Bad News for Blacks

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Richard Rahn at The Washington Times has an interesting article about how Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama have done by Black Americans. Of course they had different economic philosophies to say the least. Barack Obama regularly denounces “supply-side” economics and scoffs at the idea that a rising tide lifts all boats. And cutting taxes? Why that just favors the rich, don’t you know. reagan

Rahn sums it up this way: Reagan reduced taxes on job creators by 60%; Obama increased them by 17%. Reagan cut non-defense federal spending by a third; Obama has increased it, to say the least. Reagan cut regulations while Obama has greatly increased them.

  • Under Reagan, adult black unemployment fell by 20%, but under Mr. Obama, it has increased by 42%.
  • Black teenage unemployment fell by 16% under Reagan, but has risen by 56% under Mr. Obama.
  • The increase in unemployment rates has been far worse for blacks under Mr. Obama than for whites and Hispanics.
  • Inflation-adjusted real incomes are slightly higher for Hispanics and whites than they were in 2008, but are lower for blacks.
  • The labor force participation rate has fallen for all groups, but remains far lower for blacks than for whites and Hispanics.

Richard Rahn’s brilliant piece in it’s entirety can be read here:

As a famous man once said, you’re entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts. And here they are:

obamaAre you paying attention Black America? Rahn goes on to say that, in a nutshell, a sane person would look at the above facts, admit that the program wasn’t working and change course – especially when you’re the first black President and over 90% of blacks voted for you and Oprah is kinda looking bad now for having you on the show. But noooooo, Obama is doubling and tripling down, mainly because he can, I guess.

But why?

Why do blacks put up with such high unemployment? Whites wouldn’t. They threw Jimmy Carter out on his ass and would do the same to anyone that ran white unemployment up anywhere near where it is for blacks. And why does Obama insist on running the country further into the ground? It’s puzzling, unless you buy into the theory that he’s just a Marxist who wants the place to fold and then everyone will depend on government.

I happen to be one of those people, but it’s not for the faint of heart.

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  1. bobby says

    For someone that using the quote, “You’re entitled to you own opinons, not your own fact,” Joe sure is playing lose with his facts. First Jimmy Carter did not lose the 1980 election because of unemployment, that was at 7.2% when he left office, it was as low as 5.8% during his term. He lost the election because of inflation, it had gone as high as 14.8% and he ended his term at 11.8%. Interest rates also had gone as high as 18%. The Iran hostage situation did not help any either. The attack on the middle class started with Reagan, I won’t go into detail, it would take a couple dozen pages to list every thing he did to get rid of the middle class, that is why he is a hero to Republicans, that is where they are coming from today. Comparing unemployment among blacks 30 years ago to their unemployment today is another way of hiding the truth by Joe, that idea is as crazy as he is. You peole reading his garbage should start reading good old American History, you might get your facts right for a change.

  2. edgineer says

    Bad news for blacks? Google “IQ by country” and “FBI crime statistics by race”.

  3. AnyKenny says

    This is what and who Obama is … the little monster who always wants his way. And his way is always to destroy.

  4. Lougjr1 says

    The trouble with your statement, is the fact blacks will not see the likes of your message because it won’t be seen or heard on the main stream media and many blacks don’t have the luxury of having their own computer. Sooooo. they won’t see it or hear it because the media has no intension of showing it. I wish I were wrong !

  5. Dan says

    Most of the scum that voted for him want to be on the dole.

    1. Jackson_Howard says

      I am a scum for voting for Obama (twice)? You don’t even know me.

      How can you make such a blanket statement. It shows your inability to think for yourself.

      1. Whackajig says

        You may not be scum, but you certainly do need a lot of remedial education.

      2. Tuff Guy says

        And try, try real hard to think for yourself instead of, uh someone who uh, is uh, excellent at uh, reading a teleprompter.

        1. Jackson_Howard says

          Is there a reading from a teleprompter instead of from a written script set before you?

          Everyone, I repeat, Everyone hat has access to a teleprompter uses one when one is available.

          Sean Hannity, Bill O, the kids on Fox and Friends, Ronald Reagan, George W and George H Bush, the list is long, really long.

          Have you ever given a speech in front of a group of people? Ever use notes to give a presentation? Probably not.

          I have speeches in front of people and I used notes, if I had a teleprompter for use I would have used it.

          A teleprompter, geez, can’t you guys come up with a better reason for not liking Obama.
          Get over it, he won, twice. That shows everyone that your ideas are not what the MAJORITY of voters prefer. They didn’t like John McCain and his running mate, what’s her name, or Mitt.

          Now you’ll put up Rand Paul and/or Ted Cruz for President and you’ll lose even worse, especially if we put up Hillary.

          Wake up, watch Rachel Maddow for awhile and see how wrong you are.

          1. Tuff Guy says

            You need whack jobs like Maddow to form an opinion. LOL! I have given many presentations and I would never use a teleprompter because I don’t need one. Notes, sure. But I can handle my own mind in order to effectively communicate. Obuuhhhma’s stark contrast behind a teleprompter and when he’s not is why Putin is making him look like the incompetent fool he is. His election is not only because of 120% turnout in places but because many of that 120% are comprised of sheep like you who refuse to acknowledge or are just plain ignorant of facts.

