Bow Hunters and Fisherman Unanimously Support Obamacare

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Many have wondered, “Just how will Obamacare be funded?”  We all know companies will be assessed fines if employees are not offered an affordable health insurance option and that individuals are required to purchase health insurance under the new law.  However, few people know that the American bow hunter, fishermen, and boaters will also be doing their part to help fund Obamacare.  You doubt Mr. Ags?  Click on the link below and check out the right side of page 9 of the IRS “Instructions for Form 720”:

This was brought to light during the voting (or buying of votes as I like to call it) process for Obamacare, but since then no one has seemed to pay attention to it.  It should make you feel patriotic to know that $.48 of every arrow you buy and 10% of every new fishing rod/reel (to name a few sporting goods items) will now go to help fund this country bankrupting, flaming pile of crap known as Obamacare.  The question many of you will ask is why were guns and ammunition not included as taxable items under the new law?  The answer to this question is also why I am a Benefactor Life Member of the NRA and I encourage you to become one as well:


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