Average Ohio teacher union employee earns 77% more than average teacher

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – A new report finds that many of the best-paid members of Ohio’s public education system never set foot in a classroom.

According to Jason Hart of MediaTrackers.org, the average employee of the Ohio’s largest teachers union earns 77 percent more than the average classroom teacher.

wheelbarrow-money“The average Ohio Education Association (OEA) employee was paid $43,838 more than Ohio’s average teacher in 2012,” Hart writes.

The average OEA staff member earned $100,553 last year, while the average classroom teacher earned $56,715.

All told, the Ohio teachers union has 25 employees who make at least $150,000 annually.

Ohio teachers will doubtlessly be interested in this revelation, considering that they pay OEA employees’ salary through their $400-a-year dues payment.

Hart offers another little nugget: “From 2003-2012, the average OEA employee’s annual pay increased by $20,398. The average Ohio teacher’s pay increased by $11,070 during the same period.”

When compared to the average Ohio worker, union officials do even better. According to Hart, the average OEA employee earns 127 percent – or $56,300 – more than the average laborer in the Buckeye State.

No doubt about it, life is good for teacher union leaders.

It’s no wonder why the OEA is so strongly opposed to any effort to make Ohio a “right to work” state. If teachers were no longer forced into joining a labor union, the OEA’s gravy train just might get derailed.

It’s worth noting that all the figures Hart cites are taken from the Ohio Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Labor, where the OEA files an annual financial report about how it spends its money.

The union certainly won’t like this information being made public, and will probably attack those who report it. But the numbers come directly from the government. And that makes the OEA’s greed a matter of public record.

By Ben Velderman at EAGnews.org

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  1. [email protected] says

    What can I say? Find another profession!

  2. Kent2012 says

    and they did not discuss the outrageous retirement benefits paid for by raping the taxpayers every year or so to keep the poor things from having to eat dog food……

  3. pysco says

    Yet the suckers keep paying dues,

  4. $13614178 says

    All American unions are nothing but greedy thieves that only support the membership for SELF-ENRICHMENT and they are ALL communists . I buy NOTHING made by American union workers . After all , they ALL supported Obam-ass , TWICE !

  5. miranda says

    No wonder they want to keep the democrats in office

  6. cvxxx says

    This is because the union is not doing it’s job. They need a new union that puts the emphasis on the classroom teacher.

    1. garysvent says

      They need to get a no union that puts the burden of accountability squarely on the shoulders of the person receiving that kind of pay — the teacher.

      The administrators, on the other hand, like 7th assistant vice-principals (donut getters), should become members of the stolen-grocery-cart-dumpster-diving union. They are about as useful to students as a female prostitute in Obama’s bathhouse.

  7. Ddenney1 says

    Average teacher makes 53 grand???? I thought they were under paid NOT BAD for 9 months a year!

  8. garysvent says

    This is exactly the root cause of what’s wrong with education. De-unionize this so-called work and put education on a competitive footing and the solution is in sight. Make the teachers accountable for results, and the non-teachers former employees.

    Nobody should live lavishly by propagandizing our youth into communism, which is what unionism really is.

    1. Kent2012 says

      ooh noo now you have done it….those unions will hire some one to pay you a visit and breaka both of you legs, capishe ??

      1. garysvent says

        My daughter’s a teacher — I have inside info. She’s appalled at what she sees.

        1. Kent2012 says

          it is a shame that all “good” teachers will be lumped in with those that are there simply for the paycheck…the administration folks may have some of the same distinctions, but I have my doubts. There will be a backlash something similar to what took place in Wisconsin..there has to be some sense of fiscal responsibility and those that will pursue the issue for economic stability will be labeled racist and bigots and just general haters….that is because the “no information voter” and those that “vote” a paycheck do not understand, or if they do, they do not care as long as they can continue to feather their nest….would you not agree Gary?

          1. garysvent says

            The Wisconsin Public Servant Riots were nothing more than the rampant government entitlement mentality in action. They treat responsibility and accountability the same way Dracula reacts to sunlight and someone named Buffy.

  9. dancingontheheadofapin says

    It’s absolutely obscene! So glad this has been brought to light. I’ll post this to fb (I’m sure many others will as well) and the OEA will have some answering to do.

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