  6. CaptTurbo says

    So there you have it. There is nothing worse for a black guy then to have a Muslim Kenyan “black guy” usurping the White House.

  7. Snidely70448 says

    The highest marginal rates for federal income tax under Reagan were higher than they are under President Obama. Reagan’s dead, get over it. I voted for Reagan twice, but he’s not on the ballot. Not gonna be.

    1. Tuff Guy says

      Obama won’t be on the ballot either. But he has created a frighteningly large number of minions who blindly follow him solely because he is good at reading speeches. That is his only skill.

      1. bayman61 says

        Most of them follow him because he is the same color they are.

    2. Whackajig says

      Hey, if millions of dead liberweenies can vote for ovomit, why can’t I vote for a dead man.

      1. Snidely70448 says

        I didn’t write that you couldn’t vote for Reagan. I wrote that he wouldn’t be on the ballot. Feel free. People vote for Donald Duck, too.

  8. Ron Powell says

    I have always believed Obama’s agenda is communism. His past associations, his statements, the people he has surrounded himself with and his disdain for the constitution along with Soros and the “useful idiots” backing pretty much speak for themselves.

    1. merle says

      I don’t think he was vetted very well.

  9. Si Vis Pacem ParaBellum says

    I have a mother who is 75, starting of dementia and has had several stints in the hospital recently. I have to stay here and watch and take care of her because we don’ t have the money for a stay in nurse and I refuse to send her to a nursing home. I don’ t get any help from the government. She gets her retirement to the tune of about 1100 a month. other than that, we get shit from the fed. I am trying to find some work that I can do from home, but just keep getting ripped off. We are struggling like everyone else, but we’re TRYING! I don’t know what we’ll do when I can’t pay rent anymore but we’ll do what we have to. I have drained my bank accounts and credit cards are maxxed. I pray every day that God will open a door for me and we will be able to stay here at least until she goes to be with the Lord. When that happens, I will stay in my truck. Until then, I will keep trying to find work and do what I can to make her life as comfortable as possible. Molon Labe, Semper Fi and God Bless.

    1. merle says

      God bless you for taking care of your mother and not deserting her. I think god is going to provide for your soon in a strange way. Be strong.

      1. Si Vis Pacem ParaBellum says

        Thank you for your kind words, sir. I am doing all I can to be strong. Thank you and God Bless.

  10. Phillipe Violette says

    Its all according to obumer’s and his handler’s plan for a one world order.

  11. bee says

    the gay muslim in the white house does not care about blacks, whites or any one else. him and moooochell only want to see how much money they can spend and steal from the people of this country. they are disgusting people.

  12. astrojohn says

    What’s really sad is that Black Americans are once again slaves – and they don’t even realize it…

    1. Whackajig says

      Why sad? If they trully were slaves again they would be doing some meaningful work.
      Pick dat cotton, tote dat bale.

  13. IHateLibs says

    Well, Those BOOS are getting just what they Deserve. But now we wait for the coming Race War?? And the Revolution which is Sure to get here?? And Soon. IMHO

  14. IHateLibs says

    This should read Good News For WHITES

    1. Town Crier says

      There is no “good time” for ANYBODY, (except the lazy @$$3$ that live off the gimmement) as long as Obummer is in the White House! Why the [****] can’t they IMPEACH him??? Sure, whites might be getting it a LITTLE better – for now – but Obummer is destroying the whole damn country – turning it into a dictatorship! Why can’t people SEE this???

      1. Tuff Guy says

        Because most people in this country would rather bury their head in the sand, post a pic of their lunch on FB than deal with reality. When the shit hits the fan they will be posting OMG just before a mob beats them and steals their phone. It is mass denial. I don’t have time to get involved. I’ll just vote for the cutest candidate.

  15. James Maxwell says

    Maybe it’s just me but doesn’t it seem that the first Orer has done more damage to race relations in
    our nation than any other President. Not only that but unemployment across the board for Black
    American has risen higher and faster than at any other time in our history. You would suspect that
    it would be just the opposite. Even stranger is how Black Americans keep voting and supporting
    for the very person who has not only put them in the back of the buss but dammed near kicked
    them out the rear window.

    1. Whackajig says

      ovomit has not put the blacks anywhere, but he has made it very easy for them to remain on welfare and to live higher on the hog while not turning a lick to earn their living. Many whites will not accept welfare even when they need it, they have what is called pride. Blacks lack this feature.

      1. James Maxwell says

        I partially agree with what you said but in todays society I see more and more
        people form all races going on Welfare, Food Stamps, Family Assistance and
        who knows what other government (TAX Payers) money rather than go out
        and look for or even accept work. This has spread across all racial barriers
        with out exception. There was a time in American when Men worked to support
        their families. I knew Black families in both Louisiana and Texas the worked from
        sun up till sun down in the Cane fields to keep their family fed and provide a better
        life for their children. Some of my friends came from those families. They were
        able to finish High School and even go to College because of their family support.
        Some joined the military to improve their lot in life and were successful. But the
        youth of our nation have become lazy slobs who expect others to provide for them
        rather than them earning for themselves.

