Affirmative Action for Trayvon

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Justice For TrayvonSince the beginning of the Martin/Zimmerman case, there has been a chorus of voices calling for “justice for Trayvon”. This seems like an odd demand; why not simply “justice”?

Why justice “for Trayvon”?

Clearly what the chorus wants is not justice, but rather a Zimmerman conviction (or even a Zimmerman lynching) in spite of justice. This has to lead one to wonder what kind of people would actually make a demand like that from society.

Clearly, the people in question are used to living by a different standard than society writ large. They are people who have become accustomed to claiming aggrieved status and demanding special treatment based on that status. But what is equally important is that these are people whose demands are consistently met by society. They are used to throwing tantrums to get cookies and then getting the cookies by virtue of the tantrums.

It is a segment of society living by different standards in everything from education to hiring to advancement. It is not reasonable to believe that same segment would accept living under the same legal standard as everyone else.

In short, “Justice For Trayvon” is the injection of affirmative action into our justice system. It is the demand by a vocal minority that longstanding societal rules (and in this case actual laws) be set aside for their benefit, and based solely on their status as an aggrieved minority.

The further proof of this is the consistency of demands since the Zimmerman acquittal. To my knowledge nobody has issued a legal challenge to the verdict. Rather, those persons and groups seeking Justice For Trayvon just keep returning to the “but, but, but, he’s black” well.

JFT RallyJesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and all the predictable others have made their displeasure clear. But none of these leaders (or any others) has issued even a single race-neutral legal argument to support the Justice for Trayvon position. Even President Barack “he could have been my son”, “he could have been me” Obama didn’t address the legality of the appropriately-rendered verdict. Instead he has spoken at length about the plight of blacks in America and the historical abuses of blacks by America.

In keeping with the history and spirit of affirmative action, POTUS’ comments shift the responsibility from where it rightly belongs to where it has no business. It asserts, in contrast to the brilliant and inclusive and inspirational words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that what matters to the Justice for Trayvon crowd is not the content of anyone’s character, but only the color of someone’s skin.

Unfortunately, and due in large part to well-meaning but naïve affirmative action policies, the legacy of MLK has been usurped by politically-motivated, self-serving, demagogic race-baiters like Jackson and Sharpton and even President Obama himself

Regardless of skin color, we would all do well to ignore modern-day racial leaders and return to the admonishments of Martin Luther King, Jr himself. What that means is a repeal of destructive affirmative action laws and a commitment of all peoples to judge ourselves and others based on character and not skin color.

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  1. WaterTheTree says

    Good call that they are looking for Affirmative Action in the Justice System.
    Ironically, the reason Zimmerman was acquitted was because of the insistence of the grievance mongers to try him for murder. He should have been charged with manslaughter (which the MIGHT have gotten a conviction on) and likely convicted of reckless endangerment (for doing neighborhood watch work while armed).

  2. stuvantine says

    Trayvon got affirmative action. He was caught on camera scrawling graffiti on a school door. School cops searched his book bag looking for a Sharpie; found stolen jewelry and a screwdriver instead.. Trayvon said he was keeping the loot for a “friend” whom he wouldn’t name. He was probably a burglar, certainly an accomplice. Since he was black, the cops were never notified. He got a pass because “too many black kids” were being arrested. He got a suspension for the graffiti. No arrest.

    Trayvon was a troubled teen. Doing weed, a little bullying. Not much, other than the jewelry thing. At 17, police involvement might have gotten him help to turn things around. Not even his parents were told about the stolen property. A missed opportunity that might have saved his life?

    I think his school’s liberal policies likely contributed to Trayvon’s death. GZ’s profiling of TM as a criminal was correct. Was Trayvon acting like one, looking around, hoping to score in a community he had a reason to be in? Emboldened by getting away with robbery? Possible, we’ll never know. His death is a tragedy. If If was a result of his politically correct free pass in Miami, it would be a classic Greek tragedy. However it went down, though, white Americans had nothing to do with it.

  3. Hard Boiled says

    There is no reason in this world that a person should lose their right to fight back against someone from a gang, under the influence of drugs, and trying to kill you. Gov Christ refused to talk any further to them, and told them point blank he wasn’t going to bother calling a congressional hearing about it. If he did, i wouldn’t want to live here anymore, its bad enough they have made it open season on white people, it would be a ton worse if we couldn’t protect ourselves against crib gang members, because they were drugged up paranoid teens!

  4. cvxxx says

    T Martin should be the poster child for military boarding schools. When I was growing up kids who got in trouble were sent away to boarding schools. The girls when they started to notice boys went to girl’s boarding schools for a great education and away from the “excitement” of the street hustler.

  5. hora says

    Justice was serve with a teen, and he was no hero, simple criminals like all who support and defend him, thing for one minute what will happening when Nobama and dems go out power who will protect all of you? But black will NOT abuse and discriminate whites.

  6. KeepOnHatinCrackas says

    Get rid of it affirmative action must go I’ve went on mulitiple job interviews and was told this is the reason they can not hire me its a disgrace

  7. Jodie Crane says

    Well said.

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