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Eight Snarky Things About the NBC Mini-Series About Hillary Clinton

Bob Greenblatt, head of NBC Entertainment says they’re working on a four-part mini-series, entitled “Hillary” about the life and times of the former First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, Doormat and Democrat front-runner for President in 2016. Although there is not a finished script, Greenblatt says the story will follow Ms. Clinton from the period during the Monica Lewinsky scandal through the present day. So with that in mind, here’s 8 snarky things you should know:

This is me in “Monster.” Please click on “Charlize Theron” over there on the left so you can see the real me please. Thanks in advance.

1.The wonderfully talented and beautiful actress Diane Lane has been cast to play the lead role, Hillary Rodham Clinton… Now, before you start rolling your eyes – it’s not a stretch. Did you see Charlize Theron, in the movie; “Monster?” Charlize is probably one of the most beautiful women you could ever lay your eyes on, so it can be done… um, maybe.

2. In order to avoid having to give any Republican candidate equal-time, NBC plans to broadcast the mini-series before Hillary Clinton actually declares her intention to run. It’s almost like the folks at NBC and the folks at Hillary Clinton, Inc. actually speak to each other on a regular basis so they’ll be able to coordinate their schedules, isn’t it? Like they’re in bed with one another, you know? But that couldn’t be true, because there’s no truth to the lie that the media is biased. I know because I heard it on MSNBC.

sydney leathers
Sydney Leathers: “I’m ready for my close-up. Its not in HD, right?”

3.The role of Bill Clinton has not been cast, but rumor has it that the actress who may be portraying Monica Lewinsky has plenty of really small-screen exposure: Anthony Weiner‘s sexting pal, Sydney Leathers ! … could happen.

benghazi hillary2
They’re making a mini-series? About me? You’re kidding? What network? When does it air? Before the election? This is so unexpected – I never said I was running! Oh, that’s so embarrassing…

4. The 2016 Emmy Awards will go down in history when “Hillary” wins every award in every category, including Best Variety, Music, or Comedy Special.  The award for Animated Program will be won by Hillary for her testimony before the hearing on Benghazi and a special Emmy will be presented to Hillary Clinton for Best Presidential Candidate Ever in a Crappy Racist Country.

joe biden sunglasses
Psst…  I’m Joe Biden, beyatch!

5. Nickelodeon is working on an animated short called; “Where in the World is Joe Biden?”

6. The four-hour project will not cover anything regarding Hillary’s first 50 years on the planet. Apparently, there’s some stuff NBC doesn’t feel is pertinent to her life story, for example: That time when she turned a thousand bucks into $100,000 trading cattle futures, having never traded commodities before. The abject disaster and cover-up of malfeasance associated with HillaryCare and related suicide of Vince Foster. The firing of Travel Office employees and replacement with a 25-year-old cousin of Bill Clinton’s who falsely accused the director of embezzlement. That’s nice, isn’t it? Then there’s Whitewater. The Rose Law firm billing scandal. Confidential FBI files found in the sitting room with her fingerprints… I could go on, but for the purpose of NBC producing this campaign contribution – “What difference does it make?”

7. If “Hillary” bombs, the director will be arrested and put in a cell with the guy who made the YouTube video which Hillary Clinton claims caused the attacks and murders in Benghazi.

And Finally;

8. NBC had no comment when asked who would be playing the roles of Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, Brian Terry, Tyrone Woods and Christopher Stevens.

Who gave the order to stand down?


Wow – that list just got meaner and meaner, didn’t it? Oh well…


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rodney on tap
Sugar? No thanks, I’m sweet enough…

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