would affect students or teachers. The hope is that within 24 hours of an incident occurring, a meeting would take place with the team, the students involved, the parents and the principal of the school.

Parkman claims that this 24-hour period is crucial to keep situations from getting out of hand.

“This is important because of what happened to my daughter. Her experience was spread over many months and the situation steadily got worse,” he says.

The team would also be responsible for educating and informing others on the proper ways to handle bullying situations, through programs and school assemblies.

Eileen hopes to get the program started by making speaking appearances and sharing her story.

The concept Parkman wants students to grasp is that, “if they see someone being bullied they should help that person or go and get help to stop it and have the faculty that will step up to the plate and do something about it.”

In Eileen’s situation, Parkman claims that “school officials decided it would be best for [the school] if this event never happened, so they continue to try and cover it up to this day.”

He believes that the teachers and the administrators at Eileen’s former school have “lost their way” when it comes to dealing with bullies.

“From my perspective they did not care about the safety or welfare of my daughter,” says Parkman.

“We need to be our brother’s keeper and do what Eileen did,” he says. “Children and adults need to stand up to bullies everywhere.

“We need to change our group mentality and stand up and defend each other.”

The root of the problem

What shocked Parkman was that bullying occurs so frequently in elementary schools and how it negatively impacts very young students.

“Right now I think it is important to acknowledge that we have a serious problem and for the media to show the public that bullying is a real problem in our public schools. Until we acknowledge there is a problem and shine a light on that problem we will not be able to fix it,” says Parkman.

The hope is that the rapid response team would be able to resolve the root issues behind bullying at a young age and prevent it from spreading into middle and high school.

Parkman believes that bullies are crying out for help. Ideally a STCMT rapid response team would be there to help them learn better coping skills and improve their behavior.

According to Parkman, much of the responsibility for bullying can be traced back to tough home situations. Many times, he believes, bullies are a product of violence in the home that they then bring to school.

“I think there are many kids who are not getting the love and care they require from home that come to school angry and unloved. I also feel the schools do not know how to deal with the problem, so often they try to cover it up, which only makes the situation worse,” says Parkman.

Eileen and her father firmly believe they can make a difference through her program. They believe that the sooner this program can be implemented in schools around the nation, the more likely bullying related tragedies can be avoided.

A plan of the future

So far, Eileen’s plan has gained the support from several congressmen, various city council members, the mayor of Maui, and the Maui Police Department.

Yet, Eileen has aspirations for much higher support.

With help from her father, Eileen has written a letter addressed to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. They both hope President Obama and his wife will voice support behind Eileen’s dream for a STCMT team in every school district.

In the letter, Eileen laid out her proposal for her “dream team” and urged the President to help them save children from abuse and bullying.

“The children need your help Mr. President, this is our future and it is time to make a change,” Eileen wrote.

The two have been working with several groups to take their idea to the next level. Fundraisers are being planned and corporate sponsors are being lined up.

The Parkmans would also like to secure a government grant to fund their program.

Sean Parkman says that he has been contacted by people all over the world who want to lend their assistance to the fight against bullying.

Eileen is committed to standing up against bullying and making a change for the better. The “So That Children May Thrive” team is her way of turning her negative experience into something positive for children across the nation.

By Trevor TenBrink at EAGnews.org

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  1. Red47 pffft says

    Why has this family not used the courts to protect their child and others from this school administration?

    Sometimes bullies come from nice homes. Bullies are just bullies, despite their upbringing. Sometimes they grow up to be school administrators or Al Sharpton.
    A re-education program with carrots and sticks might do some good.

    I see this plan as a lovely idea that will be misused.

    1. 2egypt says

      Because the courts are the same….they only protect their own like them. I wouldn’t go back to Hawaii except to visit relatives…..the rest can go to hell.

      1. Red47 pffft says

        That is a crying shame on several levels.

        1. 2egypt says

          You don’t know how bad it is until you experienced it. I could tell you many stories of shame on what is supposed to be a friendly island.

          1. Red47 pffft says

            I wonder how much of that shaped Preezy’s view of the world. I suppose he spent some time in the real Hawaii, not the private school Hawaii.

            You must be a Howlie 😉

          2. 2egypt says

            Don’t kid yourself….he fit in with his skin color…anything else he says is bulls**t. His view is the Saul Alinsky’s and Frank Marshall Davis. He did go to Punahou, a private school which at one time a lot of haoles went to. It’s a school for the rich…don’t know how he managed to get in.
            No, I’m not a haole…a mixed race but with a better understanding of human nature and a great upbringing from my grandmother and favorite aunt.