    2. aliswell says

      James, it’s not just you. Only last week a poll revealed that race relations have plummeted under Obama, and this was agreed upon by both blacks and whites.

      What a disgrace Barry and his wife are to this country.

  16. raccman says

    Sadly, those who really NEED to read this the most – CAN’T !

  17. Shorty Stuff says

    It makes you think that maybe blacks would rather be on welfare and food stamps than to work for a living. And this little dictator could be giving them just what they want … huh?

    1. 2War Abn Vet says

      As someone once said, “What difference does it make.” As long as there is a so-called Black President the added struggles are insignificant.

    2. merle says

      I would hate to think that . I am retired after working for 50 years but if I could find a job I would gladly go back to work . I hope that is their problem ,they just can’t find a job. And under this man it is not going to get better.

    3. Whackajig says

      Shorty……………..where you been man? Blacks having a preference for welfare over working is not a new phenomenon, at least not new in the last 50 years.
      White people and black people are not cut of the same cloth, but there are folks who are known as white trash who emulate the lifestyle of the blacks. “N”s come in all flavors.

      1. Tuff Guy says

        Whiggers……and their numbers are growing and growing thanks to Hollywood and K-Mart. They glorify ni66a thugs.

  18. Brooklynresident says

    Thanks to Obama’s amnesty actions, he has swelled the illegal alien vote (yes they vote) so that latinos outnumber blacks.

    They are now the coddled Minority of Choice.

    So now the black community can be shunted aside, and left in a PERMANENT ghetto.

    Talk all you want, Sharpton. The Kenyan, to be honest, hates you.

    1. Jackson_Howard says

      Where is your proof that illegal aliens vote?

      1. Brooklynresident says

        I have watched them. This place is swarming with them. They are what prevents the minimum wage from going up an inch–not immigrants–the illegal ones.

        To Obama, Congress, all Those damned RINOs–
        Enforce the law.

  19. OldNorthState says

    Though of course not intended by the author, to have the current “president’s” (lower-case “p” intentional) name inserted even within the same paragraph with that of President Reagan seems obscene.

  20. pennsyltuckian says

    I tend to fall on the side that he is really an islamist based on his treatment of Israel an his support for the muslim brotherhood.

    1. cardlink62 says

      That goes without saying. He’s proven that fact over and over. You are absolutely correct.

      1. Whackajig says

        If it goes without saying, why are we not doing something about it? I hear lots of talk and bluster, but I see very little action. People think making a phone call or sending an email will make one of our chitty members of congress do what is right. Nope, taint gonna happen. Unless we get pissed like our founding fathers we will be fed the same slop forever. What we need is a citizenry with balls. Congress lacks them, so we must grow them.

    2. DRC says

      I don’t care how he treats Israel. Israel is our biggest enemy. We should be concerned over his domestic policies, not a bunch of Edomites in occupied Palestine.

      1. biggiewmn says

        There is no such thing as Palestine. And Israel is, and has always been,our strongest ally in the middle east.

  21. bull57 says

    Unless you are physically or mentally unable to work you should work. If the government would get out of the road employment would increase, welfare and other benefits would decrease and America wold be back on the road to recovery. Obama is destroying the very fabric that made our country great!

    1. coniljw says

      This is not about doing anything good or right or prosperous for America. It is about power for the democrats over the people.

      1. bull57 says

        Your are right I was being naive. It’s all about power not what’s right or wrong or good or bad. It’s inherent with humans I guess!

    2. 7papa7 says

      This should be no surprise to anyone with an IQ above a box of rocks. This is what happens when you have somebody who loves America, Reagan, and somebody who despises America, obama. They are exact opposites of each other. We have also seen that what Reagan did worked and what obama has done is a total failure.

      1. bull57 says

        I agree….the givers, (tax payers) know, but the takers don’t care! Soon our country will run out of other people’s money to spend and then the takers will wake up! Of course it will be too little, too late!

        1. 7papa7 says

          I am sure you also know that this will also create riots in the street when their is no more to give to the gimme groupies. You stop giving and they start rioting.

          1. bull57 says

            That is a good reason to live in a state that stands up for your constitutional right to own guns! Less trouble in those states than you know where if you live there…

          2. 7papa7 says

            Absolutely 100% correct and I do.

    3. Hoodoo H says

      So true…nothing but a wrecking ball.

  22. MsMoomMist says

    Black Americans comprise about 14% of the population, as a Republic, how does it work out that they are treated as a “special” class of people? It is because they stand up for what they want and because of fear of being called names i.e. racist or being harmed by them, they basically rule the country.

    1. Rattlerjake says

      No, blacks don’t rule the country, it’s the “libturd and RINO plantation masters” (politicians) who own the black race through social dependency and use them to manipulate the rest of the population through crime.

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