13 Year-Old Girl Raped in Texas and No One Cares

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Earlier today Glenn Beck aired an emotion story on The Blaze TV of a thirteen year-old girl in Texas who ran away from the foster care community she was housed in while waiting to be adopted.  Perhaps knowing at thirteen her odds of being adopted were next to nothing, she ran away.  The first day she was picked up by three illegal immigrants who drove her to a hotel where 13 men raped her throughout the night.  The next morning they dropped her off in a random neighborhood.  A “kind-hearted” woman picked her up and brought her to another apartment where a man raped her, yet again.

You won’t hear about this story in the MSM.  Why, because headlines like “Anthony Weiner has a Long, Hard Battle for Mayor” or “Weiner Seems Limp in Recent Polls” rule the headlines.  Maybe news about Al Sharpton and his Poverty Pimp brigade chanting slogans to create a racial divide in our country, or news about a city that has been flogged to death by Democrats for the past 60 years into bankruptcy are more important.  This should cut us to the very deepest parts of our souls, if we still have one.  What does it say about us as a country that we care more about headlines like the ones above than about this girl who’s life is forever changed?

If you haven’t seen this story, you should: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/07/25/glenn-becks-emotional-monologue-about-the-horrific-story-being-swept-under-the-rug-because-it-doesnt-further-an-agenda/


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