          3. Red47 pffft says

            I thought he got in because his grandparents were in Hawaii’s richer group. She was a bank VP. Also, if he used his Kenya birthplace, the school would have the demographic diversity. He was either of the social standing or a token. He ended up toking, so he wasted his opportunity either way.
            His view is definitely of those two. Add in his entitlement attitude combined with the distaste he shows for actual physical or intellectual work, and you have a perfect Statist.

          4. 2egypt says

            His grandparents were not rich…just comfortable. You get an A+…you hit the jackpot ….he is a Statist…God help us, I can’t take anymore of his being in the WH any longer

          5. Red47 pffft says

            I can relate!

            The prep school he went to is one of the elites, as I am sure you know. If his family wasn’t well off, someone paid. There has been no mention of a scholarship. This is not your basic private school. Whatever. He grew up privileged. The degree of privilege is arguable. 😉

  2. tbone says

    They do this to protect the school corporation from a lawsuit. Self preservation at its worst.

  3. LittleMoose says

    When I was in high school in the mid-1950’s, we had our own anti-bullying squad. Members of the athletic teams put a stop to any bullying we saw happening. I hope things haven’t changed much over the years.

  4. 2egypt says

    I left the Hawaii 55 years ago because of the bullying, being made fun of because I did not have the clothes or money for after school snacks. I was not invited to join in their events, or dances. Some of the teachers weren’t nice to me also. I finally left the islands after graduation and have never turned back. I got a great and interesting job, married and live in Beverly Hills. Now they all want to be my friend and I say “to hell with them”. “Aloha spirit”? What a crock of s**t. What a bunch of phonies they are. There is no friendliness there. Glad I left.

    1. Red47 pffft says

      Many of my friends whose children were not Hawaiian but attended the schools while living in Hawaii, have reported the same things.

  5. william C says

    The school district that allowed the bullying to go on unobstructed should be chastised publicly, forced to apologize to the girl and her family, and perhaps even sued by the family.

  6. Jimbo Velasquez says

    Investigate the faculty,starting at the top.Schools don’t need people like this in charge of kids .

  7. bayman61 says

    Where are the teachers and /or school staff when something like this happens? What about the rest of the students? Are they scared to stand up with other students against these cowardly bullies? They could put a stop to it in just one confrontation. Show the bullies they will not be allowed to bully anyone. Get some courage for God’s sake.

  8. jaxtom says

    Kudos to her but if you bring in the obozos they’ll just blame it on “gun violence”…

  9. biggiewmn says

    I am almost 67 years old. I cannot remember bullying going on when i was in school. I think one of the reasons is that in elementary school, you went thru kindergarten to 6th grade with one class. And it was a small class. Everyone knew each other. When a kid decided to act like a bully, everyone responded and defended the victim. One of the boys in my class decided to go after me because I was very skinny and not pretty at all. When he tried to lead a couple of boys into heckling me and making fun of me, I just hit him upside his head with a little knitted purse containing 4 little wooden bowling pins. He never bothered me again and he became the brunt of the other boys jokes. He staightened up and no adults were brought into it. In junior high, I was made fun of by the boys because of how I looked in those awful gym suit bloomers. But they stopped the day the girls played the guys in a game of baseball, and after their coach had them all come up closer when I came up to bat, and I hit the ball literally over the school. Just seems like we took care of our problems ourselves. But then again, kids were not as mean and vicious as they seem to be nowadays. But kids were taught respect for their elders,and compassion for those less fortunate than ourselves. We had the 10 Commandments on the wall, said a prayer and the Pledge of Allegience every morning, My teachers shared their faith and my a lot of the kids went to the same church together. THAT is the main reason kids nowadays act the way they do. God has been taken out of the schools and replaced with self.

    1. WVStarkTruth says

      Part of this problem comes from worrying so much about “self-esteem” instead of “self-reliance”. Kids used to be taught how to deal with this. If they couldn’t chances are they had a buddy who was more capable and able to balance the situation. Schools allowed teachers to discipline kids who misbehaved and classrooms were not free-for-alls with the teachers even being abused by the kids.
      The bottom line of all this – as the article points out – is that discipline in the home has disappeared in some and been replaced by outright violence in others. Kids are de-sensitized to violence through TV, videos, music, and video games to the point where they think it’s neat to beat up on someone weaker. Many become bullies because they can feel “in control” by dominating another kid who is weaker or younger than they are because they are unable to control anything else in their life for whatever reasons.
      Until we recover our moral compass, recognize the responsibility of parenthood, hold parents responsible for their kids’ actions, and come back to God, this country will continue to deteriorate. We have turned our backs on Him and he is allowing us to find out what happens when we mock God and remove Him from our schools.
      It is commendable that this young lady is trying to fix the problem, but it should take nothing more than responsible parents to fix it. When a kid gets in trouble in school and then gets in worse trouble at home for whatever he/she did, then they will think twice about repeating the offense. Stop coddling the kids and teach them limits. Then you might have a chance of seeing our country return to greatness and bullying handed at the time it happens.

