Assemble an Off-Grid Tool Box

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By RightWingMom, our Skill of the Month editor

toolsBasic home repairs are menial, “honey do” items usually taken care of on the weekends with a couple of runs to the hardware store.  What if the day comes when that “do-it-yourself” job must be done but there’s no quick run to the hardware store?  Will you have the most basic tools and materials on hand to tackle it?  What if there is no electricity?  Do you have adequate hand tools or are you dependant on power tools, and most importantly, do you have the skills?

The contents of an Off Grid Tool Box could be endless, but let’s start with the fundamentals.  Make sure they are quality tools.  Consider investing in Craftsman or Snap On depending on your budget and how often you will use them.  Tools can also be purchased from a variety of places: Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Harbor Freight, etc.  Older quality tools are frequently found at estate sales.

Tools also come in assorted sizes.  Make your purchases based on what is most commonly needed; add other sizes to your tool box as your budget allows.

Basic tools:

  • hammer
  • screwdriver
  • wrench
  • pliers
  • measuring tape
  • saw
  • axe / hatchet
  • utility knife
  • safety glasses
  • duct tape

Assorted Hardware:

  • nails
  • screws
  • bolts
  • other?

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to tools, but here are a few suggestions if you want to get started with an assortment of tools already assembled for you.


Craftsman Evolv kits:

23 piece for $16.14

52 piece for $40.37

101 piece for $49.99

My husband found this video and has added this tool to his wish list!

1920’s Wall Mounted Hand Cranked Drill IN ACTION!

Speaking of YouTube, you’ll find DIY tutorials of all kinds there from changing a water heater to making ahomemade air conditioner. I recommend downloading the videos you believe will be most useful and saving them on a thumb drive for future reference if the internet should ever go down.

I know the Survival Dads reading this article have already formulated their own opinions on items they would include and product names they would recommend.  Please add your input and advice to the comments below.  Your recommendations are welcomed!

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  1. HarryTheCat says

    I’m amazed by how many people don’t have the slightest idea of how to use simple tools. Hopefully, we will never see the day when these tools and the knowledge of how to use them will be essential to survival, but the time to learn is now, not the day AFTER the SHTF. I feel sorry for big city dwellers who won’t know what to do when the corner market runs out of food, or when they can’t just “call the guy” to get something fixed…or know how to defend themselves and their families when someone decides to kick down their door and take their stuff. We “ignorant rednecks” out here in the sticks (OK, some of us even have advanced degrees) will still be around long after the cities have been looted and burned to the ground. We’ll be growing our own gardens, hunting the plentiful deer and wild turkeys, fixing the tractor or the pickup truck, digging our own water wells, and doing just fine.

  2. Miko says

    If a man does not own a tool now, he will not survive an economic crash.

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