  10. SniperToo says

    The school admin needs to be horse whip for not coming to this little girls defense. But, this is what public commie schools are now doing. Encouraging bullies, just like the Muslim bully in the white house. All the boys involved should be removed from school and the parents should be financially punished. When you hit the wallets of parents who have little monsters under their roofs, it gets their attention. You can’t reason nor talk to parents today unless you go for the money. Their come back is always “not my little Johnnie or Susie, it’s the other kids fault.” “Not my little precious.”

  11. bahndon says

    Socialists, and liberals run the indoctrination centers – formerly called public schools, these liberals believe the theory Darwin posed is true even though there has never been any true proof of it’s validity. The theory of evolution has caused the elitist with superiority complexes to cast out, or enslave, and even kill anyone they believe is inferior or otherwise less evolved. This was exemplified by the enslavement and current government handouts for blacks in america, and by Adolf Hitler killing Jews and Polish nationals during his Third Reich.

  12. gwedem5995 says

    That is why I am standing up against Obama. All he has done is bully us from the day he first took office. However, when it involved kids, it is extremely heartbreaking. My grandson was overweight from about 2nd grade and wore glasses and at one time a patch oover his one eye. I don’t think anyone ever hit or punched him but he went through all the name calling and being made fun of.
    My heart absolutely ached for him. He would say he didn’t care but I know deep down he did.
    He is 17 and a year ago, he lost 95 lbs and is part of the school. I am hoping if he ever sees it, he will step up.

  13. rchguns says



    School Administrators are almost all social progressives which comes down to meeting there is no discipline, no instilling of self-respect or respect for others, nothing to represent right or wrong and definitely punishment for being an individual.

    I had to pull my youngest son out of school, he was on the small side at that time, and he was bullied to the point that when he got on the bus the other kids would take his lunch money. At school they would take whatever they wanted out of his backpack and push you around. I went to the principle and complained about this three times he said he will look into it. He never did so needless to say Scott , now 22 years old, was home schooled.

    Bottom line our public school system is not only broken it’s shattered in 1 million pieces and beyond the hope of correcting the problems. Just like our government we need to throw it out and start over with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights if anyone disagrees with that can take a hike.

  14. Bruce in AZ says

    Isn’t it true that the teachers and staff should be aware of what is going on in their school? I wonder what prevented them from responding to this situation. Is there is another underlying issue here? How did they come to the conclusion that she was lying? How can this apparent injustice go unaddressed?

  15. Reggie M. says

    My daughter was being bullied in school, I taught her to through a punch. At the next teachers conference the teacher told us how friendly and easygoing she was but then told of a boy who was bullying he whom she punched in the nose. No more problems with bullying.

  16. Dawn Garland says

    the entire staff that treated this young girl like this, and that NO concern of her or the Autistic child, need to be FIRED! How dare adults turn their heads and pretend an injustice didn’t happen to children….I guess this is how we get our thugs and criminals–thank you public schools! HOMESCHOOLING in this day and age or private schools is the only way to go!

    1. daveveselenak says

      You got it right! The Left are bullying the Right for some time now and the Right need’s to bloody these punk^sses that hide behind the laws that they have created especially for their causes! The Right must become pro-active instead of reactive!

  17. hitthedeck says

    There could be another aspect and food for thought about liberal teachers going to far in their drumming the passive teaching of nonviolence that overdoes the natural defense resistance that human beings are born with. When aggressive children confront another child and find no resistance on the first encounter they will continue to take advantage of that weakness. Usually when a child who stands up and shows strong resistance to the first encounter to the so call bully will realize that the bully is really a coward overpowered and will retreat. Children must be taught that sometimes by turning the other cheek that that cheek will be struck also.

  18. Alan Lopez says

    This little lady deserves some kind of award or something ; she is amazing .

    1. Worship Dancer says

      guess you missed that part in the article. “The Maui Autism Center presented her with a medal for bravery. The
      founder of the center, Howard Greenberg, called her a “hero” and
      commended her for standing up against the bullies.”

  19. Susan Pollan says

    The only thing that makes me a little uncomfortable with it is that they want to involve child protective services. It’s a great idea in THEORY, but we all know how ravenous some of these officers can be, so they need to make sure that they DO NOT have authority over the other people on the team.

    1. Worship Dancer says

      no it’s the national team that will go in when ANY kind of incident happens.

  20. dancingontheheadofapin says

    It’s easy to see this child comes from a loving family. Her coping skills are the difference and that only comes from a well balanced home. Eileen is doing a masterful job of turning a negative into a positive, which will help many other children. Let’s see if the Obama’s can bring themselves to get behind this initiative.

    1. Geraldine Rafferty says

      dancing,etc. In your dreams!

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